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Download Setup & Crack ––– DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



Star Merc is a masterfully crafted open world RPG designed with all the intricacies of a video game in mind. Star Merc is often called a character generator in that players make decisions that drastically affect the experience they have.
Star Merc begins in the city of Star City, where players can choose to play as a mercenary, a nurse or a policeman. Upon arriving at your destination in the city, a brief orientation is given for the player, and depending on the choices made, the player will be given the opportunity to interact with different NPCs. Depending on what you say or do, the relationships with the NPCs will change. The player can also unlock the possibility of becoming a person who can manipulate the inner workings of the city.
As the player travels out of the city, the gameplay will become more open for the player. With your current method of travel, and the items you have at your disposal, your options for what to do will be countless.
This is all set in a beautiful and haunting science fiction universe.
Star Merc is a game that takes the traditional RPG genre and takes it to the next level. Star Merc is an exciting adventure full of depth, fun and opportunities to make the player feel as though they did something unique. Star Merc is a game that will take your time as you make decisions and it will probably take up to an entire weekend to complete.
Related to the ending is a cinematic series of cutscenes that you can experience after the game is finished. These cutscenes feature some of the game’s characters and develop the game’s story.
About 4gG:
4gG is an indie game studio based in Switzerland. We are all experienced in game development and enjoy the challenge of creating something new and exciting. We love games, and wish to create something people will remember! We want to share this passion with the world and as such we created this game!


The game you are referring to is called Star Merc.
Star City is an seedy undercity on a variety of planets, where only bounty hunters can live.
The game is a sandbox RPG, which means it takes place in a world of it’s own.
The player, as a character, will make choices which may lead to different outcomes, but at the same time also affect the friends or enemies the player will have.
They are the ones you will spend most of your time with.
Good and bad feelings towards them will affect how much they want to talk to


Features Key:

  • Play one wish top down puzzle game. If you die it’s game over.
  • The goal of every puzzle is to get all P’s.
  • There are 2 choices, both options have to be navigated.
  • NPC help can be invoked at any time.
  • There are various mutators to change the gameplay.


Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector’s Edition

You and a friend dress up as your favorite anime characters and talk to live life-size sex dolls. Virtual reality lets you get a close-up view of your body giving you a voyeuristic view of the world around you.

Virtual Reality Sex Game

Real Doll Talk

Anime Confession

You have loads of different conversations to make with the dolls.

You get to explore your fantasies and each other with the dolls.

Your new crush was just like this anime character…

Thank you for this wonderful avant-garde title… We are beyond the current views of what real sex dolls actually are, these dolls show us a new and much more exciting universe. You play as a guy who was in love with his classmate during school. Actually, you have been in love with her for a long time… During a lunch break you secretly undress her and put her on a table. You continue to undress her and the more you undress her, the hornier she gets. In her sexiest lingerie and lots of makeup she is ready to do her first sex doll experience. Soon you know her name and she knows yours. She is a very playful and horny girl. You decide to have sex with her even though it is your first time. You undress her and she gives you an amazing blow job. You know that she luvs you. Once she reaches orgasm, she cant resist to come and give you a sloppy and deep blow job. You both know each other very well and she can tell you anything about your personality. She also knows what you like and she enjoys giving it to you in the best possible way. At the end you leave happy with this amazing girl. What do you think?

Background Information

You are a super cute black highschool student who loves sex. You and your new crush meet each other in the lockerroom. You undress her and set her on a table. She looks like a real anime character, don’t you think? Your crush should be a deepthroat whore with a BBW body. And you are the one who will give her all the blowjobs that she has always dreamed of having. She is the only one who can take care of your cock and make your dreams come true. Join together with her in virtual reality. Enjoy the adult sex life of your life together in the best reality sex game ever made. She will accept nothing less than 100% of your cock. This


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The player builds a city under water.

Derelict ships drift toward the city and can be exploited to deliver resources for the island.

A whale will occasionally recover a sunken ship to deliver resources.

Resources can be traded for boats to sail the world.

The player can move the city by detaching boards that connect to the island, place people and buildings on the detached boards, and once all the boards have been attached, sail the city to another location.

Players can collect materials and build production buildings to provide resources to construct more and more buildings. The buildings have a total production capacity. Once they are full of resources they must be moved and placed elsewhere.

Players can build military buildings to defend the city and people from other cities and to get resources for their economy.

Players can build factories to produce more buildings and to produce more resources.

Gameplay Buoyancy is a city-building strategy game set in an ocean world.In Buoyancy, players start with a single floating platform and build a floating city under the water.Floating boards are able to be placed between the islands and other platforms, allowing players to build out and link up their islands. Players can move the boards to exploit resources on the ocean floor and to extend out to deeper water where fish swim and derelict ships drift.Floating boards can be attached or detached, which change how resources are delivered to the island.They are necessary for building resources, fishing, and sailing.If a platform falls under the water, the player will have to place a repair building to fix the damage to the island.This can lead to the sinking of the platform.Players can build fishers to gather resources and harvest the fish when they are brought to the island. Players can sell the fish at the market.They can build a city under water, making a floating platform. This creates the floating city.Because they are not above the water, players are not able to attack other players with a Navy or a Fleet. Players are able to defend the city by building Guards, which can shoot pirates that try to attack the city. A number of pirates will try to attack the city, so players should prepare defenses.Players will be able to build schools to learn the resource trade, but to do so the player needs a school building and also has to pay the university for a spot.Resource gathering buildings do not have a pre-set amount of production capacity, so they can produce an endless amount of resources.


What’s new:


Quern – Undying Thoughts (EP)
TBA Week of Nov 5th

Quern (1998 – 2015) was a mysterious black metal force who was shrouded in dark mud of superstition and mystery who was heard in the distance during the late 1990s just like a storm in the distance. After Quern disbanded, they lost contact with their fans and disappeared. Was their statement career over? Was their disappearance meant to destroy all they released into the realm of gods and demons? Was there more to come? What is the strange and secret message behind the lyrics?

Quern – Undying Thoughts (2005/1986-1996)

Which lyrics and the things that are said goes to war with the things that are not spoken, and the ugly things no one else can see? Who is speaking? Where are the speakers? Who is speaking now? Have we already moved on in time and space?

Did Quern destroy themselves with their unseen and non-existent words? Does searching for Quern’s words give more power than the non-existent force that speaks through its words? Like sphincter? Are they afraid that their words might somehow be transcendental? After all how could genius words be possible in a world that is a foot-stomping circus of chaos? Distinctions – are we seeing a glimpse of a hope of some kind without being obvious?

Quern – Stillborn Lemmings (2006/2003-2005)

Having a tour bus on the movie wasn’t a coincidence. John Baalen had a list of things to show the southern American people before the next wave of black metal moved in. Each location was like a professor to show off the shocking escapades – to show where the swords are and the bodies are like trophies to add to the professor’s eyes of wonder. The good professor went on tour like this:
-Florida had Everglades, manatees, crocodilians, bellowing crocodiles, octopusssss, mutant bugs that were life worthy, terrapins with five claws on his legs and tentacles to make men fall into terrapin holes, manatees that were numbers, cold air, cold but not freezing, creatures that looked like banshees with hissing golden tongues.
-Howlin’ Hell had the Choalessa coyote, the maroon bear, and the bad luck ticket.
-Dracula had the dead vampyres dancing in


Free Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector’s Edition Crack [32|64bit] 2022 [New]

You are part of a squad of mercenaries called Champion Order, and you have been fighting for a wargame organization called Horseware. The war in Bosnia is going full force, the entire population is on the brink of extermination, and the warlord’s army, very few in numbers, is hanging on by a thread.
Your mission is to go from castle to castle to save the civilians, and to capture as many trophies as possible. You can succeed on the mission, or you can fail. Failure means death.
But maybe it is not so bad to die on a mission of national importance.
In « 6 Feet Behind », you will have to survive a challenging combat experience between loud, explosive and relentless gunfire, with as many weapons as you can bring on the battlefield, dodging from the most unexpected places, and using your limited actions wisely to succeed.
How far can you get?
What the Game is About:
« 6 Feet Behind » is an atmospheric and atmospheric FPS, featuring 6 weapons (i.e. 0-5-1-2-3-4) and 3 different difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard). If you liked « 6 Feet Behind » you will love « Escape: The Curse of the Temple », which will feature the same atmospheric and atmospheric sound, and the same type of gameplay.
Both are cinematic games by the same creators, and are perfect for a break from the daily routine of your life. If you enjoyed the gameplay of « 6 Feet Behind », you will enjoy the gameplay of « Escape ».
Why buy « 6 Feet Behind » when you can have « Escape » for free?
How to Play:
The controls are fully adapted and fully original and different from the original « 6 Feet Behind », and are non-linear, allowing you to customize your gameplay according to your needs, choices and statistics.
The controls are very intuitive, without the difficulty of a classic first-person shooter, and the level design has been re-touched and better than ever.
New Stunning In Game Graphics:
The game features an in-game cutscene and cinematic soundtrack by the Spanish a+n+p class, that you can listen to at any time, in addition to the original music and sound.
The in-game graphics have been re-textured and re-rendered on the highest quality to give you the best visuals possible.
Meet the Author:
Ayako Kaneko, Spanish a+n+p class is the author


How To Crack Christmas Stories: Nutcracker Collector’s Edition:

  • Make sure you have installed the latest version
  • Run « Orbital.exe »
  • Play the game!

    Direct link to executable binary:


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    System Requirements:

    Supported Video Cards:
    AMD RADEON 3800 XT/2000 XT/2000/
    RADEON 7000/8000/9000 Series
    NVIDIA GeForce 7600/8800 Series
    NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800 GT/8990
    ATI Radeon HD 2600 Series
    ATI Radeon HD 3500 Series
    ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
    ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
    ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series
    ATI Radeon HD 5870
    ATI Radeon HD 5970


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