by elletafl
Published: 23 novembre 2022 (2 semaines ago)

ChessOK Aquarium Pro 2019 Key [WORK]


ChessOK Aquarium Pro 2019 Key

In Aquarium 5, the integration of IDeA with infinite analysis was improved further. Infinite analysis now displays the Piece Owner for each piece of the game and lets you easily identify which piece is which in a move by move context. It makes it easier to spot suspiciously good moves, so that you can avoid wasting time on moves that don’t justify the analyzed position. Lastly, the analysis in infinite analysis is now color-coded to indicate whether the current position is losing, tied, or winning.

Also, IDeA is integrated with analysis in Aquarium, so that you can open the tree of a particular move and see if there is already analysis against that move. This is particularly useful when you want to explore a particular move outside of a game. The move will be analyzed and saved to the database (the option to save analyses is available in the menu under Settings / Options / Save Analysis).

Chess is a wonderful sport and Aquarium Pro 2019 is an absolute must-have for every chess lover. Why? Since ChessBase is a Microsoft Windows application, ChessOK Aquarium Pro has a compatibility mode that enables it to run on Macs. This makes it possible to play against the computer on Macs and it doesn’t matter the operating system. Because of this, you can set up a database, train with the computer and play against it without having to update your playing engines or develop infrastructure.

Aquarium Pro 2019 is more than just a new version. It is the culmination of everything that has been to date that made Aquarium the go-to tool for chess lovers on Windows. Based on the latest versions of ChessBase, ChessBase Engine, Houdini, Stockfish and FIDE Lib, it comes with many improvements, bug fixes, new features, new interfaces and many other exciting things. It is a fully functioning application running on Macs as well as Windows.

A new feature is improving the automatic review of all candidate moves available in a game. Aquarium provides you with a pop-up window with all the available candidates to review. As with the online database of the Chess Browser, you can review only selected candidates: either all or just the ones having the same final move. However if you have more than one database opened, you can select a specific database to work with, and only the candidates related to that database are displayed.
With the new version of Aquarium, you can play a planner game from your chess database. If you have in your database an analysis of a move played in a game, Aquarium will create a planner game out of it. The new game options allow you to play: 1) the game from the analysis as a basic game (with the moves and positions rearranged and different colors), 2) the game from the analysis as a new game from scratch, or 3) you can play the game in the selected engine, with the same positions and moves as the analysis. You can also follow the analysis after a move.
With Aquarium 2019, new single-player games are offered. These are games with a specific opening that you can play with an engine or a human. These games can also be analyzed by engines.An experiment with the graphical notation of the opening that shows the opening lines of the game as graphics is proposed. This will provide the possibility to play a game with the graphical notation. Besides this, Aquarium now also has a coaching windows, allowing you to look for the best move.