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AdvertisementThe present invention relates generally to an improved spinner for products such as yarn, threads, and fibrous material. The spinner has a supporting hub for a feed mechanism to operate the spinner, and has a rotary component connected to the hub for rotation relative thereto, for spinning the product on the spinner. The rotary component is connected to a hub which rotates relative to the supporting hub, and is coaxial with the supporting hub.
Spinning devices for fibers and/or threads are known. Known spindles have a length which is greater than the width of the fiber or thread which is to be spun. The spinner is used in conjunction with a feed mechanism that moves the fiber or thread into the rotary component of the spinner, with the rotary component spinning the fiber or thread onto the spinner. The fibers or threads are then moved from the spinner to some other machine for further treatment.
Some known spindles have a rotary component connected directly to the hub of the spinner. This can cause problems in that the rotary component may rub against the other parts of the spinner, and/or the rotary component may not be connected rigidly to the hub, so that the rotary component can rotate independent of the hub. This can lead to problems in aligning the spinner with the feed mechanism, as well as problems in regulating the rotary speed of the spinner.
The present invention is directed to a spinner for products such as yarn and threads, which overcomes one or more of the problems of the prior art.
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In another embodiment, a spinner shaft is rotatably supported by a bearing cup, with the bearing cup having a longitudinal axis. The spinner shaft is rotat

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Alter and save base class’s attribute

I have a class with list of objects that inherit from a base class and a lot of attributes that I don’t want to override in my derived class.
As such, I’ve added this in the parent class:
public override List StatusList
List result = new List();

foreach (StatusData item in base.StatusList)
if (item.IsProcessed == true)

return result;

I’m trying to reduce the amount of code I write, so I’ve figured that I can simply use a property and change the list’s elements to the object itself, like so:
public StatusData StatusList
StatusData result = base.StatusList;

foreach (StatusData item in this.StatusList)
if (item.IsProcessed == true)
result =

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What’s New In?

2D and 3D toolbars are now independent, allowing you to switch between 2D and 3D workflows without losing your context.

Drawings can now include colors and shapes that change according to the current environment. Save space by storing and referencing only the drawings you want, rather than storing all of them.

You can now tag blocks to create new, unique styles. AutoCAD now supports creating custom 2D and 3D shapes, as well as using predefined shapes to quickly define style.

Help files now include context-sensitive help for each command and the ribbon. Select the required command for the current drawing context or add the drawing file to the Favorites tab to quickly find it again.

Change the appearance of toolbars, palettes, and ribbons to match your own design. Add a customized logo to the ribbon and toolbars. Create your own unique colors for tools and objects.

Open and view files using the “download an offline copy” command to save space in your Autodesk account.

File and Database Management:

Enhancements to lists and tables, allowing you to sort, search and filter.

Tags (a metadata field type) are now compatible with the new Favorites feature. Use tags to automatically associate custom styles with drawing parts, to create a unique and descriptive name for a part.

Drawing elements can now link to data in your database, making it easier to automate repeatable processes.

Create and manage “smart palettes”, sharing them with anyone you choose.

Search and filter your drawing database to find and quickly access drawings, as well as blocks, toolbars, and styles.

Use the “@Link” command to associate a drawing with a template, layout, or model to create an “entity” that you can reuse across your projects.

Design and develop your own software using the Visual Studio Code extensions and Web Workbench.

Design and create apps and websites using Microsoft Edge.

Web Linking:

Open and view Hyperlinks on the web, without leaving your drawing. Display the web page you were viewing in your drawing, or change the web page when you open the drawing.

Easily send web pages to your drawing for design review or to review how changes will impact the end user.

Use the “print to PDF” command to generate a PDF version of a

System Requirements:

Software Requirements:
This version of Minecraft requires 1.8 or later.
Only Version 1.8.8 can be used.
Recommended Processor Type:
AMD® / Intel® Core® i7 Processor
Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 64-bit
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Intel® HD Graphics or better
minimum of 2 GB of RAM
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CPU core speed (GHz) 2.8 or