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Fight beyond the stars, combat the alien Xenos and prepare to crush their armies. New units, cool special powers and special abilities will challenge you to become a champion of the Imperial Allied Forces. Enjoy: the cutest villains in the universe, massive boss fights and the new tactical card system, where you have to strategize and expand your best cards. Play X-COM: Extinction (PC), the first game to capture the essence of the legendary X-COM series of classic strategy games.Child obesity linked to aggressive behavior

Washington: Babies born to overweight mothers are more likely to display aggressive behavior than normal weight children, says a latest study.

« Obese women are more likely to have babies with low birth weight, a risk factor for the later development of mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety, » said lead author Dr. Margot Gassaway-Lopez.

Study involved 155 women, who were asked to bring their offspring to a hospital for an annual check-up between four and eight years of age. The mothers reported on their babies’ birth weight and current weight.

The researchers also assessed the babies’ physical aggression with a test that measures their activity and their emotional reactivity to situations.

The results suggested that the children of obese women had worse behaviors than those of normal-weight mothers.

« The study doesn’t tell us whether obese mothers have a biological predisposition to have children with aggressive behavior, or whether these children learn aggressive behavior from their caregivers, » Gassaway-Lopez said.

At least two-thirds of adults are overweight and more than half of the children are overweight.

Children who are overweight are typically larger, heavier and have a more apple-shaped figure. Those with excess body weight are also more likely to have heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and insulin resistance, which is linked with diabetes.

Intel mis-reports iPad revision – pharin

_I had a chair to go out in, a desk, a table, and a computer, and I was in the
front office, doing work, and my children were in the back office, using their
iPads, while we all did business._

I’m old, I’ve done field work where this kind of triad is typical


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The Lion’s Song is a rhythmic adventure game coming out on PC, XBLA, PS3, and Vita. Its an homage to classic adventure games while blending together a style all its own. As our heroes adventure the land of Eden, it is their journey into love that will determine the future of humanity.
May the ears of your heart be tuned to the tones of the engines of Eden. See you on the other side.
The original trailer was created by Angel Hahn, the sound designer on this soundtrack.
Get in touch with us at:
Twitter: @The_Lions_Song
For more information, see the official site.
Or you can visit our Lion’s Song YouTube channel:

Music by Ryan M. Little.
Visit my website for more great music and videos:

Additional royalty free music provided by AudioLibrary
AudioLibrary provides free stock audio for commercial use, but can be a great way to connect with your audience or help grow your business. As a commercial use, you must know that the music and or audio content on this channel may be a strike against your project, so please use this resource at your discretion and insight.
Traditional music from the YouTube AudioLibrary
(c)AudioLibrary – by Tradetrade
Stock audio for commercial use. In the event that you are here to use this track for Commercial purposes, please contact us and we can probably work something out with e-mail
Free download from Audio Library. Free stock music for commercial use.
The license allows for free use of the track in corporate video/video production or magazine/newspaper article & etc.
You are free to use this music in your audio projects as well as for play in video or audio presentations…

West of Scotland, what can you expect to see? Ryan calls the Scottish Highlands home. Come with us on our journey through the Scottish Highlands, from Castles to Clay Pots, Lochs to Round Houses and the Wild Atlantic. We see the ancient standing stones, breathtaking mountain scenery, the famous night sky above the Cairngorm mountains and more in this stunning soundtrack to The Wild Atlantic.


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Game features:- Simple physics engine- Gorgeous art, designed to look like a holographic image on your screen- Photorealistic images
The game is published as a deluxe version in the app stores.
If you do not wish to unlock the additional elements please download only for free version.
(The user decides to which elements to unlock).
Hint: In the game is a puzzle on a « cardboard »!
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An easy to use and fun to play physics game, with endless puzzle possibilities.
– 10 different characters with 9 different accessories.
– 50 different levels to unlock.
– Beginner game mode for easy starting and follow-up game mode for more advanced players.
– Different gameplay modes like « Jumpers » and « Slip » to start the game.
– 9 different devices in the game to play on.
– Different game modes include « Cupids », « Heart », « Home » and « Explosions ».
– Hand and finger detection to be able to control the ball in game mode « Home ».
– It’s now ready to play with your friends on facebook!
– A special Character « Tea » for hot chocolate.
– Create your own level with the help of a level editor.
– Different games modes, like « Replay » to get hints and unlock levels on endless mode.
– Game Center Leaderboard.
– Free version has 8 levels without additional elements and unlimited replay mode.
– In-game Leaderboard.
– Great Game design and experience.
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What’s new in Dawnthorn:

: Bonnie Hunt By: Steve Wild

We want to thank the Father and all the angelic world for your blessings, love, and guidance. We are eternally in your hands and love you all! -Bonnie Hunton =) July 25, 2018:
This album is to share with the people what songwriters are thinking on when they hear the silence & go down the chapel, become one with the Lord, while in a meditation. We may feel or hear and know He is alive, but nobody heard Him. The Angels have now taken on human form. They have a name and they have a purpose on this planet, which is to serve as messengers for Him. They are doing that here. Now, we have to get with them to find out how we can make men and women do more of that and to encourage them on this path with humility.

So you who hear this submission, for the ones who might be on a process. When you hear the silence that comes from a calm place, maybe in meditation, you want to say we need a pen -to record this experience. and it can be visualized with many colors of the spectrum: holographic colors, then full 360 – color spectrum. Be able to see yourself and the times in which you lead and others, and humanity in general. Don’t feel, just listen to the silence with the pen and find out your thoughts. Is it darkness?? Like night? No, maybe it is dawn or there are angels all around you. Maybe angels are flying around you. What does it feel like for you to be in the heaven and on earth all in the same time? Is there peace or there is a war? Or maybe you walk into a house of worship knowing in your heart that what you are doing is about the Lord. It is about the Lord.

Edit/Refine: I had the idea since one day I listened to this song I had to do a part 2 and then 3 then 4-oh, why stop. When I heard Bonnie’s voice, I had to make a music video. Before, I tried to make a video with all people’s voices, but they got all mixed up. This time it’s the other way round- the Angel’s high pitched voices is the ones we hear on the first album. Each song is different like, our eyes, our ears, our heart, our flesh and soul. To us the first album is just one picture


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Elyrion is an asymmetrical strategy game by Refractors. In Elyrion you play the Elyrion, a tribe that has emerged out of isolation in a mystical forest and is bent on domination of the Square. Elyrion is a Free2Play game with a strong focus on multiplayer. The Starter Edition is the perfect way to experience the many features of Elyrion for free. If you like the Starter Edition, consider purchasing the Full Edition and receiving regular expansions and minor game updates with each one. Don’t like it? You can still get the Elyrion Full Edition when the game is updated with additional features in the future.
The Elyrion Starter Edition also includes the Elyrion Map. Elyrion is a single player map, but the Elyrion Map gives you the ability to play against others on the Elyrion Map with split-screen.
Elyrion’s turn-based game system will force you to plan in advance and strategize the best moves for each situation. The Elyrion Map also includes the 9 main duchies of the Square and their characteristic scenarios, as well as the other worlds. New duchies can be unlocked through your achievements. If you like farming games, consider participating in the game’s PVP system to earn Prestige and fight with opponents throughout the Square to increase your prestige.
The new features in Elyrion:
* The Elyrion Map that gives you the opportunity to play against your friends on both a single-player and multiplayer basis
* Customisable characters with unique traits and skills
* Stunning game art
* The Character Designer that gives you the ability to make a Elyrion of your own
* Four game modes: 2v2, 2v1, Survivor, and Melee
* Dynamic, animated environments with dynamic seasons and weather
* Progress in Elyrion can be saved and resumed
Elyrion is a single-player and multiplayer game that will keep you coming back for more.
Key Game Features:
* Dynamic environments with dynamic seasons and weather
* Voice-overs for all characters
* Maps with different versions: general, dry, lakeside
* 30 unique units, including New Backgrounds and Tradition-specific units
* In-game scenarios, i.e. Shortcuts, Brutal Shortcuts
* 10+ various units with unique unit-specific abilities


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System Requirements For Dawnthorn:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 (2.60GHz)
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or Radeon HD 6000/7000 series or NVIDIA® GeForce® 9 series or AMD Radeon™ R7 or R9 series
HDD: 30 GB free disk space
Screen: 1024×768
Net: Broadband internet connection
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Editor: Notepad++
*Please be aware that the performance