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Elysium 720p In Dual Audio Hindi

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Elysium 720p In Dual Audio Hindi

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How to get player position after using setPosition?

I’m making a site in flash to learn actionscript 3.0. In one part of the site there’s a board, where a player can move a spaceship around on a map.
All I need to do now is display a point on the map where the spaceship is right now. My best guess is that I need to do something like:
var playerPosition:Point = getPosition(player);
var mapPosition:Point = getPosition(map);
var point:Point = new Point(mapPosition.x + playerPosition.x, mapPosition.y + playerPosition.y);

However, I don’t know how to get the player position after using setPosition.
For example:

How do I get the position of the player on the map?


You can use getChildByName() to retrieve the instance of the object you want to reference a property of, or just use player.x and player.y. The setPosition method also has a return property which returns the player’s

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What do I need to use the new C++17 builtin `constexpr`?

I am trying to understand the new C++17 constexpr, and I would appreciate it if somebody could explain it to me in plain English. I have worked through the specification, though it seems to make some strange assumptions I don’t understand.
What I think I need to understand, at a minimum, are the following:

What is an initializer list?
What is an initializer?
Why are constexpr nested inside of objects and functions illegal?
How do you use multiple initializer lists?

What I have read so far:

C++17: constexpr and static constexpr
N4140 7.1 Initialization
N4140 7.2 Initialization of union members
N4140 7.3.2 Initializing a union
N4140 7.4 Initialization of nested aggregates


1) What is an initializer list?

An initializer list is a set of initializers.
Specifically, it’s a set of initializers that will be used to initialize an object when it’s created, or a function parameter when it’s passed to a function. The new C++17 stuff is intended to enable creating these in parallel and/or in optimized forms.

2) What is an initializer?

An initializer is one part of an initializer list. Which is itself a set of initializers.

3) Why are constexpr nested inside of objects and functions illegal?

For historical reasons. As of C++11, constexpr was not part of the « inline » keyword group. The definition of inline was changed to

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