by charnell
Published: 23 novembre 2022 (2 semaines ago)


Download Revealer Keylogger Pro

hi. do you happen to have another link for actual keylogger free version (because the link to cnet no longer works [it goes to a page but there is no such version on cnet search anymore]). thank you. (btw great site. i remember coming here years ago just recently crashed old hard drive and having to reinstall apps and since old ones some cant find anymore, trying new ones) if i can. john

its a free application, but you will need a paid license to remove the keyloggers that it finds. the application will not only allow you to clean up the log of keystrokes and mouse movements, but also will scan your computer for keyloggers and remove them. the product can locate keyloggers based on the following types of data collected by the keylogger:

  • operating system information
  • process information
  • file information
  • registry entries
  • folder information

this keylogger has a very small footprint and doesn’t impact the speed of the computer at all. it will record the information that you type as well as the system information that you use while working on the computer, such as your computer’s ip address and the time and date. the program is able to hide itself from other users of the computer and shows no taskbar, system tray, or process list icons. there is also no way to close the program itself, so the only way to turn it off is to reboot the computer.

you can control this type of keylogger with the use of a “sniffer”, a tool that will allow you to search for the keyloggers on your computer. the program will also collect information about what applications are installed on your computer, including their start time and the name of the installation file. the program can also detect which language the application uses, the size of the application, and even if the application is compatible with your computer. it will also collect information about the start-up of the application, including the name of the file, the size of the file, and the time of startup. when a keylogger is detected, the information will be logged to a file for later review.

a keylogger is usually a software application designed to monitor and record data typed on a keyboard. it is useful for security monitoring. the spyeye keylogger is the leading malware for pcs running windows and macos x, versions for linux and mobile phones are also available.
the new version of the software is loaded with many improvements and bug fixes. it is the same functionality but now a lot more stable and powerful. the keylogger is now more flexible as it can record from more locations on the computer.
cyber corps has been in the keylogging business for over 25 years. over that time they have developed some of the best malware for monitoring the keystrokes of the user. while many of the keyloggers are for ethical or malicious purposes, they are all designed for the criminal.
spyeye keylogger is designed for computer users to record keystrokes, web searches, ran programs, visited websites, email client programs, webmails, instant messaging chat programs, and capture screenshots. from the log files it generates, you can retrieve passwords and other user data. spyeye keylogger is available for many different platforms, including windows and macos x. spyeye keylogger can collect information from both local and remote computers, has the capability to monitor multiple computers, and can log keystrokes from applications, documents, web browsers, instant messengers, and more.
log in to with your email and password. download the spyeye.exe file. copy the spyeye.exe file to the desktop. double-click spyeye.exe. click the option to install the app. the installation will proceed. click the button to create a new desktop icon for the app. click open to view the log file. click stop. if there are any errors, they will be displayed in the log file. click the select button to review the log file. click delete to delete the log file. click the arrow to bring up the log file menu. click the save button to save the log file. you may run the spyeye.exe file as an administrator to view the log files.