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Download >>>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download >>>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


The stories of two young squirrels, Hazel and Gary, who have grown up in a magical, anthropomorphic forest called The Great Hall. They are amateur adventurers, so what do they want? Nothing particularly extraordinary, just to travel the world and to see the whole world.

For this purpose, Hazel and Gary came to The Great Hall where their parents worked in the rusting factory of the dark and pensive Millie, who organized events in the forest and the people who come to her events. You will come across the Strange people there.

There is also a numerous world, always developing, in which you can experience all your adventures. Thanks to the mysterious power « The Great Dudgeons of the Mill » Gary and Hazel have developed it.

Iron Snout:


– Very deep RPG Story;- A large detailed and comprehensive game world where to travel and see the whole world;- Several interesting subplots of the main story;- A set of skills, which you can use to improve yourself in a fast way, collecting tokens.

That’s not it. Every character has a unique set of skills, which you can buy with your tokens. If you make the wrong choice in an attack or lucky, you can get enough tokens for some important skills.

– A detailed and rich environment;- Inventive skills with a unique player experience;- A large number of tokens which, in addition to their passive effect, you can buy with your own money to use them at the right time;- Friendly local characters who give you information about the world you are in and who can help you to solve difficult tasks and survive in dangerous places.

Iron Snout: XboxOne, PC

Developer: Zaq Games


Published: 07/21/2017

Genre: Adventure

Platforms: XboxOne, PC

Available on: XboxOne, PC

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World’s Horror – Development History

  • As the sole original Creative Director, Matt Earwicker author of the original 1990's Rainbow Billy the Curse of the Leviathan review on Game Informer and the author of Wild Wild World,
    returned to the infamous cult classic after an 18 year hiatus, where he managed to get a project proposal approved and funding of $2,500 from Kickstarter.

World’s Horror – Contents

  • [Big disclaimer]
  • [Development journal]
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★★★ The Longest Road is a single-player mode.
★★★ Action simulators like World of Tanks and Glory have a hard time showing off their doodads as they are usually underwater or on board big ships. This is the best way to see what they can do.
★★★ Get yourself out of the comfort of your safe spot and save the world!
HyperSoft Team
Xbox One
Input methods
Keyboard & gamepad
Other features
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Tank Commander

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World War II.

A new kind of tank combat, a first person view.

It’s time for a brand new take on the action. Players can ride into the breach as a tank, shooting out of the gunner’s hatch.

Battle the forces of the Third Reich, from the inside of your tank.


The best tank battles.

When WWII came, the Germans could not ignore the newest type of explosive weaponry. Soon they would realize the power of ATGMs.

Tanks that survived the war showed what they can do.

Japan used it as well.

Calculate your turret to make you become the best.


Intense battles.

The sound of battle is gradually added to the world.

Give your Tank Commander some power and let them join the fight.


Let your intuition guide you.

Without the help of a computer, players have to use their intuition and know when to pull the trigger.

A real war never stops, there is always new weapons, new battlegrounds and new players to fight against.

« Tanks Unlimited » is a simulator action game in which the player fights against enemies in a fictional world in which tanks exist at war.

This game brings an old school, retro and serious action to life!

This action game for the past models of Playstation console!

Story of « Tanks Unlimited »

Driving Tank

In the


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A turn-based RPG with both combat and exploration mechanics.
Explore the open world map to find new shortcuts and shortcuts to find new items.
Delve into dungeons to obtain loot and power up your character!

A turn-based RPG with both combat and exploration mechanics. Explore the open world map to find new shortcuts and shortcuts to find new items. Delve into dungeons to obtain loot and power up your character!



This was a fun little project and I have no complaints. I was proud of the results.

It was the first full version of the game I produced in two years, so I’m quite proud of that.

I forgot to add some commas to the speech bubbles so the word balloons are also missing commas. Also, the final word balloon was a bit too small, it needs a line return so there is space for the last word.


Conrad, I don’t think I have any right to give you a negative review at this point. To be honest, this was a nice distraction for me from writing my dissertation, and I’m extremely grateful. However, I have an extremely negative review for you from someone else.

As I asked, my friend Kieran gave you a 2/5 because the game’s poor writing spoils the cute sci-fi story.

As a solo effort, there’s a lot of things that could be improved if you were to get more attention. For example, there are few NPCs and no dialog. It’s not uncommon to be stuck in an elevator, and you can’t do anything except wait for it to open. This means that there’s no need for the characters to talk to each other.

If you’d write a full-length book, even without an editor, you wouldn’t put in this much pointless exposition in such a small book. So the game’s exposition is unnecessary.

It doesn’t help that you rely on cheap means to convey tension. The space exploration scenes feature small objects floating in the air. This includes the characters as well as other little objects. This is what he means when he talks about the exposition spoiling the story.

However, there is much more exposition in the story, and this is a book by an author who has read only fairy tales and children’s stories. There are so many things that are unbelievable, that it doesn’t matter that the writing is bad.

There’s also the contrast


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TRAILER OUT is a third-person shooter game by German developer Moebius. The game puts a new spin on the first person shooter genre. Graphics and graphics are very up to date. Music fits the genre and has a rock rhythm. The game has 6 playable characters. Each has their own special abilities and tactical gameplay.
Game Modes:
Single Player
The entire game can be played single player.
The game is designed for playing with up to four players.
Local Multiplayer
The game is playable in local multi-player.
Game Modes Overview:
You are the first Earthling to travel to space.
With a ship that has only one engine, you must survive five star systems.
Each of the six worlds has different challenges.
You have to survive five star systems.
Slim is the first player character, he can perform movement and shoot in the first person mode.
Taffy is the second player character. Taffy performs movement and shooting in the first person mode.
Lucy is a pet character that will hide behind Taffy.
Eulberg is the third player character. Eulberg performs movement and shooting in the first person mode.
Elena is a pet character that will hide behind Eulberg.
Sebastian is the fourth player character. Sebastian performs movement and shooting in the first person mode.
Sebastian is a pet character that will hide behind Elena.
Story mode is done with an over-view cutscene after completing each mission in survival mode.
Survival mode consists of 15 missions.
Perks are used to customize each of the characters.
Each of the six player characters has his own ship.
The start of the game you can use a ship with only one engine.
Each of the six ships has a special characteristic.
The ships are:
Slim’s ship, with a star craft engine
Taffy’s ship, with a star ship engine
Lucy’s ship, a custom made ship for Lucy
Eulberg’s ship, a custom made ship for Eulberg
Elena’s ship, a custom made ship for Elena
Sebastian’s ship, a custom made ship for Sebastian
Characters Perks:
Each character gets a special perk.
There are 7 special perks that need to be researched.


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    How should I import NetBeans project settings from Eclipse?

    I have migrated my open source project from Eclipse to NetBeans. My preference is NetBeans but I have noticed that it appears in the OS settings of NetBeans that the folders SourceExlipse were used when I was developing in Eclipse instead of NetBeans.
    I dont see any option in the IDE to enter my NetBeans settings.
    Is there a way to synchronize these settings with Eclipse?


    This is a known issue and I never thought I would find so many people complaining about this. It’s not the laguage either. We found the same issues when having projects open in both NetBeans and Eclipse.
    NetBeans, Eclipse and what matters :-
    When you open the settings you see that there are 3 files :

    So it’s not a language issue but a project setting option not handled when exporting the project from Eclipse to NetBeans. Personally I copy the 3 files from Eclipse to NetBeans folders just to make the synchronization process more easy but I appreciate that if you are new to project settings you will prefer to follow rules and to remain disciplined.
    Because we are constantly facing these many options in project settings, we created a big library for the project settings with tags in. Our hope is that the project itself will not be a source of inconsistencies because we should be able to control the need to import settings from other projects by using our own lib.
    You can read more and see at:

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    For Eclipse:

    For NetBeans 6.


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