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Published: 14 janvier 2023 (2 semaines ago)

BONEWORKS Download 100mbl


BONEWORKS Download 100mbl

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« If you are not getting gas, then the fuel efficiency of your vehicle is way below what it should be, » said Tom Kloza, global head of automobile research for IHS Automotive.

Kloza explained that fuel efficiency would be improved if U.S. drivers maintained speeds below the speed limit, or more than 85 mph.

« If you are cruising at 80 mph or higher, then you are not using the full potential of your vehicle, and you are not accomplishing the fuel savings, » Kloza said.

Data from the 2016 insurance company statistics show drivers are not complying. The 10 most-stingy states for fuel economy — all but one in the Northeast — are:

Rhode Island



New Hampshire



New York

New Jersey



« These states are putting more miles on the roads for their consumers. It’s just the nature of the market, » Kloza said.

Kloza predicted the growing discontent among the American public will translate into an increased demand for electric vehicles.

He predicted the huge electric vehicles market in China, combined with the growing thirst for gasoline-free travel in U.S. cities and the U.S.’s need for energy independence, will create a future in which electric vehicles will grow as quickly as gasoline-powered cars did at the turn of the 20th century.

« The awareness of the market is growing. We saw it with the Tesla, and we’ll see it with the Chevy Bolt. We are moving toward an environment where people buy electric vehicles for their gas mileage, » Kloza said.

« Electric vehicles are going to be the wave of the 21st century, » Kloza predicted.

However, he cautioned, the transition to electric cars will be difficult for drivers.

« Electric vehicles have advantages like the ability to park quickly, but one of the disadvantages is that you need to know how to drive, » he