by vygpenl
Published: 20 novembre 2022 (3 semaines ago)


Counter-Strike: Source V1.0.0.75 [RUS ENG] Update

the update brought a lot of new features. with it, you can now see the number of kills you’ve made, the number of assists, and the amount of weapons dropped. there are also new weapons, and some really good changes to the weapons. overall, it’s a big improvement, as it’s pretty much the same game, but there are a lot of new features added.

the update was worth it. i got more maps, and i got some new guns. the new game mode is pretty fun, although i usually just play domination and revenge. there are also new ways to win a round, and you get more money when you win rounds. overall, it’s a great update.

in counter-strike: source, players are ranked by their experience points (xp). when a player has 0 experience points, they are considered to be a noob (newb). the player with the most experience points is the elite, and players with less experience points are ranked lower than the elite. when a player is noob, he/she is allowed to play against the elite, but the elite has a harder time defeating a noob than a normal player. the experience points are gained by killing the other players in a game, or by killing a player in a game after he/she has defused the bomb, rescued all the hostages or prevented them from being rescued.

one of the biggest changes in the game is the way the player is treated when dead. in counter-strike, after the player dies, he is placed in a special room called a rez-room. in counter-strike: source, the player is removed from the server, which means that he/she can no longer play. this also means that the player is not allowed to see himself/herself in the rez-room, which makes the death animation look a lot more realistic. instead of respawning in a new game, the player is deleted from the server and his/her entire player data is removed. when this happens, the player is sent back to the game lobby, and is given the option to play a new game or to queue for a new game. after the player chooses one of these options, the game is restarted and the player is given a new map and is allowed to respawn.

this will be the update that everybody is waiting for. i haven’t tried it yet but i’m sure the amount of weapon/skin/skin-only servers will be down right away. this is really a great way to get some new skins and weapons and even make your own custom map. this is really what makes the game so special. before the update you could not even make custom maps, that’s why i love the whole counter-strike community. it’s all about customization. i think that it’s worth checking out, you never know when it may come down in price. i know that the last « update » that valve released was the death cam, so who knows what’s in store for us.
i have to say that i love this version of cs: source. the previous update the valve made was the death cam. it really showed that they care about the game and are listening to their customers. as a game it was improving but it still felt a bit off. there was no longer a reason to play the game. i’m excited to see how this one goes. i just downloaded it and have not played it yet but i do plan to. but just like i said i think it’s really nice that they’re listening to their customers.
what is the update for? it is not a version for the source engine, it is more like a patch. you see cs:source has always had a lot of problems with different servers with wallhacks and cheating. but now with this update the developers will be able to limit what server can use what skins and what guns. so if you have wallhackded weapons and skins on a server that you don’t have them on, you will be banned from that server. this way the cheaters cant use wallhacks and just cheat in the game. it’s good to see that the developers are listening to their customers. i think this is a big step in the right direction. if you want to read more about the update you can find it here.