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Additive and Subtractive


Bounding Box Design


Bridge Design

Block Definition


Construction Features

Dimensional Features



Drafting Geometry

Drafting Tools

Editing Features

Geometric Features


Interactive View



Measurement Properties

Modeling Features

Naming Tools

Object Attribute Display

Plane Tools

Point Tools

Preset Drawing





Selection Tools


Shapes Tools


Text Features

Windows, Paper and Perspective


User-defined tools and symbols

AutoCAD Product Key history

AutoCAD was the first desktop CAD program developed for personal computers. Today, AutoCAD is the flagship product of Autodesk and the de facto standard for most manufacturers of design software.

The original version 1.0, released in 1982, was an add-on to Micrografx GFA-100. AutoCAD wasn’t a stand-alone CAD program until version 2.1, released in 1984.

AutoCAD has a long history of upgrades, many of them backward-compatible. AutoCAD 2014 is an example of such a « generational upgrade ».

In 1989, AutoCAD added a Windows 3.1 interface, but left most of the core functionality and development in the UNIX workstation tradition. The Windows version continued to evolve as a « bridged » product until version 9.

Version 9 added 3-D interface, and version 10 added Windows 3.1 as the host platform, but left most of the core functionality in the UNIX workstation tradition. In version 11, the product moved to the Windows NT/2000 platform.

Version 12 took the product to the Windows Vista platform. Version 13 continued AutoCAD’s evolution towards a Windows XP-based platform.

With AutoCAD 2014, the product is now 100% Windows-based, and features many new capabilities such as the ability to edit and save DWG drawings on a local network drive.

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AutoCAD Online Training

This is a complete set of free online courses that cover the

AutoCAD 21.0 Crack + Full Version

Autodesk Exchange Apps are distributed by Autodesk to the community. The Exchange Apps use the Autodesk Exchange API for accessing and manipulating features in AutoCAD Torrent Download and AutoCAD LT. Apps also use AutoCAD’s internal API for reading and writing data in the model. A large number of Exchange Apps are available on the Autodesk Exchange Apps.



AutoCAD can be used to model (create, edit, modify, analyze, and project) in all three dimensions. AutoCAD uses the geometric model concept for modeling and data exchange. The geometric model of a drawing is defined by the point, line, plane and surface objects, which form the fundamental building blocks. Geometric objects are not limited to be two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D). In AutoCAD, 2D, 3D and mixed model drawing objects can be used for a given modeling task. The user interface shows 3D drawing views in the 3D workspace. The 3D workspace can be used as a separate view (window) in the interface, or it can be used to separate 2D drawing views. For example, the user can switch from the 3D modeling workspace, to a separate 2D drafting workspace to create a 2D drawing. The 2D model is then edited in the 2D drafting workspace. The user can return to the 3D model when ready.

The geometry model concept supports many geometric operations to manipulate the geometry in a model. The user can edit, analyze, validate, project, measure, and export the geometry model of a drawing to another drawing, a CAD database, a DXF or DWG file.

Modeling support for geometry objects includes line, arc, circle, 3D curves and surfaces (solids and shell), polyline and spline, dimension lines, architectural dimensions and intersection. The geometry tools in AutoCAD support a number of functions to create, edit, modify and analyze all types of geometry models.

The geometric modeling tools are used to create and edit the geometric model for a drawing. The user must have knowledge of the functionality available to create a 2D drawing. The 2D model can be edited in the 2D drafting workspace. The user can then return to the 3D modeling workspace for further work. The user can view the changes in the 3D model and use the Update Model button in the 3D Modeling workspace to update the 2D model.

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Where did I put my scrying bowl?

This is a discussion on Where did I put my scrying bowl? within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; –>
Originally Posted by DaveinOklahoma
Cool set up. It reminds me a bit of the habitat I had in the late 90s….

Awesome tank.

Thanks DaveinOklahoma

Here is the box. It is huge and worth every penny. I am sure people will want to do a video and post a pic of their setup.

Here is the chamber. It has all the necessary features. I use the standard 32-40 oz to fill the chamber. You can do it in stages if you want and the net would help as long as the tank is staged.

Now I need to add some plants, add some rocks and some AAOs. I need to do some resizing to the skimmer. I also need to find a stand for the tank. I found a badger tank stand at the fish store. It looks like a tank.

Congratulations on your new purchase. I love the beauty of the large box.

I love the tank!

I love the tank!

I love the tank!

Yes I do. Its going to be great for my next feature article for the forum. I have all the backgrounds ready. I am going to be writing about the kitchen. I am going to show the scrying bowl sitting on the corner of the counter.

Well I have a pic of the background and I need to get started on the article. I think it will be a little more than 500 words. Not sure how long it will take me. But I will post the article here.

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Enhanced AutoLISP Editing Tools:

Add AutoLISP commands directly to your drawings to augment the commands available in the Drawing and Layout Tools. Edit AutoLISP commands right in the drawing, without opening a window.

Be more productive:

Save time with Live Annotations, annotations with changes that update automatically in the drawing, while you work.

Apply PGFeatures to your drawing as you edit, annotate, and make changes to your drawing. Create effective tools to manage your annotations.

Enhanced Aperture3D View:

Edit with a real 3D mouse. Draw, rotate, scale, and make other changes using the same tools you use for your 2D drawings. Aperture3D is included with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

Enhanced All-in-One Graphics:

Add 3D capabilities to your graphics and drawings. Create 2D and 3D graphics by using a single application.

Resolution Independence:

Autodesk 3D Max is independent of the resolution of your display, as long as you have a connected monitor. Autodesk 3D Max has always worked at a lower resolution, but you could not use it without a connected monitor.

Reliable, Repeatable Publishing:

Publish your drawing to a variety of channels, including mobile devices, the cloud, and even to an Amazon Kindle device. Publish your designs to the web, print, or a combination of channels.

Streamlined Visible Annotation Features:

Hide drawing elements. Automatically include the element you are annotating and the elements around it, even when the elements are hidden.

Extend the reach of your annotations. Create, organize, and publish annotations on an extensive variety of devices.

Synthesis 2.0 and Modeling:

Synthesis 2.0 gives you the ability to work from a multi-page layout that can be configured for any design task, whether you are creating a drawing, sheet layout, exploded assembly, mechanical parts, or advanced 3D models. You can make your designs look even better when combined with the 2.0 cloud cloud service for geospatial-enabled designs. And with Modeling, you can bring ideas to life.

Model from scratch or import from a DWG file, add geometry to existing parts, and more.

Design enhancements in synthesis include:

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

1. Download this mod, extract it and follow the instructions.
2. Install the mods from this thread.
3. Activate the Mod Manager in the Override menu and then download and install all the mods you want to use in the game.
4. Optionally, download and install any mods you want.
5. Install the mod from this thread.
6. Install the Patch from this thread.
7. Install the SFX and/or Wav mod of your choice from this thread.