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This article first appeared on the How-To Geek wiki. It was originally posted on this site on September 1st, 2014.

AutoCAD 2022 Crack (originally AutoCAD R13) is a 3D, 2D vector-based drafting application used by designers and engineers for creating architectural drawings. If your site requires basic 2D drafting, I recommend AutoCAD LT, and if you are going into the more complex 3D CAD, I recommend AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD LT 2017, or AutoCAD LT 2018. We’re going to look at different ways to design a floor plan with AutoCAD.

The following steps were performed on a basic drawing loaded into AutoCAD (version 2013.1).

1. Open a drawing

Draw a square (or a rectangle in 2D) in the center of the page. Make it big enough to fit at least two dimensions of your design.

2. Add or change the dimensions of the drawing

Double-click the drawing to bring up the Properties palette. Use the Text tool to add a new line with a width of 5cm, a length of 10cm, and a height of 10cm (see image below).

3. Open a new drawing in the center of the page

Create a new, empty drawing and open it on the right-hand side of the screen. Place the new drawing (with dimensions) in the center of the page. It will be hidden behind the drawing you opened in step 1.

4. Use the View Menu to toggle between center and paper space

Use the View Menu to toggle between paper space and the center of the screen (see image below). (If you aren’t sure how to use the View Menu, see this video.)

5. Add or change the dimensions of the new drawing

If you want the new drawing to be a different shape, change the dimensions to a different shape. If you want the new drawing to be the same as the original drawing, leave the dimensions at the same values.

6. Save and exit

Once you’ve finished editing the dimensions of the new drawing, save the file and exit the program.

7. Click the Properties button

The Properties palette is opened (see image below). You’ll see the size of the new drawing appear in the corner of the Property palette.

8. Close the Properties palette

Click the X (close) button

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In AutoCAD, an Application Programming Interface (API) can be developed for use with an external application. For example, plugins for using Microsoft Excel as a drawing interface (see figure) or the Microsoft Access database for storing the drawing information have been written.

The following links will take you to the official documentation page for the AutoCAD application programming interfaces:

To find more information about AutoCAD, go to:

After setting up your graphics tablet, there are two ways to use it. With the optional pen mode you can control the 3D drawing. In the ideal situation you can draw with a pen and a pencil. However, the rubberized coating on some graphics tablets makes it possible to use a pen without the unwanted drag from the pen tip.

AutoCAD and your tablet can work together by checking the pen mode while in the drawing mode. In this situation, the only editing that you can do is draw on the screen. To toggle between the pen and pencil modes, choose Pen from the Review tab. This will switch to the Pen tool, where you can draw on the screen.

If you do not want to use the pen or if the pen is not working correctly for you, a keyboard option exists. In this case, you can use the W or S key to switch between the Pen tool and the Mouse tool. When you have the Pen tool active, W will switch to the Mouse tool and vice versa. The same switch can be made by pressing the Tab key.

Pen mode

The Pen mode is the primary mode for drawing and editing the drawing. The Pen mode makes it possible to draw with a pen or pencil. It is also the mode that supports 3D drawing and creating perspective views.

To switch to Pen mode, choose Pen from the Review tab. The Pen mode is automatically selected by default.

In Pen mode, the pen is used to draw or draw on the screen. You can change the Pen tool settings from the Pen tab on the Tool Shelf.

To turn off the pen and select the pencil, choose Pen from the Review tab, and then choose Pencil from the Pen tool’s Selection tab. To select the pencil and turn on the pen, choose Pencil from the Pen tool’s Selection tab and choose Pen from the Review tab.

Pen tip

When drawing with the Pen tool, a variety of points can be set as the tip of the pen. For example, to draw a

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Comprehensive Input Feedback:

If you make a mistake in your AutoCAD drawings, the CAD Analyzer quickly identifies and highlights your mistake in the drawing window, and then automatically sends feedback to help you correct the mistake. (video: 1:07 min.)

Additional Plug-ins:

The following additional plug-ins are included: Access allows you to open, save, and close files in any Access database, and can also open and save files in Paradox, Starbase, SQL, Paradox Transact, MS Access, MS SQL Server, OLE DB, Paradox ODBC, Paradox Excel, Access ODBC, Access DBEngine, or other ODBC enabled database. Data Spy provides visual and report analytics that identify potential missing data problems. Data Point identifies potential problems with dimensions. The download includes DataPointPro 64-bit, DataPointPro 32-bit, and AutoCAD Runtime. Analyzer Core provides visual and report analytics that identify potential missing data problems. Doc Analyzer provides report and time tracking analytics for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF files. Navigator allows you to plot contour maps for 2D and 3D data in open datasets. Output Scripts provides an easy way to export your drawing to DWG, DXF, or PDF. The PDF version of AutoCAD is supplied in both the English and Brazilian languages. The German and Italian language versions of AutoCAD are available separately as well. This release also introduces AutoCAD 2020’s new PDF and Dashboard Builder® (see below). The PDF version of AutoCAD provides an easy way to create printable PDFs from your AutoCAD drawings. You can also automatically convert your PDFs to vector graphics, such as DWG, DXF, and PDF, and control the quality of your PDFs using our PDF version of the Dashboard Builder, AutoCAD’s online help and tutorial system.



The Access version of AutoCAD includes enhanced data import capabilities and a simplified version of AutoCAD’s Data Vault. You can work with both the Access and the AutoCAD databases.

Let’s compare and contrast the Access and AutoCAD databases.

AutoCAD database:

Let’s quickly review the core functionality of the AutoCAD database.

The database stores information in a relational table, and offers the following:

AutoCAD’s Database interface allows you

System Requirements:

Windows XP SP3 or later.
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 3D acceleration and 1680×1050 native resolution or higher.
1024×768 native resolution available with alternative computer system configurations.
256Mb RAM.
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