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I need to display a distance between two points on a google map in metres, using a python application. The points will be displayed next to each other and from their location I need to calculate the distance between the two points.
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What is Digital Prototyping? Digital Prototyping is a branch of software development which integrates a wide variety of modeling and prototyping tools into a single application used by designers, manufacturers and engineering agencies to test the functionality of a new product concept in a virtual environment.


EDA refers to Electronic Design Automation, a method of transferring designs from the preliminary concept phase to products ready to be sold to the customer or to the market.


V-line, simply put, is an EDA application that is focused on delivering an integrated environment that allows a designer to create a mechanical, electrical and functional schematic of a hardware product for use in the later stages of production.


AD or Advanced Design is a term used for what is also known as Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. These products are designed to simulate the behavior of products using analog components.


It is a mathematical method for solving wave equations with boundary conditions and to calculate the electromagnetic fields of the specific design of a cavity, a waveguide, a junction and using a network of such cavities, waveguides and junctions with layers of different dielectric materials.


In Electronic Design Automation (EDA), the design of electronic circuits is implemented in an integrated environment which enables the designer to build a model and simulate the behaviour of the electrical circuit, before actually building the physical circuit on a manufactured substrate