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Published: 20 novembre 2022 (3 semaines ago)

Dune Hd Iptv M3u



Dune Hd Iptv M3u

the dune hd real vision 4k set-top box line features a compact design, which allows for operators to create a premium, low-cost iptv solution. the dune hd real vision 4k line was designed to allow operators to deliver iptv services for hotel rooms and other large living spaces in an affordable, cost-effective manner, and it is the first iptv product in the world to be designed specifically to fit in hotel rooms.

dune hd connect is a revolutionary software-defined tv for consumer and commercial iptv applications. it is the only true multi-platform product on the market, and provides the capability to stream any content to any tv, on any network, and in any media format, instantly and effortlessly.

the dune hd connect stickstb is a powerful yet highly flexible iptv/ott solution for set-top box applications. it’s powerful yet flexible iptv platform can deliver multi-channel ott services, online video and digital signage in any format or in any number of streams. applications include high-definition video, vod, ppv, vod, online video, iptv, digital signage, elearning and many more.

the dune hd tv-102 is a powerful, full-featured iptv set-top box for more than 2,000 stations. the tv-102 is the first dune hd connect platform to include a local hard drive, making it the only truly full featured iptv set-top box on the market. it is designed for iptv applications in hotels, businesses and residential applications.

hibox systems iptv connect sdk enables developers to create applications to control the iptv connect box and dune hd tv-102. this sdk includes a c api and a java api. the sdk is delivered as a pre-compiled binary, and includes a complete test system for the sdk and a library of unit test examples. a version of the sdk that can be deployed on the dune hd tv-102 is also available, along with a test system.

dune hd tv-102 dune set-top box is a flexible and powerful set-top box that offers a wide variety of services such as vod, internet, iptv, gaming and more. it can connect to the hibox systems’ content management platform to provide a comprehensive solution for content distribution and managed services. dune hd tv-102 dune is the first dune hd set-top box with a 2.5 local hard drive bay and a 3d display for both vod and 3d video.
dune tv-303d (black) is a powerful 4k ultra hd standalone box that can play 4k videos, blu-ray discs and dvds, and provides a variety of local functions such as pvr functions, 3d and opengl support. it can also connect with the dune hd tv-102 dune and the dune hd connect stickstb, which provide advanced streaming services like iptv, vod, internet and gaming content.
dune hd solo lite is the universal solution for playback of 4k and full hd video, high-quality audio, iptv and vod content. this media player sets an entirely new standard for home entertainment. it supports the majority of digital audio and video formats, including the most modern hevc video codec with one billion colors (10-bit color encoding), all modern 3d video standards such as mvc, side-by-side and top-and-bottom, audiophile hd audio with high resolution up to 24-bit / 192 khz, etc. dune hd solo lite is equipped with two usb ports, 1gbit ethernet, 802.11b/g/n wi-fi.
dune hd and hibox are focusing on achieving this by providing the highest quality products, which not only meet the demands of today’s media-consumers, but also pave the way for future demands. we have developed a unique and highly flexible software platform which will ensure that our users will continue to benefit from cutting-edge technologies in the years to come,” said igor moiseev, executive vice president of dune hd.