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How to test MonologHandler in PHPUnit?

This is monolog handler I am writing
class MyLogHandler extends LogHandler
public function __construct($name = null)

public function write($message, $context = array())
$test = array(‘message’=>$message, ‘context’=>$context);

Now in my Unit test I want to test write() method. But I am getting Fatal error in my Unit test.
public function testWrite()
$logger = new Logger(‘app’);
$logger->setHandler(new MyLogHandler(‘test’));
$logger->error(‘some message’);

I do not know how to test this handler. Please suggest some ideas.


In your tests you will probably want to inject the logger with a unit-test double. The error you are getting is a fatal error inside the logger class, so even if you inject MyLogHandler, you will end up with a fatal error.
The easiest way is to just mock the logger
class MyLogHandlerTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase

* @var AppLogLogger
private $logger;

* @var AppLogMyLogHandler
private $handler;

public function setUp()

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