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Razortron 2000 is another simulation game developed by Diversions Limited for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is set in an alternate history of World War 2, where the Axis powers had won the war and totally razed all modern technological civilizations. The protagonist, your mission is to gather points for four different war machines in this game. Without going into details, the game has a musical style very much like the famous Prince of Persia series. The art and sound of this game gives a very unique sensation to it.

Features of Razortron 2000:

The game has a fantastic 2D graphics engine. The graphics look superb. The sprite characters look very realistic.

The arcade game is very difficult, since the objective is to get enough points and pass as many stages to get to the final zone.

The art look is like a sci-fi film. The sound is great.

The controls are really simple.

Most of the boss characters are original and very challenging. The game could be considered as a sort of interactive comic book.

It’s a very addictive game.

Why do I love Razortron 2000?

A very addictive game that combines both music and adventure.

It uses an interesting idea that creates a very original plot.

The graphics are also very original.

The audio and sound are amazing.

It’s an arcade game.

The controls are really easy.

The title’s mascot, Razortron, looks good.

Why do you have to spend on Razortron 2000?

The game has a good array of music, which is very hard to find on any other game.

The game’s graphics are very original.

The graphics are also used to create a very unique atmosphere.

The colorful environment and lighting are very attractive.

The music is really good.

The sound is quite impressive.

The game has a good game design.

The enemies are original and they are really hard to defeat.

You can see much beautiful details in all scenes.

The character design of the characters is beautiful and unique.

The bosses look so fantastic.

It has a really great plot.

The plot is very interesting and unique.

The game can be considered as a sort of interactive comic book.

The game is a great mix of music


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You find your husband dead in a park. His eyes are open and blank. You know you shouldn’t have left him. You don’t remember.
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*** A note from the developers ***
This is a milestone bundle. We’ve reached a point where we can safely call it « The Last of Us. » When we say this, we also want you to know we have big, ambitious plans for the game. We’re going to play our hearts out to deliver a stellar singleplayer experience, and a compelling multiplayer campaign as well. We hope you’ll be there to celebrate this moment in the history of the Naughty Dog brand as we send our main character Joel on her final journey through a world we’ve always made our own.
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– The game uses a custom comic creation engine and/or engine used in anime based games.
– The game itself runs on the Unity game engine, which is a popular game engine that is commonly found in PC and console-based games.
– Every episode is self-contained with a clear ending and very little « trail » or mystery after the end of the episode.
– The episodes will be concluded by posting the current episode on the official channel at the end of the week.
Thank you to Vocaloid producer, Die or Dare, and Vocaloid director, Io Furukawa, for bringing the game to life!
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    When carpenter Charles Butler systematically poisoned the water
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    No, he merely wanted to build a successful business, annoy his
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    Butler, who got the idea for the poisons from a heady
    reading of « The Lure of the Mongols, » blames Walter
    Morrow, the man on the Mideast, for coercing Congress into
    stalling completion of his boondoggle, « Tree Top Farms, » a
    forestry dream that would have scoured greenhouse gases from the
    Maine sky. But there’s more to Butler than a puckish malice
    and a scant dry humor. He is a former medical lab technician
    who, in his mental condition, came to regard himself as a
    freakish one-woman poison lab.

    After Butler poisoned the water, his corporation, « Kurt
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    and John Carter are expert « environmentalists » with
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    A list is an array. If it is empty, then it is []. A Python built-in function contains() returns True for an empty list.
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