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Hunt N Cloak is a game based around the idea of hiding from the people you don’t want to see.
You have to search the whole environment to find the player you want to communicate with the most, the fun part of it is that every round is unique to the environment that you’re playing in.
On top of this, every character has their own different goal setting, different weapons and different character traits to use throughout each round.
You play as a human who lives in a world with monsters, the goal of this game is to find the main character.

What is the minimum version of Unity game engine to use it with Hunt N Cloak?
My problem is that I want to use Hunt N Cloak with Unity but I cannot find the minimum version of Unity to work with Hunt N Cloak?
I have it up and running on Unity 4.2.1p3 using the v3.2.3 version of Hunt N Cloak
my question is where can I find the equivalent of the list of requirements here for Unity?


I found that after reading the readme for the Hunt N Cloak Team’s Unity integration guide

I managed to get it working.
Below is a step by step outline of what I did.
Step by step
1. Add the Unity Forge package to your Unity project
2. Check the Unity Forge page for the tutorial they provide in Unity Forge,
3. Open up your.unityplayer file and make sure that you have the correct target platforms and version numbers.
4. Implement the using Statements below.
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement.Hierarchy;
using UnityEngine.SceneManagement.SubStages;

5. Add the images or resources you want to use in the game to the Resources folder for Unity.
6. Add the appropriate texture atlas to your sprites folder.
7. Write some scripts to interact with Game Objects (see notes below).
8. Add the scripts to the project and drag the GameObjects from Unity to the Inspector window for the scripts.
9. Add the gameObjects with game objects you want to have interact with each other to the Hierachy window.


Features Key:

  • Addictive, high-action, Portal-influenced FPS gameplay
  • Dynamic, tense, and beautiful environment featuring countless vistas and guises of the Moon, the Rocket, and the facility
  • Three planets to destroy while steering the Driver through an increasingly irrational and hostile environment
  • A variety of clever and engaging puzzles
  • An ambiguous and characterful story
  • A Tidal Wave of Firewall shenanigans

Good news!

  • Whether you’ve played Portal or not, you’ll find this game both easy to learn and insanely fun!
  • This game is free to play!

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◆Sacred Forest: A sanctuary planted with a powerful variety of plants and trees. This is where you and your Oracles heal and find shelter.

Become the best shaman in the world with the Oracles of Fortune DLC expansion for Hand of Fate 2.


◆Five unique Oracles:

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? Optional Mods:

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◆Tools – Oracles of Fortune includes five cards to act as a GM’s guide to content and tools.

? Optional Tutorial – Hand of Fate 2 Oracles of Fortune features an optional tutorial


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