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This is a tool to quickly build Battle Maps (Interior & Exterior) for Screen in Table, Print, or Digital Play. As a bonus feature you can play right inside the software using our hero and monster tokens.

What Is Digital Dungeon Tiles?
A tool to quickly build Battle Maps (Interior & Exterior) for Screen in Table, Print, or Digital Play. As a bonus feature you can play right inside the software using our hero and monster tokens.
In four quick steps you are ready to Battle:
Choose a tile size
Place Some Tiles
Add Some Decoration
Push Play! How Can You Use It?

Screen and Print-based Map Sizes are available and customizable. (Screenshot Below)
Choose the size of your Screen in Table or Print Page.
Build Battle Maps
Export for Print
Play right in Digital Dungeon Tiles with our token system. (With New Token Stats System)
Hero and Monster Tokens
Time of Day Lighting
Weather System
Animated Effects
Save and Load Maps (Including Token Locations)
Mix Token and Miniatures based play to have Fog of War when using real Miniatures.
This is a map making software first and foremost, the extra playing features included and being added are bonus content.


A beginning level and fun but a vast improvement on the previous efforts (end 2010) would be nice.

A number of glitches both on the starting screen when you put the first tile down (it messed up the landscape) and the ability to have a tile that went « off screen » which means I couldn’t build the border for it (so it went in the dungeon in the bottom right corner where the little shadow circle that you place in the first screen pops up and goes off the edge).

You need to build a terrain tool that’s used in conjunction with the tiles- if we print any area that we need to place something on, we need to be able to move the tiles to the borders of the print. (Sorry if I’m repeating myself, but this is something I haven’t seen on any of the newer 3D dungeon tile editors.) So when we go to print, we’re only printing what we have on the map, but it doesn’t line up with where it’s supposed to.

Other than that, I’m excited about this!

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Bedfellows FRENZY Features Key:

  • Package includes costumes for All Heroes
  • Co-op playable heroes
  • Challenge your friends, and make them laugh with your jokes

What’s New in This Version:

  • This is a update! We’ve completely reworked the Cloud Servers to make sure your hero looks his absolute best, regardless of whether you’re playing solo or not.
  • If you’ve been using an old version of cloud servers, you’ll find that the new ones are a LOT easier and more efficient. (For one thing, it’s FASTER)


  • Platform: Windows
  • Category: Performance
  • Description:


Bedfellows FRENZY Crack PC/Windows

Switch and control your character with the touch screen.
Forgot how to cook, but are you ready to return the kitchen to the kitchen?
Cook a variety of meals at any level for your customers.
Demonstrate your skills and succeed in mastering the Kitchen business.
More features coming soon!
What’s New in Version
Bug fixes.

App Reviews



837 Ratings


1188 Ratings

Bad Cook VS Chef
, 11/20/2017


This game is good. The graphics are cute (the food itself is not). The story is pretty fun. The gameplay is fun as well. It is easy to play. However, I wish there was more variety. Instead of just cookie shops and restaurants, could you have ice cream shops, fast food shops, and so on? There are not many choices. The other thing I would want more is for there to be more games with the same characters and their same tasks. For example, I don’t see any pancake shops. I was hoping for a pancake shop game. You could put together a pancake shop as well.


Developer Response
, 11/20/2017

Thank you for your feedback! We know that Food business is one of the most popular themes in VN game industry and it’s far from over. We’re currently developing plenty of new gameplay and systems so stay tuned!Q:

Cannot install maven on wp7

I am trying to install a filemanager plugin. I downloaded the zip-file, extracted the zip and copied the file into my projects d:wp7objRelease. I changed the build action from Embedded Resource to Copy Always. But still i get the following error:

Error 7 The project file contains an embedded project with an
invalid build assembly. You are seeing this error because there is no
entry point compatible with this project. For more information, refer
to « » in the
documentation and samples for the Microsoft.NET Framework version
you are using.


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Battlefield, Coming soon!

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Game « Nuclear Throne » Gameplay:

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Creative commons – game fanart and original art, video, audio, graphic, images and photos reproduced largely from the following « Aggression: Europe Under Fire » game pages:


What’s new in Bedfellows FRENZY:

es*, *Myrmecophaga,* and **Pristipomoidea. Informa*ts available at (accessed June 15, 2011).

The absent of close relatives of *Melophorus* within the *Formicinae* is currently an isolated classification phenomenon ([Figs. 9](#fig09){ref-type= »fig »}–[11](#fig11){ref-type= »fig »}), which we consider to have resulted from a combination of three different processes ([Fig. 5](#fig05){ref-type= »fig »}): (a) the absence of close relatives (*e.g.*, *Pristomyrmex*) is explained by the temporal gap in the fossil record, which has resulted in our finding of a greater percentage of extant honeybee subfamilies (*e.g.*, *Hymenoptera*: 90.6%, as opposed to *Formicinae*: 73.3%). (b) The absence of close relatives in the *Formicinae* includes a subset of the subfamilies closest to *Melophorus* (*e.g. Mesoveliinae*; [@b8]: 280). This would imply that the *Formicinae* can be considered as the sole subfamily from which *Melophorus* evolved. (c) The absence of *Melophorus* relatives in the *Formicinae* could also be explained by an incorrect classification of the *Formicinae*. This classification currently includes some subfamilies that are closely related to *Melophorus* (*e.g. Myrmecophaginae* and *Formicinae*) within the current classification of the *Gasteropodinae* ([@b62]).

The *Myrmecophilini* and *Tetraponini* come closest to *Melophorus* (coinciding clades in the molecular trees). *Myrmecophila,* the sole attested member of the *Myrmecophilini,* currently shares an equally recent sister relationship with *Volkhardti* (*Hirtella,* fig. 2 in [@b49]) and *Tetraponini* (with *Myrmeleon,* [Fig. 7


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In Sakura Succubus, a tower of tangled fantasy, Hiroki Ogasawara is just an ordinary man. A rather clumsy one, by his own admission, and well into his thirties.
Life has already dealt him a few punches in this regard. His father, whom he idolized and loved dearly, died from a heart attack when Hiroki was only in middle school. He came home to find his mother weeping on the floor – she told him his father had gone to heaven, as he had earned his wings.
The rest of his life was spent wishing he had inherited his father’s wings, and dreaming of the day that he, too, would fly away.
But, as fate would have it, his future arrived two decades ago when he turned eighteen. That’s when his powers as the « Flower of the Ken-ei Palace » were given to him, and he was told that he had inherited not just his father’s wings, but his father’s entire family. The White Ogasawara Clan.
A line of family that, according to his grandmother, had been bestowed on the Ogasawara Clan for over two hundred years.
And, since Hiroki was the direct descendant of the first White Ogasawara, he has inherited the seemingly indestructible « Ken-ei Power ».
Now, though, it seems that things have changed. While his wings have been given, and even though he can fly, they’re no longer enough to carry him through life.
No longer is he a normal human being.
Now, he is a male succubus. A male succubus of the first order, capable of multiple forms, with a harem of adoring women at his command.
He’s an adult succubus, and, at long last, he can fly away – if he wants to.
And, he wants to…
Sakura Succubus is an episodic Japanese erotic visual novel, with multiple routes to follow, set in a fantastical mystical world.
Natsuki Kiryuu is one of the most popular young men at his university. Good-looking, smart, funny, and a star soccer player, he’s a shining example of how a man should be.
His older sister, Hikaru, is a popular idol singer who inspires people just by being herself. Her voice is unique, her music is inspiring, and her actions are full of life.
Natsuki has a lot of


How To Crack:

  • Download the setup and unzip it. In the folder with the unzipped file, run the setup.exe to install the game.
  • Do not run the game yet.
  • Go to the Directory of Cliche Adventure game in the My Computer, right click on it and select open. Then click on open properties.
  • Click on the General tab, click on Change in the Update tab, click on Change. Now, set the Type to Normal and click on Ok.
  • Now, go back to the game folder and double click on the Cliche Adventure exe file.
  • Then, the Cliche Adventure should start running.
  • Now you can play the game. Enjoy it.


    php5.2, zend framework 2, saving flashobject into database

    I have it setup like as shown in the code below… I need to take the data from the flashobject that is sent from my jquery script, extract/prepare it and save it to my database in the correct format / structure. I’ve tried extracting the info with regular expression, but that doesn’t seem to work…. and I need to stay away from FPM (used in an earlier version). I’m running into the limitation, of having to save the data as blob/binary in my code…. It’ll save out as:
    {« other »: »100″, « some »: « 200 », « data »: »300″,…}

    Any ideas how to approach this?
    do {
    $offset = 0;
    $retval = ;
    $row_counter = 0;
    $objs = fos_json_decode($_POST[‘data’]);
    if ($objs) {
    while ($objs) {
    $from_user = $objs->other;
    $from_inser_txn = $objs->inser;


    System Requirements For Bedfellows FRENZY:

    Minimum System Requirements:
    Os: Windows 7, Vista, XP
    Processor: 3.2 GHz processor
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7 or later
    Net Framework:.Net 2.0
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