by devdean
Published: 24 novembre 2022 (2 semaines ago)

Ballet For Life Bejart Download 2021


Ballet For Life Bejart Download

For the first time in the Rosy Concert Hall in Rolle, the troupe will present « Ballet for Life ». Maurice Bejart. To the music of Queen, .. Béjart’s ballet in Roll is already a tradition. According to one of the leading researchers of the ballet world, the American John Frida, Maurice Bejart is « one of the most original and outstanding choreographers of the twentieth century. » In 1967, a year after the death of the founder and first choreographer of the Béjart Ballet, a large troupe was assembled in Rol, which since then has been performing annually in mid-September on the stage of the famous hall. The ballet accompanying these performances will premiere on September 15