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Barudan Punchant 6 ^NEW^



Barudan Punchant 6

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PunchUp is an application for viewing and editing photos and images.
The program allows you to easily resize, move, rotate, rotate, crop, resize, add watermarks, add text, select backgrounds.
Punchup is very easy to use.
Just drag and drop images from a folder or the clipboard and change them however you want.
For example, you can make them transparent, etc. By default, the program has two panels with templates for editing: one for photos and one for text and graphics for combining them.
In the panel for text you can insert any text, and in the panel for graphics you can add graphic information.
When you edit a document that you open with Punchup, the program will automatically adjust the style of the document to make it easier to edit.
You can also change the design style with the Format | Styles command.
In Word, there are many different styles that you can set for your document.
If your text panel and graphics panel are blank, nothing will appear on them.
You can create your own panel for graphics, to do this, on the Tools menu, run the Options command, and on the View tab check the Graphics panel checkbox (Fig. 7.8).
Fig. 7.8.
Panels for graphics and text
The GRAPHICS panel, which opens after the installation of the program (Fig. 7.8), shows the tools to create complex images.
All of them are divided into groups.
The commands on the left are for graphical elements, and those on the right are for editing bitmaps.
The TEXT panel
The TEXT panel is for working with text.
Here you can select the font, size, color and background of the text and set the line spacing.
The background color of the text can be set in this palette.
In this case the color is not specified, but the color from the palette is copied to the text.
The default color is black, which, however, can be changed so that it doesn’t differ too much from the background color.
To quickly insert text, click the Insert Text button.
If you click the Insert New Text button, a template from your personal library is inserted into the text window (see chapter « Selecting Templates »).
(see « Choosing templates » p. 42).
In this case, the text will be copied from the template.
If for some reason the template doesn’t suit you, you can create your own text editor.
To do this, go to the « Files » tab and click on « Add » (+).
A dialog box opens in which you need to select the desired template and click « Edit » (+).
After that you will be able to edit the template and add new elements to it.
By default, the editor already has several templates.
However, you can create new templates yourself.