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Published: 21 juillet 2022 (3 semaines ago)

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Name Frontline: Panzer Blitzkrieg!
Publisher demenort
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Elva is a little dragon who is learning to save the planet from pollution and pollution. You will control her in Third Person View and see the world from a particular perspective.
It will not be easy however. You can save the planet, but things will be complicated. Elva will be really useful for helping you out. She has lots of tips that will guide you at every moment.
Elva the Eco Dragon is also a great game to stimulate your memory and exercise your brain. It makes a great game for your Android device. You will have to be attentive to every word and every step that Elva will teach you.
Those who have been playing this game in other platforms, will be able to play it too with no problems.
How to play?
The objective in « Elva the Eco Dragon » is to help Elva clean up the planet earth from pollution. When you will play, you will see a protagonist from Elva’s perspective. Your goal will be to take her to different places where you will be able to help her cleaning.
The game has three levels. In the first one, Elva will be shown the planet earth. You will see some of the things that we are doing wrong and the damage that we are causing to the planet.
The first level will show us how we are polluting the rivers, oceans and the air.
After this first level, we will be able to see the results that Elva will clean up with the help of the two balloons that she will have.
The second level is where it will get harder. We will be asked to transport all the waste to the recycling plant. They will all be in different places, and each one of those places will have its own strategy. We will have to escape from the police, and we will be asked to choose the right route.
In the last level, we will be asked to plant new trees on the land. And we will be asked to fill paper bags with trash to recycle.
How many things can be done with Elva the Eco Dragon?
Many things.
In the game, Elva will take you along to six different worlds. In each of those levels there will be many things that you can do in order to clean up the world.
For example, in the first level, we will be able to clean up our rivers, oceans, the leaves from our trees, the street and the parking lots.
In the second


Frontline: Panzer Blitzkrieg! Features Key:

  • Build Time : 4~5 hours
  • Build Skill : Beginner to Intermediate
  • Weight : 17.5kg
  • Size : 50x50cm
  • MOQ : 1 pcs
  • Payment Terms : 100% paid by T/T

Shipping Terms

  • Material : decent quality Materials
  • Shipment: by sea / air), fully protected by shipping company / courier, it is safe and delivery time will be guaranteed.
  • Payment: Paypal or by T/T / Western Union
  • Lead Time: approximately 3 working days for OEM order, 7-10 working days for ODM order
  • Shipping: to all over the world


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