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The key to success for AutoCAD is the depth of the AutoCAD product set, which can include design tools, architectural drawing tools, surveying tools, digital project management tools, and a variety of specialty tools. AutoCAD offers more than 100 options for creating and editing drawings, and has a unique capability of creating designs for plant layouts, highway designs, shopping center layouts, and urban planning.

The product line, designed for large firms, offers a wide variety of productivity features such as the ability to create and manipulate assemblies, drawings, drawings, model spaces, and custom views from a single drawing.

Figure 1.2: AutoCAD in a development mode showing the typical layout for an AutoCAD development environment.


The first version of AutoCAD included the ability to connect to a variety of drawing systems such as DXF, DWG, SVG, MDS, and CDR, using both the native AutoCAD connection interface and third party interfaces such as the native OLE/OLE2 interface. As AutoCAD has evolved, a number of third party products have been created to automate drawing and modeling tasks through the use of AutoLISP. These programs are often sold as AutoCAD Add-ons or accessories (see Figure 1.3).

Figure 1.3: A variety of AutoCAD accessories.


AutoCAD is a software application that is available on a per-user basis and on a per-machine basis. Most of the software costs between $99 and $349 for a license of AutoCAD Standard Edition (with AutoCAD LT included), depending on the operating system used. The cost for additional tools and modules may vary depending on the level of installation. These licensing costs are based on the number of users. However, there is a monthly service charge for the various AutoCAD versions that needs to be paid regardless of the number of users. This fee is based on the product.

Installation of AutoCAD includes the licensing information, an installation guide, and the AutoCAD CD. The installation guide explains the installation process and includes complete step-by-step instructions for installing the latest version of AutoCAD and its modules on a new system or on an existing system that is not upgraded.

Activating AutoCAD and its options requires the AutoCAD CD. The AutoCAD CD includes all the necessary tools for an

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2D-oriented features

Autodesk provides many specialized applications to enhance AutoCAD functionality, such as:

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
3ds Max

Since 2007, Autodesk also sells a solution for 3D modelling called Creo.

In 2014, Autodesk released the same 3D program, now called 3ds Max, as an independent stand-alone program, and depreciated their companion product, Max 2012.

Dimensioning and layout
Autodesk’s Dimensioning and Layout has been used since the 1990s. Many feature updates and bug fixes have been delivered with it. The latest version is Dimensioning & Layout 2016. The software is free for limited use, and available on CD-ROM or via online download. It is no longer compatible with earlier versions of AutoCAD or drawing sheets.

The Ribbon
The Ribbon is the GUI in AutoCAD, replacing the pull-down menu commands of earlier versions. The pull-down menus of AutoCAD have been replaced by an expanded menu bar, consisting of four tabs across the top of the main screen, which organize a new mode of commands and tools in the software. The designer can switch among these tabs, which can be organized into groups. The tabs are Edit, View, Window, and Help. New features that were once in pull-down menus are now organized by tab. The ribbon now also serves as an organizer for « Favorite » commands, which enable the user to right click on any command on the menu bar and choose it as a favorite, automatically executing the command the next time the designer is using it.

The new way of organizing commands is to help the user by giving each command its own icon. The icons are at the bottom of the menu bar. The traditional pull-down menu system is still available and is still used for configuring the basic user interface.


AutoCAD is a complete family of products. It can be used with many different applications, such as:

Civil engineering
Land surveying
Architectural design
Architectural engineering
Engineering design
Building design
Graphics design
Industrial design
Mechanical design
Landscape architecture
Landscape engineering
Interior design
Interior engineering
Architectural and engineering rendering
CAD software
Geospatial software
AutoCAD includes many templates and can also import and export files in several different formats (including DXF, DWG,

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Double click on the opened file with the.exe extension

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Wait until the installation process is completed.

Wait until you see the product is activated.

Choose the default user name.

Select a strong password.

Choose which hardware to use Autocad with.

Go to the Autocad key menu and choose Update product key.

Give the key to your dealer.

Enjoy the advantages of Autocad on your computer.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

AutoCAD 2023 is a complete modern engineering package with a graphical user interface for CAD users in the 21st Century, delivering more value than any previous release, including:

Collaboration tools that make it easy to share and comment on designs

Global search and replace capabilities that are powerful and easy to use

Industry-specific tools and enhancements to meet specific application needs

Streamlined and enhanced commands and tools for specific tasks

Support for many new file types

Enhancements to make AutoCAD easier to use, including a new Find button on the ribbon and a change-revert command that allows you to undo most drawing changes and return your drawing to the last version that worked.

AutoCAD 2023 is the best choice for today’s AutoCAD users, including:

AutoCAD Architecture architects and engineers

AutoCAD Civil engineers, mechanical engineers and structural engineers

AutoCAD Electrical engineers, power engineers and mechanical engineers

AutoCAD Mechanical engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers

AutoCAD Mechanical designers

AutoCAD Mechanical draftsmen

AutoCAD Electrical engineers

AutoCAD Mechanical and electrical engineers

AutoCAD Civil and mechanical engineers

AutoCAD Electrical designers

AutoCAD Electrical and mechanical design engineers

AutoCAD Mechanical, electrical and architectural designers

AutoCAD Architecture and mechanical designers

AutoCAD Civil and mechanical designers

AutoCAD Mechanical draftsmen

AutoCAD Drafting, modeling and visualization experts

AutoCAD Graphics professionals

AutoCAD software users

AutoCAD system administrators

AutoCAD data management professionals

AutoCAD Users in other industries and industries needing CAD

Release Information

Read our technical documentation, then install and start using the software.

What’s new in AutoCAD 2023 for AutoCAD users:

Collaboration tools that make it easy to share and comment on designs. Import feedback from printed paper or PDFs and add changes to your drawings automatically, without additional drawing steps. (video: 1:15 min.)

New software and enhancements make it easier for you to use AutoCAD and streamline your workflow.

The Find function on the ribbon, which lets you quickly find text or graphics, even if they have been moved or deleted.

Add comments to annotations directly from the Annotation

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7 (Win 7) or later, Mac OS X 10.8 or later (10.9), Ubuntu Linux 14.04 (14.04), or later (14.10)
System Requirements:
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