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* This file is copyright 2017 State of the Netherlands (Ministry of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations).
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* The project of which this file is part, may be found at


import org.springframework.roo.addon.dbre.RooDbManaged;
import org.springframework.roo.addon.javabean.RooJavaBean;
import org.springframework.roo.addon.jpa.activerecord.RooJpaActiveRecord;
import org.springframework.roo.addon.tostring.RooToString;

@RooJpaActiveRecord(versionField = « », table = « autaut », schema = « autaut »)
@RooDbManaged(automaticallyDelete = true)
public class Autaut {
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Chris Daniels pitched a five-hit

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It’s not just bitcoin, though. Chinese-regulated digital currency trading platforms ZhaoBao and OKCoin have also stopped trading. However, many Chinese traders turned to peer-to-peer exchange services to purchase bitcoins outside the direct control of the state-controlled exchanges. This has provided some relief, but it’s far from a solution.

According to Manli Yao, a senior public relations officer at mining giant Bitmain, it’s unlikely that the government will allow bitcoin to benefit from these trends. She commented:

« I am quite pessimistic about the future of bitcoin in China. »

The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) issued a warning earlier this month that it would arrest anyone involved in bitcoin speculation or trading.

Cheng Lei, the CEO of bitcoin China, is not convinced that this will work. He argued that: « I don’t think the Chinese government is able to arrest so many people at the same time. A lot of bitcoiners are using VPN to circumvent the ban, but that’s a security issue for them and their own safety. If everyone does that, we won’t have a community anymore, and a lot of

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