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Populate a dropdownlist from database

I have a dropdown list
@Html.DropDownList(« Employees », new SelectList(ViewBag.Companies, « Value », « Text »), new { id = « employees » })

Now in database I have a table which contains CompanyID and EmployeeID. I want to populate the dropdown list with employees based on value of CompanyID.


I suggest to use ViewModel and use the ViewBag.Model property.
Let say your view model is called EmployeeViewModel, then you could do:
@Html.DropDownList(« Employees », new SelectList(ViewBag.Companies.Select(o => new EmployeeViewModel { companyID = o.companyId, employeeID = o.employeeId }), « Value », « Text »), new { id = « employees » })

and now EmployeeViewModel will be populated in this SelectList.
I would strongly recommend to do the binding at the model instead of at the view, this can easily make your views less coupled and easier to test.


Using $referenceable to compare with a list of model objects

I am trying to create a custom finder that allows me to load an array of $referenceable objects and then perform a one-to-many comparison. The problem is, I’m not really sure how to do it. I’m trying to use $referenceable to compare against an array, like the following:
$user = (User) $this->$referenceable;
// Get the $list array of references
$list = $this->service->findByReference($user);
// Check if the User in the array exists
if (array_intersect_key($list, array($user))!== false)