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Kreator9, I have a question, how do I clone the repo into an existing folder? Or do you just want me to make a new one? ( I can do that )or edit this one if it’s easier. Please just help me figure out what to do! Thanks!

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hey this is very good indeed and great for me and my friends it is very good for our I would suggest to make a task that should help the user to search the newest version the data

After many months of waiting, the actual release is ready. On December 31. Two days later, it was announced that the final release of CentOS 7 will be released officially on January 4.

As usual, the milestone is called 25.

General features

The new major version comes with only two available editions: 32-bit and 64-bit. The usual Debian Testing, Ubuntu Vivid, Red Hat, Scientific, and Oracle Linux editions are not available in this release.

The official release announcement can be found at the main CentOS page.

While the previous release introduced the switch from Scientific Python to Python 3, the current release also changes the way utilities, like wget, work.

Provided that your system is running with a version of libc 6.1.1 or higher, and that you have a compatible version of glibc (2.15 or higher), CentOS 7 will switch from the C library provided by glibc to the C library provided by systemd.

Release Highlights

The main performance improvements provided by the new release are related to the new systemd-based init system that was released with CentOS 7. CentOS 7 no longer uses the sysvinit-based init system.

Another big change is that the default multi-user is now the cgroup scheduler, which provides more flexibility than the former initng-based system, while consuming fewer system resources.

The new version also ships with several important bug fixes, including the Linux kernel, Clang, GCC, Perl, PHP, and Perl modules.

Technical details

The CentOS Project provides its own packages for the major software that is used by the distribution, including the Linux kernel, GNU compiler, GNU binutils, and other important utilities.

The distribution is built based on the upstream Linux kernel version 3.10.10. This release also ships with version 3.10.7 of the Linux kernel to package maintainers.

CERN/SLAC is a user of the LHC, and its scientists have recently taken the whole world by surprise by announcing that the LHC has passed a new milestone and has switched to higher energy.

On December 27, the ATLAS and CMS experiments released a statement reporting that the LHC had successfully produced a proton at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV.

This is the first time that the LHC’s colliders had achieved an energy of that magnitude, which


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