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Change the date in the date picker so that it moves forward by a month (or a year if you want to go back a year).
For example if you want to go back by a year:
‘This_week_end_data_source_select_date’: next_year_end_date

Rick Dinn

Rick Dinn is a former American football running back who played one season in the Canadian Football League with the Montreal Alouettes. He was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the eighteenth round of the 2002 NFL Draft. He played college football at Maryland Eastern Shore.


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Category:American football running backs
Category:Canadian football running backs
Category:American players of Canadian football
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Category:Maryland Eastern Shore Hawks football playersFuller’s Store

Fuller’s Store is a historic general store located at Mount Airy, Montgomery County, North Carolina. The original section was built in 1875, and is a 1 1/2-story, three bay, frame building sheathed in weatherboard and set on a raised basement. It has a two-story rear ell that was added in the 1880s. A neon light sign hangs over the front door. The store became known for its « worsted spun chintz » fabrics.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.


Category:Commercial buildings on the National Register of Historic Places in North Carolina
Category:Commercial buildings completed in 1875
Category:Buildings and structures in Montgomery County, North Carolina
Category:National Register of Historic Places in Montgomery County, North Carolinajaxrs-0.10

The JAX-RS implementation that supports Jersey 1.x, JAX-RS 2.x, RESTEasy 4.0 and the EclipseLink 2.x specification. It has also been modified to implement the Apache JAXB v1.x API where both client and server side components are included.

This version provides classes to support the JAXB 2.x (JSR-222) API and the XWAB 2.0 (JSR-305) API.

Version 0.10 provides JAXB v1.2 support.


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Tuesday, August 6, 2011

The Consequence of Acting Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Last Tuesday, I taught a class of 15 high school sophomores. It was interesting how eager I was to lead this class even though I am only just now starting to get comfortable with high school English. On my first day of this class, I had to observe my group in their first twenty minute period. Upon the conclusion of the twenty minutes, I had to immediately report what I saw and speak with the students about how they performed and what I thought I could improve.The observation is not enough. I also had to get into the mindset of being a sophomore. I was nervous. I was intimidated. I was afraid.I wanted to teach them better. I wanted to be the great teacher that I can be. I wanted to stand up in front of them and show them how to write a college level essay. I wanted to teach them grammar. I wanted to show them a complete and mastery of grammar. I wanted to show them what this class is all about. I wanted to teach them about vocabulary and word parts. I wanted to prepare them to be the writer that they can be.I didn’t want to act outside of my comfort zone.I was afraid that the high school student in me would get the best of me and I would come across as if I had never been in the position I found myself in.

Looking like the output is being stored in the clipboard. How do I format it properly?


Copying to the clipboard from a windows machine is done using the GDI (Graphic Device Interface) which is used by both the operating system and all of your software to display graphics in windows.
There are lots of things you can do to customise how these graphics are rendered. The most basic way is with the Windows Context Menu by right-clicking on a window and viewing the « Show Desktop Icons » option. Then you can see your desktop icons and their associated tooltips.
These tooltips can be accessed from the « Show Desktop Icons » command. The behaviour depends on the item in the context menu.
On Windows 7/8/8.1 the context menu options aren’t visible, however if you hold the shift key down during the right click you will activate the hidden options.

On Windows 10 the context menu options are visible and are accessible by holding shift during the right click and selecting « Options ».

The behaviour of each option will depend on the type of icon you have selected, but as a quick test, the Help option does show the tooltip.

So I think the text in your clipboard is in fact the tooltip text for the help options. The « Show Desktop Icons » command takes no option, so the only way to customise how the icons are displayed is through the tooltip.
You could probably set this in your app’s settings. The best way to find out is to use the developer tools in your browser and go to the site’s page. Look for the element that has an ID and style applied to it. If it’s doing anything custom, you’ll be able to view the properties under the element for the attribute « toolTip ».

Elegance Design Branding / Logo

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A classic, modern refined signature that accurately reflects the clean and clear vision, integrity, and intelligent approach of this creative design firm.

The visual language of the logo embraces the classic elegance of an elegant design firm, while the signature tagline reflects the clean and clear vision, integrity, and intelligent approach of this design firm. It appears in clean, premium quality type and can be used anywhere. It can be used on a business card, letterhead, website, e-mail signature, business letter envelopes, stationary, or any other appropriate medium. It can also