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A high-resolution image of the AutoCAD user interface, showing the user palette, dimensioning handles, and so forth.

AutoCAD was developed initially as a B-Series desktop application for the DOS operating system (OS). Subsequently, the B-Series was expanded to include an A-Series, a version of AutoCAD suitable for the Apple Macintosh. Today, all versions of AutoCAD are designed for use on Microsoft Windows-based operating systems.

A high-resolution image of the AutoCAD user interface, showing the user palette, dimensioning handles, and so forth.


The predecessor of AutoCAD was first released in 1968 as a low-cost version of the CAD/Drafting System (CADDS) program developed by the U.S. Navy. AutoCAD is one of the most significant and long-lived software products in the history of the personal computer. The original AutoCAD (ACAD) 1.0 product ran on a single PDP-11 CPU (or later, an Intel 8080 CPU), with a text-only mode and a graphics mode that ran on either the built-in MDA or an external EGA graphics card. Later, a 16-bit version of AutoCAD (known as AutoCAD 16) was released, which ran on a 16-bit Intel 80286 processor. By the mid-1980s, AutoCAD was the most widely used CAD program in the United States. During this period, the product underwent significant changes, adding features such as multicolor graphics, the ability to edit three-dimensional drawings, and a new user interface (UI) that is very similar to the one found in today’s AutoCAD versions.

The first releases of AutoCAD for the Apple Macintosh were in 1982 (version 1.0), 1983 (1.1), and 1985 (1.4). Apple’s MacPaint software was originally developed as a competitor to AutoCAD. After several years of beta testing, AutoCAD was released on January 30, 1987 as version 1.5 (at a price of US$1,995). In addition to standard 32-bit color graphics, this version also supported 256-color graphics. In June 1990, AutoCAD 1.5 was extended to support Windows 3.1 (Windows 3.1 is an operating system developed by Microsoft, and it was the first 32-bit operating system that ran on a

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Autodesk Project Construction (formerly Autodesk Project Builder) is a program used to create project information and to link it to a construction schedule for a building. It can be used for a single project or as a construction information management system (CIMS).

With the release of AutoCAD Product Key 2017, Autodesk added a Windows Forms designer, which has become the primary design tool for the new version of AutoCAD Crack For Windows.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is an online tool that facilitates the integration of functional and visual aspects of the design into a single 3D package.

With the release of AutoCAD 2018, Autodesk added the ability to capture the flow of a design from a plan through a program that can be used to create 3D models.


AutoCAD is primarily used in the following fields:

Architects use AutoCAD for design of both drawings and schedules.

Civil Engineering
Engineers and surveyors use AutoCAD to create cross sections, and for management of civil engineering data and software.

Data Visualization and GIS
Geographic information systems (GIS) professionals use AutoCAD and other software packages such as SketchUp and Trimble Raster to create and display 3D data on maps.

Municipal Engineering
Municipal engineering professionals use AutoCAD and other software packages, including MicroStation, to create detailed plans and drawings.

The Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language in Microsoft Office is an additional tool that many AutoCAD users use for a variety of tasks.

Visual LISP
Visual LISP (VLP) is a programming language that is very similar to BASIC and Pascal. Visual LISP was designed for developers who create plug-ins for AutoCAD.

Some colleges use AutoCAD as part of their AIA-PEDS accredited education programs, or they use it as a teaching tool.

Although the majority of AutoCAD’s market is in Windows, one of its main competitors is FreeCAD, a free and open-source CAD software for Linux-based operating systems.

Converting from AutoCAD to FreeCAD

AutoCAD is based on the Intergraph Geometry Engine. To convert from AutoCAD to another CAD software, such as FreeCAD, go to the « File », »

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What’s New In?

Create actionable feedback with Markup Assist. View the “Markup Assistant Tips” video to learn how to incorporate markup instructions that are automatically added to a drawing.

The auto-add feature will work for feedback marked up in Illustrator or other vector-based software and not for feedback added in printed paper and PDFs. To incorporate feedback from those files, open the Import/Share dialog and choose Markup Assist from the “Import from” drop-down.


AutoCAD is now available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, and also on smart printers and workbenches. To learn more about AutoCAD and access its online resources, go to

For more information about AutoCAD or updates about its features, visit or

See the AutoCAD 2023 Feature Overview video on the Cadalyst YouTube channel.

New Productivity Enhancements and New Tools:

Structure-based help for the entire drafting process. Begin-to-finish help built into the drawing tools so that you can begin a drawing and see where help is available to help you efficiently accomplish your design needs.

New mechanics, functions and drafting tools to speed up your processes. A new undo stack improves drawing quality, a redesigned dynamic help system, and a redesigned drawing table help streamline your drafting sessions.

A new graph feature helps you quickly build calculations and processes on your drawing.

New features in the toolbars to speed up your work, including:

An option for automatically creating a proxy view to help you quickly see the relationship of parts and assemblies

A smart tag to make the most of your dynamic help

An option to automatically switch to perspective when you first open the drawing, so that you can see the design from any view

A new key command to return you to a perspective view automatically when you move a tool or a geometry

Two new key commands to toggle between 2D and 3D display modes for any command

New commands for creating and editing tables.

Multiple new tools for working with layers and selecting models.

A new tool for working with drawing splines and arcs.

A new tool for creating 3D splines.

Additional enhancements and improvements to existing tools and features, such as:

A new drawing performance option that gives you control over your drawing when AutoCAD

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Minimum specs:
Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11
Ubuntu 14.04, 15.10, 16.04, 16.10
There are 4 different types of executables;
– Windowed x86
– Windowed x64
– Linux x86
– Linux x64
Source code is released under GPLv3+. The Linux versions are compiled on Ubuntu 14