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– 12 Additional Word Packages
– 3 Additional Colours – Black, Red and Green
– 2 Custom Words (Excl. Additional Words)
– 30 New Avatars
– 2 Extra Scoreboards
– 2 Brushes
– Undo Button
– Background Colour Picker (for Brushes)
– And many more upgrades and improvements

Recommended Requirements – High-end PC:
Operating System: Windows 7 64bit
Processor: Corei7 2.8GHZ Quad Core
Memory: 8GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Disk: More than 20 GB free space
3D-Shader-Card: Compatible with Shader 2.0 (ARB)

About This Game
This game is mostly fun. Thats basically all I can say about it. Is is because its not hard to make the game work. There is enough tools for you to create awesome and fun stuff. So, go for it. Its most possible that you will have fun. It is very much fun to draw or guess or draw and guess and rate. That is already the first thing that made me experience the fun of this game. Another thing that makes this game fun, and I am still not tired of saying it, is the team mode. Guess It! is still one of the best games to play in teams. It gets better and better every time we get an update. Its pretty great to play with friends. You can even exchange ideas on how to solve challenges or how to make your own words. At this time we could name at least 3 best team games. Its already the main reason, why I recommend this game to people. The game has released a significant amount of content since the start. That is also one of the reasons why I recommended this game.

3 new colour palettes with a total of 15 new word packages. The content will only be available for one week. This DLC is not available for free. You can however purchase the DLC from our Web-Shop. If you have any questions, let us know on Twitter.



PS. You can increase the value of the 2 Word Packages which you find in the DLC. The only 2 word packages that can be increased to 50 points are The Ultimate Word Pack and the Common Word Pack.

Get ready for a surprise party! Today we are releasing a free DLC for Scribble It!
We got some requests


Awesomenauts – Commander Cook-It Skin Features Key:

  • 8 new levels!
  • NEW secret level!
  • Open Your Eyes for reduced scores
  • Breathtaking field of rooms
  • More action! More Scoring!
  • Remix every level of the game
  • 9 new powerups!
  • A new goal!
  • Fullscreen’s New Feature!
  • Single Player mode!
  • And much, much more!


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A fast-paced freight train game in which you try to deliver the correct number of cars to each of the assigned terminals around town in order to earn the most points. Freight is the lifeblood of a railroad, but in an over-crowded city there is just not enough time to keep up with the demand! Commodities are short, and the competition is fierce. You must keep the delivery numbers up and complete your runs on time, or you will quickly become a statistic! If your runs are delayed by traffic the nearby terminals will soon be out of stock, and you will be forced to keep driving to fill the void!
Become an expert at managing a booming railroad. Skilled in the art of timing your runs, you must plan ahead and load the correct cars onto the rail for every run. You will find yourself confronted by an array of traffic conditions. Sudden collisions can bring your train to a halt. Commodities can pile up on the belt, interrupting your operation and making the situation worse! With only one objective in mind, you must carefully manage all the variables and keep your delivery schedule tight!?
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Patch 1.03

Heroes of Umbra is now on the Ouya! This is a DIGITAL game that is « NOT » actually on OUYA. This is simply OUYA Game Center publishing a game that is ready for OUYA. So, if you own an OUYA and want to try out the game, you can head to Games Center where it will either show up there for you to install or you can simply grab it from the download links on the website.

GAME DESIGN: Umbra is a 3D RPG that works in real-time, making it the perfect candidate for the hardware Ouya offers. Your job is to take on the role of the « Protector » of the people who reside in the Umbra. Your job is not only to save the lives of the people of Umbra, but also to take on the challenges that await you as you take on quests, conversations, and battles.

ANIMATIONS: Cinematic-style graphics accentuate the animations that capture the unique progression of Umbra. Speak with characters, use items, and attack your enemies; all without suffering delay! This gameplay style is best demonstrated in the game’s “pen and ink” art style.

SOUND EFFECTS: Umbra will have an orchestral score, with high quality voice acting! Characters will speak to you, characters will respond to your dialogue, and the environments will even react to the area in which you’re playing.

TIME ATTACK: Cushion combat, the ability to dodge, and the ability to interrupt enemy actions make combat a breeze.

SPELLS AND COMBAT: With Umbra’s combat system, you never have to worry about mana or health as everything is « tied up. » You simply use your skill tree to build your abilities.

SKILL GRADING: Want to max out your character? Skill leveling is easy and fast.

FEATURES: •Fully-featured skill trees •Combat mechanics that make you wonder why other games don’t do this•In the vein of epic stories, while being fun and easy to play

RELEASE TRAINING: Will be available in-game after release.

STORY: You’re a guardian of Umbra, you’re a hero of the people, and you must risk everything to save them.

CURRENT: Currently located in early prototype stage.Game Engine: UnityGame Compatibility: ARMv


What’s new:

    By Nancy Drew®

    Item #: nd00064

    Product Description

    Join #1 best-selling author Carolyn Keene (Gail Carson Levine), as well as author Suzanne Marrs (Nancy Drew® Identity Crisis) in capturing the “lives and loves” of the titular young sleuth. In this first Nancy Drew Treasury, she is investigating a murder by a mysterious serial killer nicknamed the White Wolf. Three separate plots converge in crime-filled Icicle Creek, and all the clues take Nancy to some dark, cold, and isolated locations.

    Nancy Drew®: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

    This book can be downloaded and read in Apple Books on your Mac or iOS device, and Google Play Books on your Android device.

    I just finished Volume 1 of Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew series and I love them! I usually read a few books a year, but I’m consumed with pictures and stories, so this was an easy one to put down before getting back to what I like best. I’m totally hooked on Nancy Drew. I just wanted to say I love Carolyn Keene’s creative and detailed descriptions and her attention to detail as she moves through each adventure. I read this book and I really want Volume 2. I’ve read all of her books too, and I’ll be going for volumes 3-10 in no time!

    I honestly look forward to the thrill of catching a killer. I love Nancy Drew and she always, always seems to come out unscathed. I do wish though that she’d stop trying to find out who the “true” criminal is. I think she should be posing as a criminal herself and not really bothering to know who is any worse than her!

    I am a huge Nancy Drew fan. I love the books and my mom passed her down to me, so I am thankful to her for that! I love this book because it has a lot of main characters. I like that all the kids in the town of Chislehurst were involved in the murder because they all play on the same football team. That is pretty interesting, I didn’t know that they had that. I noticed in the beginning that Nancy Drew says that she already knows who killed who, but she later found out that she was wrong, but I was very confused on how. And where is that lady that was killed? I honestly


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    The Trans-Pacific Galaxy Corp. is bringing you Freedom Planet, a refreshing new game where you play as a space marine commander taking on an epic story filled with action and strategy. Throughout a massive galaxy, you have to use your cunning, firepower, and skill to complete a series of missions and survive. In a vast galaxy with an infinite amount of galaxies, people continue to play Freedom Planet. So don’t be surprised when you see “Play Again” pop up in the corner of the screen and come back for more. One of the many features of Freedom Planet is the skill tree that makes each class and weapon unique. The more you play, the better you get!


    Stunning Locations: Explore over 30 rich locations full of new missions and enemy encounters as you travel from planet to planet.

    A Refreshing Gameplay: With your freedom, you can customize your gameplay to get the experience just right for you.

    A Fun Story: From the galaxy’s capital, the Crimson Empire, to the defenseless jungle planet of Papall, you’ll experience a gripping and gripping story where you are on a mission to stop the evil Emperor from enslaving the galaxy.

    Polished Gameplay: With a variety of skills and a difficulty system, Freedom Planet is intended to provide a challenging and enjoyable gameplay.

    A Full-featured Skill Tree: An incredibly deep skill tree. Not only is there the economy to consider, but your weapon also has a finite amount of ammo.

    Gameplay: Freedom Planet offers a variety of combat options and strategy to keep you coming back. Choose between the use of linear or turn-based tactics and enjoy over 30 locations to explore!

    Graphics: Freedom Planet offers a vivid, eye-catching and realistic graphics. See for yourself the very fullness of the galaxy!

    Saving: You can play multiple save games to keep going back and enjoying the game, as well as to load your best weapons and equipment.

    Story: A thrilling and exciting story that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The storyline of Freedom Planet starts out being featured on the Grand Chronicle, a news service of the galaxy. This news portrays a beautiful nation known as Papall, ruled by the Empress G’hir. However, a mysterious event shakes Papall and a freedom fighter named Malor, who was captured by a mysterious robot, begins to escape.


    How To Install and Crack Awesomenauts – Commander Cook-It Skin:

  • Step1.Download ES file from root directory.
  • Step2.Extract ES file to folder.
  • Enjoy.exe,and check game and username/password

Enjoy is a new and surprise application coming from the Japanese company

This application allows you to play Touhou: Melody of Katakao in a very
original way. Enjoy « invoices » » to complete
each mission. You will be able to look out on the real world while

  • manual installtion for rs-x//xbox
  • manual installtion for rs-my//ps3
  • manual installtion for rs-ce//wii
  • « cracking » have no effect

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