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AutoCAD is a commercial product available for Microsoft Windows. It was originally released in 1982 as a desktop app, running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers, and with a separate operator terminal, originally made by Canon, but now most commonly made by Xerox. The only IBM compatible version was released in 1989.

There are many versions available that include many different capabilities, including architectural and engineering CAD. There are also some different versions of AutoCAD designed for specific purposes. The table below gives you a summary of the available AutoCAD versions.

Version Family (AF) Name

Additional Notes

AutoCAD – 1982

Expensive at $1000.

Roughly equivalent to AutoCAD LT.

Also available in the 1980s as a CD-ROM.

Licensed for 10 years.

Was used in architectural design.


AutoCAD/2d – 1982



AutoCAD/3d – 1986

Was originally for architectural design.

Also available for engineering and design.



Official IBM version.

Was used in architectural design.



First released in 1990.

An engineering and drafting version.


AutoCAD/DWG – 2000

AutoCAD LT, was a third-party derivative.


AutoCAD/DWG – 2009

New Autodesk version.

For engineering and drafting.


AutoCAD/DWG 2017

Released in 2016.

Engineering and drafting.

Windows only, macOS and Linux and Linux MCE are upcoming options.

MAC OS, windows, Linux: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0

MAC OS, windows, Linux: 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0

MAC OS, windows, Linux: 1.0,

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Interaction with Microsoft Office
AutoCAD is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, and can import and export documents, such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.

Since version 2009, AutoCAD has the ability to open XML files created by Microsoft Office. This feature was included in the premium AutoCAD LT version only.

In the past, the main objection to this feature was its limited functionality. The feature had been available as an add-on product, but did not function as well as a full release. In 2010, the functionality was improved, and the feature was made available as an option for premium release.

XML import and export is available for Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. It will not open data stored in an Access database. However, import and export of metadata such as Drawing Sets and Dimension Data has been improved.

AutoCAD LT 2019 does not support Word or Excel XML files created after 2009.

AutoCAD LT supports the exchange of BIM models from Microsoft Project and BIM 360°.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Automatic allocation of printer setting, so your new drawings will print with your intended settings.

The software provides an automatic formula for selecting the size of the print medium and the selected printer’s page orientation.

Receive a notification after the print job is completed, so you don’t miss out on critical information.

Smart Arrows and Smart Text:

No more dashed lines in your drawings. Now you can draw the angles and shapes you need with smooth, precise lines. You can quickly adjust the position of your lines and the line style.

Improved accuracy and clarity with AutoCAD for Mac 2020.

Drag-and-drop lines have been improved to support 3D and 4D editing.

Smart arrows: AutoCAD automatically determines the direction and radius of the arrow, no matter where it is positioned.

More Colors, More Capabilities, More Features:

Data Explorers:

Explore your Autodesk 360 data, no matter where it’s stored.

Explore AutoCAD 360 Data with the new data explorers. You can access this data from virtually anywhere in the world. And you can always go back to your drawings without missing any information. You can even see what data is missing.

Autodesk 360 Data Explorers, available for AutoCAD LT 2020.

Faster Printing:

A faster AutoCAD desktop engine.

Save energy by turning off features when they aren’t in use.

View and apply CAD, DWG, and DWF files using PDFs on your desktop.

Save paper and time by printing directly from your desktop.

Improved rendering quality with AutoCAD LT 2020.


The new web browser for AutoCAD LT 2020 is now available. It’s built on Mozilla Firefox, so you can access and work with all your AutoCAD data from anywhere in the world.

More information can be found in the Help file for AutoCAD LT 2020.

Relaxing Your Work Schedule:

You decide when to start and stop work, whether it’s on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Automatic Power and Restart of the Computer:

Manage your computer’s power usage and stop unexpected shutdowns. Automatic Power Management extends your battery life and ensures that your AutoCAD LT

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core /
Graphics: nVidia Geforce 9600 GT / AMD Radeon HD3850
Hard Drive: 3GB space for installation
NOTE: Before you start the installation process, make sure that you have installed latest version of your graphic card drivers. For help installing the latest drivers of your graphic card, refer our website: