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King of the Sandcastle is a funny and challenging, yet casual, multiplayer dungeon crawling game by Sokpop!
Why King of the Sandcastle is different:
King of the Sandcastle offers you a different experience than any other game like this.
What Makes A Good Dungeon Crawler?
In this game you will find other players in our online community. You will be able to talk to other players and ask questions about your cards and topics.
We’ll also play cards of other players from time to time.
– Being killed is not the end of the game, but a chance for you to find a better card and gain some xp.
– Adding your master to your friends list increases the probability for you to get your chosen card.
– When you win the fight, make sure your card gets chosen!
– When you lose the fight, don’t despair! A new batch of enemy cards are fighting for your slot, in the next room you can choose a different one!
– The winner of a battle will not be the only to win, but the one that does the best job in the fight will be rewarded with new cards.
Why You Should Play King of the Sandcastle:
– Challenge other players around the world!
– Win extra goodies for your own collection.
– The battle system brings something new in this genre.
– Communicate with other players while enjoying yourself.
– Free to play!
Where can I play King of the Sandcastle?
We’re actually looking for more people to play with on our online servers and we invite you to apply for one, or to make one yourself!
To learn more about our community and to get more detailed instructions check out the following pages:

If you want to send us screenshots of your battles with other players, post a picture on our Facebook page or send an email to Please note that these screenshots will be used for promotional purposes.
Is King of the Sandcastle a Mmo?
Only the login screen is not realtime. Everything else is live time-sensitive!
How to Play King of the Sandcastle?
Just create a new account at


Features Key:

  • A passionate narrative, deep creative gameplay
  • Wonderful new characters
  • Over 30 hours of content
  • Four beautiful worlds to experience
  • Zafehouse Diaries 2 System Requirements:

    Zafehouse Diaries 2 FAQ and Copyright

    Zafehouse Diaries 2
    Release Year
    Beautiful world and characters with a deep creative gameplay, interact with tons of objects on your quest. Over 30 hours of new content.
    Go on a thrilling journey in a world full of adventures. You will create amazing and original moments and characters. Enjoy 100 creative sequences to master.
    Learn more about the game on our site.
    CGI, Gods & Monsters
    System requirements
    iPad (3rd gen and later), iPod touch (5th gen), iPhone, iPod classic (5th gen).


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    The Broston Saga is a JRPG coming to the Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4!
    There is No Paywall!
    Join the Great Party of JRPGs and fight against the Cripos to take back your city!
    -Get the game now on STEAM and SELL on the Nintendo eShop!
    -Contains a massive and epic adventure with over 6 hours of gameplay.
    -Follow the story of Tyrone Broston and his small band of gangsters.
    -Explore a deep and story rich environment full of small creatures and enemies alike.
    -Discover the secrets of The City and continue to do what you do best, take back what is yours!
    -Prepare for the truth… by doing what you do best, taking back what is yours!
    -Play the game on-the-go with your Nintendo Switch!
    -Fight through hordes of unpredictable enemies that will leave you on the edge of your seat!
    -Tackle unique boss fights that will test your skills as an RPG-Master!
    -Skillful Platforming will surely keep your on the edge of your seat!
    -The Broston Saga is set to release on July 17th, 2020.

    We love hearing from you! If there is anything you want to know about our games, or just want to talk about your favorite games, you can reach us in the forums, Discord or through Twitter @JBGamesPodcast
    All of our games are being made for Sony’s PlayStation 4 platform, but they’re available on other consoles too.
    The Switch version of the game is at the same time the iOS version – so download it now for free!
    The Android version is also available.

    Every year has its own market, things change, and so does the video game industry.
    Nowadays video games become a more and more important part of our lives and it’s a growing business with gigantic corporations making almost a billion dollars a year.
    It is interesting to see what kind of jobs there are, and how video game studios are organized, much more jobs are gained through a different way than in the 80’s.
    Also, let’s take a look at the history and the major events that shaped it all.

    Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Looking Behind The Door series!
    In this episode we take a look at the evolution of women in video games from its earliest days.
    We start out with looking at women in the very first video games by looking at early women


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    You’re a professional chef at the best restaurant on the river Nile. You’ll need every trick in the book to win the heart of your gourmet goddess. Can you weave a masterpiece of flavor, or will you be burned at the stake?
    Every love story has its pitfalls and quandaries. As you play through The Cook’s Game, one of the game’s protagonists finds himself in a sticky situation. Will he make it out alive?Features:
    – 15 different endings
    – Several levels of difficulty
    – 8 different endings (4 different endings for each main character)
    – Various cooking tools to use (Plates, Knives, etc.)
    – Different recipes based on skill level
    – Ingredients are randomized
    – Backgrounds and music
    This game may possibly trigger seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.
    This game is not suitable for childrenor those who are easily disturbed.Gameplay
    Deep in the woods of the Tatras Mountains, supplies dwindle and flood waters are rising. Its up to you to keep spirits high and make the most of your survival skills. Will you butter up the right person? Or will you wind up on the chopping block? A game for the lovers of yummy and delicious food with 10 different endings. Or the game where you try to see which of the girls your favorite by chatting and wooing. To be chosen a love partner to complete the quest and find your happy ending.Features:
    – 10 different endings (5 different endings for each character)
    – Three main characters. Choose your favorite
    – Two main protagonists. Choose your favorite
    – 21 different locations
    – Plot twists
    – Scenes
    – Dramatic scenes
    – Scene interaction
    – Animated art
    This game may possibly trigger seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.
    This game is not suitable for childrenor those who are easily disturbed.
    In the village of Mouscron, a young woman was brutally murdered. In a garden outside of the crime scene, someone has laid flowers on the ground and the grass has withered. And she is not alone. What does this mean?
    The body of the dead girl was examined, and the results came back as being those of a mental patient who committed suicide. Nevertheless, a team of investigators from the prosecutor’s office, the Police and the paramedics was dispatched to check whether anything else might be found.
    But things got a bit worse when they found an older man out


    What’s new in Arcadecraft:

    .net – Intermediate Physics & Electricity
    Add yourself to the forum

    There are currently over 6600 registered users.

    Thu, 26 May 2010 12:50:44 GMT electric pulses

    Just wondering if anybody knows if jellyfish and other cnidarian stingers can produce electric pulses?
    I always thought these were the only electric eels that could generate pulses, but if there are other fish that can do so, I’d appreciate to know about them!

    Jellyfish Electric Pulses – YouTube

    Add yourself to the forum

    There are currently over 6600 registered users.

    Thu, 26 May 2010 12:50:44 GMT Laser – a theoretical business

    Underneath the anami baksuke shogeki dorobu from this show, there’s a side subplot (but not a subplot) that goes a bit deeper than « so baka, so crazy ».
    The problem is, you had to read the newspaper to see it. I am the first to admit, I am probably one of the healthiest baka in there. But there are many more like me who are in other areas of their lives; and those around them who are less baka, so any slight misdeed will fall more heavily on them than on us. Still, we’re still comparing ourselves and leaving negative impressions on each other.
    Incidentally, that would have been me


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    A planet is drowning. The disaster is called the Great Leap. Huge waves of lava are engulfing the planet. The planet is currently in the process of being colonized by the Forever Corporation. The Forever Corporation is a huge corporation that made its fortune off of space travel and colonization. When they reach a planet they claim and find it to be profitable they build settlements, mining complexes, and military sites.
    The Forever Corporation reaches the planet Central 98. Central is a planet rich in natural resources. It’s the third largest mining planet in the galaxy. The planet is being occupied by the Forever Corporation. The corporation wants to make the planet a permanent home for their people. The colonies will offer their miners a retirement and safe haven. However, their retirement comes with a price. The Corp have learned that using nanites on the entire population of Central will increase their life span exponentially.
    This leads to a whole new agenda. The Corp will attempt to increase their lifespan without working to keep the planet habitable. They will overpopulate the planet and sacrifice its natural resources for their own means. This leads to mass amounts of pollution, extinction, and diseased living conditions.
    Another problem is that the Forever Corporation wants the Apastron corporation to colonize a colony on Central. They do not want the Corporation to use their technology and combine it with their own.
    The Corp must learn to understand this technology and decide what to do. Will they want to protect their investments? Will the Corporation continue on their path, or will they turn their back?
    An exciting adventure game about technology, war, and hope!
    I’ve been making games for 10+ years. My first game was Halo Wars. I made it with a team of developers and artists in 2008. Halo Wars was originally a Microsoft Game Jam project. I pushed it into a full game and enjoyed every second of development and release on the Xbox 360. The game was featured in the Xbox 360 launch game line up of titles. On September 21st, 2010 the game was released and became the top selling Xbox launch title in North America. It has also received the Spike VGA Game of the Year. After the release of Halo Wars, I moved on to my next games.
    I started Apastron in 2012 and I intend to make it a game that will be played for years to come. Apastron is currently in pre-alpha. This means the game is incomplete and has no multiplayer or Macros. Players can use the editor to create their own episode


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    System Requirements For Arcadecraft:

    To play Dishonored 2 on your console or PC, you will need a controller, a microphone, and an internet connection. There is also a requirement to install an update to your system, so we recommend that you do so.
    Now that you have your copy of the game, you can find the « System Requirements » or « Requirements » button in the pause menu and press that to begin the installation. Note that the first time you play, you’ll need to download and install the « recommended » update first.