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4 years ago, government alien experiments conducted by National Army Space Research (NASR) in Area 52 provoked an unexpected disaster. An alien, captured by NASR soldiers for research and experimentation, pleaded for help from its home planet. Alien attacks that first began as revenge over time became a threat to human life. Our hero, Dylan; in order to save his family, country, and planet he decides to take part in the war. His superior skills were not unnoticed by General Briggs so, after grueling training, Dylan joins the special forces. He goes on to become one of the most important men carrying out strategic missions. While enmeshed in the horror of war he discovers his camaraderie, loyalty and virtue will be tested.MISCELLANEOUS
Developed by Origintime Entertainment, we aim to bring a very unique shooter experience to players. We hope to contribute to the genre with a well-rounded gameplay experience. We also hope to bring a little more realism to the shooter market by having this title using the Quake 4 engine. Featuring 8-bit style graphics, which is achieved by using the classic art style of the early Wolfenstein and Quake games. This newly developed engine will give us the ability to create a unique and fun game that does not only appeal to the more casual gamers out there but will also challenge players looking for a more hardcore shooter experience.
Release Date: Available now on Steam

BeamDog Games interviewed me for their upcoming (and soon to be released) first person shooter.

Check it out



Beamdog are currently using the Quake 4 engine

Game play:

Battle for the Sun’s game play is short and to the point. The player takes on the role of a special forces soldier.

The player has 4 weapons equipped, a grenade, and 2 swords.

At the start of the game the player has only one life, there are 3 hearts to refill at health stations. These health stations are also locked and explode when a player runs into them. This feature has been removed for the online version.

The player needs to turn off these health stations if they wish to get closer to enemies.

If the player gets killed they can choose to restart their character or reload the saved game.

Weapon and Armor System:

The player has four weapons at their disposal: Shotgun, Knife, Dual Swords, and Pistol.

The weapons


Features Key:

  • The protection of Area 51;
  • Defend and protect the site against intruders or Aliens.
  • Area 51 Defense

    Area 51 Defense Game Screenshots:

    Area 51 Defense

    Area 51 Defense Game Free Download Links:

    Game Concept: This is a game where the player must also protect the area 51. You have to defend it against the non-friendly intruders who are seeking to either destroy the area 51 sites or steal the sensitive documents and data that are located there… and only you can protect it.

    Game Background: Area 51 was a large Nevada Air Force Experimental Flight Test Base that was first set up by the Wright Brothers in the year 1917 as the first civilian site where the pioneering aircraft worked. The base ceased to exist in 1993 and was taken over by the Air Force to replicate and document similar bases like Edwards Air Force Base and the Santa Monica Test Facility.

    Official Website:

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    Download Area 51 Defense for Free

    Game Review

    Area 51 Defense

    Area 51 Defense Game Screenshot:

    Area 51 Defense

    Area 51 Defense Game Official Site:

    Area 51 Defense

    Area 51 Defense Game Description:

    Area 51 Defense

    Area 51 Defense Game Key Features:

    • The protection of Area 51;
    • Defend and protect the site against intruders or Aliens.

    Area 51 Defense

    Area 51 Defense Game Screenshots:

    Area 51 Defense

    Area 51 Defense Game Free Download Links:

    Game Concept: This is a game where the player must also protect the area 51. You have to


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    This experience can be used inside of a well lit room, with just a few objects to interact with. But as you can imagine, a full length experience would be too much to track with room-scale VR currently.


    The Neon experience,

    I do not know this personally but they claim

    The Neon experience is a 3D hand-drawn interactive virtual museum. This virtual museum is designed to be viewed with room-scale VR and contains an interactive storytelling experience that explores the history of neon lighting.
    The Neon experience was created in partnership with Hyperdimensional Interactive and the Neon Museum and utilises original and unique artwork from the Neon Museum collection.

    There is also the Neon Experience,

    but this is for the Nintendo Switch.

    Which I don’t have.

    Ukrainian government prosecutors have accused the ousted regional leaders of blocking the reopening of a key rail line into Crimea that could affect Russian state-owned utilities operating in the peninsula, The Telegraph has learned.

    The Crimea railway link carries not only fresh energy supplies to the peninsula but services $100m (£71m) of the Russian state-owned utilities Gazprom and Naftogaz.

    Faced with a widely criticised decision to withdraw from the rail link by the Kremlin, the Ukrainian authorities are now seeking in court to declare it in breach of the agreement it signed with Moscow when it annexed Crimea in 2014, claiming that the Russian bosses in charge of the railway have blocked its operation.

    In Kyiv, the Ukrainian officials said that they wanted the Russian side to honour the agreement, signed on August 30, 2014, in a framework of the Munich “Minsk” agreements, under which they were meant to maintain the rail link.

    “The withdrawal of the rail link to Crimea by the Russian government, which provides it with immense military and strategic importance, is an aggressive action against Ukraine’s territorial integrity,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement. “The plot by the


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    This is a « Fantasy adventure » Role Playing Game, where you are a captain. Use your wits and abilities to find treasures and kill skeletons… Become king of Skeleton island. Your aims will be, in this game, to discover the island and to use your wits to search for treasure and the cursed skeletons, and to use them to increase your abilities and power. Increase and gain as much as possible of your perks, build your own deck and equipments. Make your decisions on the sea, change ships, weapons and artifacts at any moment. Gain as much as you can before you put in the waters! Build your ability, your ship and arm yourself. You can use the map to find your way and to discover the islands. Or go through the sand, search in the caves, reach the island’s objectives. You will be able to decipher the scripts and find out what you must do to proceed. Follow the markers, discover islands, find ruins and other places, go there and explore and search for new stuff. Your ship’s crew will have to sail on the sea, fight with skeleton ships and skeletons, fight with the mysterious ships, and fight with pirates from the other islands who’ll join you if you gain enough strength. This adventure is now open for you, mate! Join the quest today!At the beginning of the game, you have to set some important things like your decision, your captain, your deck and your weapon and artifact. You also have to set some perks before you get on your ship. During your journey, you can shipwreck or die, but you have to continue your journey at a later date. You can buy some stuff you don’t have before hand in the shop. Dress your crew, and equipments, make your ship deck, etc. You can change your captain and your deck! You can also change your artifacts and your weapons. Use your boat to sail on the sea. Discover a lot of islands. Find stuff to sell it. Your deck, your crew and your armament will help you to get the best speed, the most weapons and the most crew. Learn the nuances of the game and discover your new skills.Cursed ships and other dangerous things you’ll have to protect your crew. Prevent the pirate of the other islands from stealing your crew and your ship. You will have a chance to grab some villages and to defend them from pirates’ attacks. You will have to start war in your own.Trade your items for goods and things for armor. Build your


    What’s new:

    RULES: No metal! No clean basses! No blast beats! I want everything that has nothing to do with metal. No current (0709) Fillustrial. -write lyrics-music-You have to change the current. -I have no patience! -I have a lot of patience! -I have people that have patience with you when you compose and arrangements :) -If you like it, you can use it. -You can give me advice about it. -But if you criticize, or if you don’t like it, stay away from my albums. -I don’t know how much time you’re going to spend on my albums, so why waste your time? -Please Respect my time! -You can give me advice about how my songs should be arranged, which instruments should be used, including solfege. -Sometimes I post on youtube. I may post one or two on this forum. I will not go in detail about it, but if you ask me nicely, I will give you a good idea. -CHANGED BY EULLISAUK, 25-3-13 -ZELUTA- FAKYU (2013) -PRODEUS FEETLOK- Now available! (not fixed) -ZELUTA- FAKYU (2014) -ZERO (2014) -FINAL FANTASY (END OF THE WORLD) (2015) -TENGO (2015) -COLORS OF FANTA (2016) -KEKALI (2016) -APPAL: PRAISE THE ALMIGHTY SON (2017) -CLASSICS: BALLADEES (2017) -DANAVITO (2018) -AHADO (2018) -FRAKI (SEPT. 2018) -ALPHIE (2019) -BAND-SHIP (2020) -THANKS ALWAYS -WELCOME EVERYBODY. -Do not copy! Do not reupload! -All the COMPOSERS/PROGRAMS are property of the MANUFACTURERS/PRODUCERS! -DO NOT POUR YOUR MUSIC UNDER MY ALBUMS! -IT IS A VERY VERY GRAVE MISDEMEANOR! NO EVER MAY YOU LEAVE INFORMATION ABOUT MY ALBUMS! -NO TRANSFER/RELEASE OF MY ALBUMS! YOU WILL GET A WARNING! -You must respect my albums! -You have to respect me! -I do


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    A game boo in one. Obviously.
    A Game what really would be a « Gift from the game creators to the french on the 75^th anniversary of the mont-para-russe ».
    A Game of the republique. You’ll become to test your feests on opposing force: the republic. Your strength and charisma will be put up to the test.
    A Game both for the players who do want to discover the entire french republic, and for those who just wish to have fun. But beware, even the favorite electairates can become the prey of a coup d’état.
    About Ze Game:
    Zis is ze game of ‘is most puissent with it’s brogram. From Mars to the Moon, Europa to the Sun. Read ‘is message, and it’ll make more sense!
    There you go a simple run down!
    Weehl to it. Ye! Ha! Bang me!
    ‘E was awesome! ‘E is a great ‘ite so make sure you take ‘is ‘arday!
    Ye! We learned a lot ‘a new gaming going.
    Wee bit of a lóttle publiek entertainment as well.
    And we were able to cover a lot of interesting stuff, given to us for free.
    Let’s do this again, and ‘ere there be more good news.


    Warning: This is a long one, and contains most of the English side of the French Wikipedia

    Tell me where I was born, and then I’ll tell you who I am.



    An inside joke:

    Another inside joke:



    Make a modern-day cliche:

    Turn English words into French:

    A trick!

    This is a nice attempt to avoid using any verb other than « to be »:

    It might be possible to turn this into a clue, but for now:

    « I am » in French:

    « Are »:

    « At »:

    (First two letters of each word is the last two letters of the next; repeat until you have a four letter word, or there’s only one letter left):

    « Free »:

    This solution has two words which are actually the opposite of each


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    System Requirements:

    Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
    2 GB RAM
    Video card with OpenGL 2.0 and above, at least 2 GB of RAM
    Devil’s Bible 2 requires a direct X version 4 or above. This is the exact same requirement as other game titles developed by Devolver Digital.
    Installation instructions
    If you’re downloading this from the VGS website, copy the file « DB2_setup.exe » to your desired location. To use the program, right


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