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Visual Novel Maker helps you create your very own Visual Novels with a generous selection of choices and custom settings, all at a user-friendly price. With a unique toolkit, Visual Novel Maker is a tool for everyone, even those who have never tried their hand at programming before.
Your Story Comes To Life:
Visual Novel Maker is a Visual Novel writing tool. It helps you to put together your story with character sheets, dialogue trees, scenes, images, background music and custom settings. Your story is written in a variety of plot lines and you can add as many plot points as you’d like to your story!
Storytelling With Artists:
Visual Novel Maker is a Visual Novel writer which helps you create your stories with your own characters. You can also use official characters and art from other Visual Novels.
It’s not a Visual Novel Maker on its own, you need to make the first step and buy Visual Novel Maker for $11.99.
Start Adding To Your Story Now:
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This is a Fan Project – Not a Remake
Visual Novel Music Vol 2 is not a remake of Visual Novel Music Vol 1!
This music will work in a variety of Visual Novels that use Visual Novel Music Vol 1, including Visual Novel Maker and Visual Novel Studio.
Thank you for your support! :)


Features Key:

  • Designated route network
  • Twelve new, themed stations
  • Detailed map view
  • New trains
  • A wider price range
  • Train Simulator: Western Lines of Scotland Route Add-On is an extension designed to transport you to the beautiful and diverse sights and sounds of the beautiful landscapes of West Central Scotland – making you feel like you’re really there! This route will take you along the railways of Scotland from Glasgow to Dundee, through the beautiful wilderness of the Great Glen and sweeping past the north coast of Argyll. You will cross the Tay bridge over to Dundee, drinking in the city’s modern streets and treasures, and travelling through the Dunfermline and Coatbridge to reach your destination of Perth where you will enjoy the beautiful west coast of Scotland.
    Geography in Scotland
    Train Simulator: Western Lines of Scotland Route Add-On will be taking you through Northern Ireland, connecting the Scottish Highlands with their neighbours in the UK. Scotland lies on the west of Great Britain, just touching the North Sea. Before entering the UK, you’ll make your way across the border from the Republic of Ireland through counties Tyrone and Donegal. Climb the Scottish Highlands north to Inverness and the magnificent Caledonian Canal.
    Sights in Scotland
    There’s so much to see and do in Scotland that it’s impossible to list them all.
    Check out these sights in Scotland:

    • Falkirk Wheel
    • Duddingston Loch
    • Gullane railway station
    • Aviemore
    • Knoydart and Loch Lomond
    • Edinburgh’s New Town
    • Fassifernaghan Creek and Loch Teabh
    • Glen Coe mountain range
    • Dumfries and Galloway Coast
    • The Cairngorms
    • Glen Falls

    Train Simulator: Western Lines of Scotland Route Add-On is an add-on covering a designated route, which you can customise yourself. Here you have the freedom to name


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    HEPTAGON is a fast-paced and fluid action game, inspired by the legendary masterpiece Super Hexagon.
    Aiming to provide a fresh challenge for veterans of the genre, HEPTAGON introduces perspective-shifting effects that bring a new layer of complexity, and also look pretty damn dope.
    Dodge and twist your way through 7 mind-bending levels, each with its own awesome soundtrack.
    Compete on global leaderboards for the highest score.
    Impress your friends with your now-godlike reaction speeds!

    « Modern Nitro Super Hexagon »
    ★ New game mode: every level different and full of traps!
    ★ 6 new themed levels!
    ★★★ The best of Super Hexagon collection

    : )
    « Inspired by Super Hexagon »
    « Navigate through the 7 never before seen levels of the weirdest game you’ve ever played »
    The game…
    “HEPTAGON” is a fast paced and fluid action game. Imagine Super Hexagon, but twisted in every sense of the word.
    – Dodge spikes, avoid traps and treacherous surfaces.
    – Don’t let gravity take control and get points by flying as far as possible.
    – In “HEPTAGON” you’re not on the ground anymore, time is not linear and gravity is your friend.
    – Play and replay a crazy game that is easy to get into, but hard to master.
    – Compete on global leaderboards for the highest score.
    – Over come your fear of heights.
    – Paint your own level in our Editor.
    – 7 never before seen levels, each with its own awesome soundtrack.
    – Tons of awesome trophies.
    “HEPTAGON” is a fast paced and fluid action game inspired by the legendary masterpiece “Super Hexagon”.
    – Prove your reflexes in the never before seen levels of the weirdest game you’ve ever played.
    – Dodge traps and vicious surfaces.
    – Don’t let gravity take control and get points by flying as far as possible.
    – In “HEPTAGON” you’re not on the ground anymore, time is not linear and gravity is your friend.
    – Play and replay a crazy game that is easy to get into, but hard to master.
    – Compete on global leaderboards for the highest score.



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    OverviewLead the Queen of the Azuria by steering the mighty Graf Zepplin Deutschland, an agile warship with powerful guns and a commanding view. The heart of your ship can deflect incoming torpedoes and supply other vital aspects. Use this DLC to fight in an all-new map, new enemy vessels, and with a new DLC campaign mode with an additional story. Take up arms for the Graf Zepplin Deutschland and see if you can defend her from the evil song of the Sirens.Note: DLC is required to play the Azur Lane Crosswave.Q:

    Does congruence/equivalence relation imply a bijection between its equivalence classes?

    If $H$ is a group and $R$ is a relation on $H$ such that $hin H$ is in the same equivalence class as $h’in H$, i.e. $h’Rh$, and $R$ is also a congruence relation in the sense that
    h_1Rh_2implies h_1h_3=h_2h_3 forall h_1,h_2,h_3in H,
    does this imply a bijection $H/Rcong H$, where $H/R$ is the set of all the equivalence classes with respect to $R$?
    If $R$ is a congruence relation, then is it true that the map $psi:Hto H/R$ defined by $psi(h)=h/R$ is bijective?
    In general, if $H$ is a group, $R$ is a relation on $H$ such that $hRh’implies h=h’$, and $R$ is a congruence relation in the sense that
    h_1Rh_2implies h_1h_3=h_2h_3 forall h_1,h_2,h_3in H,
    does this imply that the map $phi:Hto H/R$ defined by $phi(h)=h/R$ is bijective?


    If your $R$ is a congruence relation, $h sim h’ iff h = h’ implies h


    What’s new in Behind You:

    The assault on Arnhem () was the operation executed by the British Second Army, supported by British airborne forces and the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division and the Belgian XXXX Corps during Operation Market Garden, the Allied attempt to seize the strategic town of Arnhem during the Second World War. It lasted from just after 7:00am on 26 September 1944 until late the following morning and was the culmination of the 21st Army Group’s Operation Market Garden.

    The Luftwaffe launched several attacks on bridges across the lower Rhine on 18 September. En route to Arnhem, the Germans also attacked the Harpe force. As the British Second Army advanced south, General Hugo Sperrle, commander of the Luftwaffe’s Army Group G operation in the Netherlands, delayed reinforcements and brought up additional ground forces. The Allies missed an early opportunity to capture the Eindhoven and Nijmegen bridges; the 1st Airborne Division attacked each bridge too early. Armeegruppe Hollidt supported by German Panzergrenadiers brought two battalions that seized the Westeinde crossroads on 26 September where the British forces landed.

    The Dutch resistance continued to hinder the Allies on all roads to the town. A large force of German Panzergrenadiers, the 4th Parachute Division and the II SS Panzer Corps (Von Rundstedt’s command) attacked at Abbeville on 26 September as the Allies tried to reach the critical Channel ports, and the final attack on Arnhem began on 27 September. The Allies attacked by air, infantry and armour, and « Green Platoon » of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division captured the Nijmegen bridge on 31 October, followed by the rest of the division’s two airborne regiments on 1 November.

    In early 1945, German resistance continued to be costly to the Allies. Even though the Allies managed to win the Battle of Arnhem, the Germans still held high ground and the Rhine river meadows close to the town. The Allies had a further opportunity to advance through a gap in Hitler’s Atlantic Wall fortifications in May with Operation Plunder. Although Plunder resulted in the capture of the Elbe bridges on 8 May, it failed to break out the Arnhem salient. The Allies finally captured the Arnhem bridgehead on 17 September 1945.

    Assault on Arnhem has been analysed in depth by several military historians since the war ended.


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    You are one of the knights fighting against the enemy on medieval battlefields. Battle to reach victory!
    To defeat the enemy in Royal Conquest, you need to equip and train your forces, and use them to fight your enemy.

    Possess the power to conquer the whole kingdom or experience the hardship of the battlefield!

    Every unit has its own characteristics and story. Knights with magical powers, swordsmen with armor and powerful units will be much stronger than others.

    Create your own magic by mastering a combination of Knights and other troops.

    Select your units from many available troop types, and get ready for an adventure!

    Support and understand your units through their individual viewscreens.

    Available on PC, Mac and Linux.

    Key Features:

    – Feudal World with Hundreds of Historical Scenes

    – The Wonderful Variety of Units

    – Realistic gameplay and Detailed Graphics

    – Many Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Controls

    – Realistic Combat and Magic

    – Three Battle Styles: Defense, Attack and Trade

    – An Intuitive Tutorial System

    – Possibility of Gamepad Support

    – Simple, yet enjoyable and immersive story

    Press Reviews:

    PC Gamer: “The unusual thing about this game is the setting: a medieval fantasy game set in the far future. If this didn’t already make it obvious, when you look at it, the design style is a bit like Morrowind with the polish of Icewind Dale.”

    Kotaku: “If you’re a fan of the genre, you have to try this.”

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun: “The latest instalment of arguably the best RTS series of all time.”

    PC Gamer: “The gameplay reminds me of Warcraft and StarCraft in the best way. The variety of units, statuses and abilities is outstanding, the strategy and overall atmosphere make it fun, and the music is glorious.”

    Kotaku: “Epic proportions.”

    GameSpot: “Shrinking the time and space between strategy games and the ever-increasing demands on game production, K1ONe make a wonderfully realized medieval fantasy adventure.”

    Gameplanet: “K1ONe is an old-school RTS that has been stripped down to the bare bones. It’s best to not


    How To Crack Behind You:

    • Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS
    • Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS 64-bit
    • Ubuntu Trusty 32-bit
    • Ubuntu 16.04
    • Ubuntu 14.10
    • 64-bit WinXP
    • Ubuntu 13.10
    • Ubuntu 12.04
    • Ubuntu 11.10


    System Requirements For Behind You:

    Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP
    OS X 10.5 (10.6)
    2 GHz processor or faster
    512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
    1 GB hard disk space
    20 MB of free disk space
    Please play it offline
    . Played on the C64, this gem was ported to the Amstrad CPC by the same team that worked on the original. This is a port of of this rare C64 game, that has never been released on any format before.Features:Game