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Apon Amar Apan Bengali Movie Free Download ((TOP))


Apon Amar Apan Bengali Movie Free Download

Apon Amar Apan Bengali Movie Free Download.. apon amar apan bengali movie, apan .Q:

How to add event to button from AppWidget provider class in Xamarin.Android?

I want to add custom event when user clicks on the button that is placed in AppWidget Provider class.
[BroadcastReceiver(Label = « Notifications », Permission = « onOps »)]
public sealed class AppWidgetBroadcastReceiver : BroadcastReceiver
public override void OnReceive(Context context, Intent intent)
var action = intent.Action;
if (action == « onOps »)
var x = Xamarin.Forms.Forms.Context.PackageName;
var appWidgetId = intent.GetStringExtra(Intent.ExtraAppWidgetId);

// get clicked widget
var widget = Android.App.AppWidgetManager.GetInstance(x).FindViewById(appWidgetId);
widget.GetRemoteViews().SetOnClickFillIn(1, (view, id) => ViewModel.ToggleSwitch.On = id == 0);

var result = new Intent();
result.SetAction(« onOps »);
result.PutExtra(AppWidgetManager.ExtraAppWidgetId, appWidgetId);
result.PutExtra(AppWidgetManager.ExtraAppWidgetsKey, new string[] { widget });

Android manifest.xml

apon amar apan bengali movie free download
apon amar apan bengali movie free download
apon amar apan bengali movie free download
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