by berwnels
Published: 22 novembre 2022 (3 semaines ago)

EasyRoads3D V2.2.1 ((BETTER))

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EasyRoads3D V2.2.1

easyroads3d supports two systems to create crossings, often referred to as connection prefabs because these type of objects do not necessarily have to be crossings, but can also, for example, be mesh based crosswalk prefabs. the main system is the dynamic prefabs system, these are built-in customizable connection prefabs. the second, very powerful system, is the custom mesh prefab system with which you can turn your own models into connection prefabs. you can use this to further customize your road networks whilst still taking advantage of the easyroads3d scene workflow.

road infrastructures and parametric modeling inside unity create unique road networks directly in unity with both built-in and imported mesh based crossing prefabs on your own models. bring your scenes alive with additional side objects: bridges, guard rails, fences, walls, power lines, tree lines or any other type of geometry following a path. easyroads3d v3 includes various tools that can be used to create other infrastructures such as railroads and rivers with the riverbed carved in the terrain. features: winding roads or dirt paths in scenic environments and complex city road networks.

custom connection prefabs are mesh based prefabs prepared to be used within the easyroads3d system. these can be your own unique models created in a modelling app. the system supports prefabs with child objects and submeshes. currently all prefab mesh data will be read in.

the package is a modified version of the asset store bundle that comes with the easyroads3d package. the modification includes a modified version of the build process that supports building for both mac and windows. additionally, it adds a release version that can be used to prepare assets for release. the package also includes two scenes, the v3.1 scene and the v3.2+ scene. the v3.1 scene is an initial scene that includes a number of highlighted areas with links to tutorials on our website demonstrating how easyroads3d can be used. these tutorials cover the more advanced features of the easyroads3d package.

we are very excited to announce that we have achieved the first major milestone of the road professional toolkit project and we are very close to first beta releases. as part of this milestone, we are releasing the first alpha version of a free version of easyroads3d v3.0, a highly advanced road toolkit, that includes dynamic crossing / connection prefabs built on top of the very powerful unity toolkit.
easyroads3d includes two types of crossings: built-in prefabs and custom prefabs. the built-in prefabs are part of the built-in unity tools. the custom prefabs can be attached to the built-in crossings and are similar to the built-in prefabs. they can be attached to empty road pieces, cross sections, and crossings and can be adjusted to your specific needs. they interact with roads in the same way as the built-in crossings. roads can be attached to and pulled out of crossing prefabs just like with built-in crossings.
easyroads3d v3 is written in c#. the main code is completely clean and still very easy to read and change. there are almost no dependencies. there are very few scripting questions, because the toolkit is written so clearly.
easyroads3d is a new unity plugin that can be used to quickly build road networks. initially designed for unity projects that require a dynamic network of road segments, easyroads3d has since been expanded to cover all unity needs in a one framework.
easyroads3d includes prefabs and resources for easily building road networks from scratch or modifying existing ones. use different prefab types (line, crossing, tile) and road weight (emulated with snapping) to build complex networks faster than ever before.