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Name A Step Forward
Publisher Administrator
Format File
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This season pass will provide you with access to 6 additional content packs:
– ILLUMINATI : The professional assassins of an elite agency carry out their deadly missions on the very edge of the law.
– PROSTITUTE : Stalked by a vast network of corporate criminals, the female wing of the crime organization needs your help to stay safe, and… collect.
– OUTLAW : Taking on the role of a bounty hunter, you’ll work with other bounty hunters to track down and secure large amounts of money for your clients, and collect.
– ROCKET JUICE : Pilot, shoot, and survive in this intense, single-player arcade shooter.
– VARIABLE: Get the ultimate aerial combat experience in this intense, single-player arcade combat shooter.
– UNLOCKED : Activate the Legendary Crate to receive truly legendary weapons and upgrades.
More information can be found at
The Season Pass does not include access to the Starter Pack.
For optimal performance, the Season Pass will only be available on PlayStation 4.
You have been warned.

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A Season Pass that includes six additional content packs (3 original aircraft and 3 additional missions) for ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN.

Purchasing the Season Pass will give players access to a music player within the game.

This pack includes the full ACE COMBAT™ 7: SKIES UNKNOWN game and “Trials of the Nine” mission. It also includes the “Legendary Crate,” which grants players access to a selection of Legendary weapons and upgrades for their chosen aircraft.

The legendary assassins of an elite agency carry out their deadly missions on the very edge of the law. Learn the techniques of the professional assassins and experience the game world from their eyes in a brand new co-op story campaign.

Closed for business, the female wing of an elite and violent crime organization has taken refuge in a secret underground casino. Take on your side missions and fight crime in this new single-player story campaign.

As a Bounty Hunter


Features Key:

  • Brand new Kings and Pigs Game mechanics
    • Unlimited high-roll H1X King positions
    • H2X King I can choose to put an equal number of money
    • H2X King II can choose to put an equal number of Money balls
      (or 2x multiplier)
  • Improved Scarcity system
    [The more money I choose, the more Kings I win. the higher position I take (H1X or H2X),]
    Each time I win I get to roll a new objective ball.
  • Multiplier die
    Makes wild results. we have the -1 -2 -3 multiplier die,
    -4 -5 -6, -7 -8 -9, -10 +1, +2, +3)
  • Unlimited 3x, 4x, 5x multiplier dice that you can use for multiplier problems
    All unlocked through gameplay
  • New rng mechanics
    Get a higher price, and get a chance of a higher price
  • New Scarcity Rules
    Ace ‘packet’ number of times before the wild card rule is triggered
  • Two new high roll Kings (H1X and H2X)
  • H1X King can multiply up to 35x the amount
  • Two new objective choices (King and Queen)
  • Add new pokers for the 4 player game:
  • Queen (5x multiplier)
  • Kuna (2x multiplier)
  • New Money Ball mechanic
    Anchor ball: Fixed RNG for 2x multiplier. Increase the number of balls in the payout
    Increasing the odds of getting a better coin. with lower number of balls, it is easier to get the better coin, but conversely with higher number of balls, it is harder to get the


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    Onee-chan and her best friend Shizuku can’t stop fighting over Sanrio characters – they each want to collect the rarest Onee-chan belongs to, and no other person in the world is as great as their one true companion…
    Hanamaru the cat will make the rounds of the Onee-chan household and entertain the family as they go about their daily routines.
    Early Access price: 10.50 EUR/14.99 USD
    The game is about to be released in February 2019
    Win 10/8.1/7/Vista 64bit /Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit support will be removed from the final version) /Mac(64bit only)
    – The spritable friends are added to the screen, so now the Furies of Onee-chan’s dream can participate in the action! (you can see them here
    – The Backstory and the BGM (Background Music) have been added to the game
    – The BGM has been modified, with music from the game of Record of Agarest War
    – The BGM of the game has been modified a little and is now played during the story’s epic fight scene
    – You can now see and hear the BGM playing in the menu after playing the game
    – First Version Release
    * If you encounter an issue in the game, please make sure to read the Game Wiki first and then send us an email.

    Introducing Oh Snap! of Onee-chan’s Dream! Onee-chan and her best friend Shizuku are having fun at Sanrio park, and they just happen to overhear the rival’s voice. Onee-chan is extremely jealous of her rival’s affection for their Sanrio friend, and decides to do some planning to win the heart of her rival.


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    What’s new in A Step Forward: