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Does the web app count as a « business logic » web application for OOTB deployment in Websphere?

We are currently looking at a deployment model that uses the oob-deployment for all our web application. This includes all standard web app like JSF, resteasy, jquery. A standard test-driven development with these standard applications is possible without any problem.
We are now starting to look at the next step and thinking about the possibility to split apart the applications that make up our application (some of which is an application that I developed). At this point we would like to know, if we still need to deploy these logic web applications without the standard apps. Or is the oob-deployment sufficient for all these applications? Is there any way to confirm, if the deployment is sufficient?


No. Web containers are basically lightweight virtual machines, completely separate from the operating system and the underlying system. They do not share the same memory space, and therefore are separate in concept and implementation. The whole point of a Web container is to be able to create different, separate processes for different (web) applications/parts of an application.
It is completely possible to run a Java EE application without the standard Web containers (http, Servlet, JSP and the like). The reason this was done was to run the standard Web container separately from the application server as a lightweight task server. The new Web containers have been completely rewritten from scratch (AFAIK). They do have some resemblence with the previous web containers, but the fundamental difference is that they are not a thin layer to run on top of the application server. Rather, they share the same memory space of the application server.
As a proof of concept, you can try out the IBM WebSphere Application Server Developer Kit.


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As an Italian, I know that America has « The Hollywood System » which is the oldest and most known system. And of course I’m aware of the long list of « rules » which the Hollywood Production System must follow (be it a screenwriter, director or actor).

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Check if a Set in jOOQ contains only one element

I have to use jOOQ to build a SQL SELECT on a single column for