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Fast-paced, tactical and intelligent chess. Simple, intuitive controls and the most fun I have had playing chess since chess legend Bobby Fischer.

Change your view mode for the blocks and attacks by clicking on the red button (as usual: right to left for horizontal view and down for vertical).
Current version: 0.4.1
Release date: February, 26th, 2017
Windows/Mac supported
Added a toolbar to the menus with your chosen view mode and your list of currently used « floors ».
There you can select from a preset view modes, or you can drag and drop your new mode on to the toolbar. This is useful in case you edit your mode list by placing an empty spot, then add floors when choosing your mode.
The first floor in your mode list should be set to the default view mode, because your first floor determines what is currently shown in the editor.
When selecting the next floor in your mode list, previously selected floors will disappear from the editor and the first floor of the new view mode is loaded.
You can switch the view mode without changing the floor list by double-clicking the mode list entry.
When you are in a mode list that has no pre-selected floor, the toolbar won’t be visible, but you can drag and drop the mode list to the toolbars, if you want it to be visible.
Fixed a bug where clicking on empty blocks in the ruler was ignored.
Added a « log out » dialog.
Added a performance warning in the top-right corner of the window.
Added an option to let the editor redraw faster.
Added shortcuts to the editor in the upper-left corner of the window.
Fixed a bug with editor controls in VS, that sometimes weren’t recognized in release builds.
Fixed a bug in VS where you couldn’t type in the editor controls.
Fixed a bug where loading a saved game didn’t reset the editor state.

With 10.2 you can import your own music in the editor’s in-game audio.
Just copy the music file to the game files directory. This is not the easy way to import your own music, but only if you don’t have that Music.ini file yet.
You’ll be asked if you want to copy the music file to the game directory.
And then the music can be played by clicking the music buttons (on mouse-wheel) or by pressing Alt-B and the down arrow key to cycle through your


GRAPPIN Features Key:

  • Live action role playing dungeon crawl
  • Enter a medieval world, filled with fantasy creatures and classic monsters
  • Fight with a party of up to 6, navigate dangerous environments and solve challenges
  • Unlock new skills, abilities and spells as the game progresses
  • The classic form of an action RPG, with level-up items, items that increase in power, and awesome boss encounters
  • Specific upgrades for each character and memorable character abilities
  • Immerse yourself in a classic and for some a foremother of gaming experience on mobile
  • A fully voiced character – join our official voice over cast, read more at:
  • >

    Squarelands Game Review Features:

    • For the first time ever on mobile, there is fully voiced character interaction
    • A special « Party » mode added to the game where 3 to 6 players play against the devil
    • Imagine the Impossible – a highly magical world where magic occurs naturally
    • Includes live, real life animals, as pets for your character
    • Adventure at night as the sun sets in the sky

    Squarelands Game Download Features:

    • Adventuring with friends – Recruit up to 6 friends to join you on your journey
    • Collect and Trade – Collect unique currency to purchase items for your party
    • Explore – Navigate yourself through the vast landscape to the location you require to complete the game
    • Wonder – Complete quests to gain more experience which increases your level
    • Battle! – Defeat the ferocious monsters that seem to appear around the land

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      Deathtrap is a Tower Defense game with strong action-RPG elements, a game of vicious tricks, killing machines, rotating blades and splattering blood.

      A truly unique mixture of Tower Defense games and action-RPGs.
      You and your traps against the whole otherworld: Defeat the hordes in an incredible single player campaign! You are on your own, so it’s a good thing that you have deadly devices and powerful spells.
      Team up with other heroes and save the world together.: Cooperative campaign with specially designed maps.
      …or you can just show your friends your true personality: Players can set against each other in this game mode, where the defender prepares traps and defensive tactics, while the attacker has the ability to possess and control directly any creature in his or her army and employs skills to weaken the opponent or boost the invaders.
      Become the Master of the Deathtrap Strongholds: The integrated Map Editor and Monster Editor allows the creation of the user generated content; moreover, you can also share your deadly, cunning levels and challenging mini-campaigns with others.
      Knee-deep in blood: in the goriest Tower Defense game ever you can finally teach those monsters a savage lesson. Deathtrap gives you destructive spells and deadly mechanisms to smash, freeze, burn the creatures of nightmare, only to mention a few ways that can turn them into tiny, bloody pieces.
      Rewards of curiosity: Find the hidden corners on the maps and hunt down the neutral creatures hiding away from the battle for exclusive loot; you can also solve rewarding side quests as well.
      Become one of the specialists: Choose from 3 diverse classes (Mercenary, Sorceress, and Marksman); each class offers different tactics, skills and powers to dispose your enemies.
      With experience comes wisdom – and brand new ways to deal with those annoying invaders: The extended and detailed character development offers you 100 levels to achieve and more than 50 Skills per class.
      Weapons of destruction have never been so much fun: fend off the invaders with 25 deadly traps and more than 150 trap upgrades, not to mention the very special upgrades, which are tied to challenging and fun achievements.
      Enter a truly grim fantasy netherworld: the Ink, the mysterious otherworld in the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing games has hidden regions and ancient secrets; now can face what is waiting in those depths.
      Gear up and stand your ground: The detailed equipment mechanics and the comprehensive loot system make your inventory highly customizable.
      A wide


      GRAPPIN [Win/Mac] [Latest-2022]

      Unlike the typical dating sim or visual novel style romances, you are cast as a gender bending hermaphrodite in a world where there is no such thing as men or women. The player takes control of Sinbad, a handsome young hermaphrodite, who has the ability to transform into his female form, Ohar, or his male form, Arbib. Sinbad is unique in the fact that every time he transforms, he changes into a different gender. Through Sinbad’s quest to win Ohar’s love, the player will have the opportunity to explore the secrets and stories of Al Musar, Ohar and Arbib.The good guys and the bad guys in Al Musar have their own secret motivations and personalities to discover as they work to reach their goal.Sinbad:

      On December 18th, 2016, publisher and developer Nobunaga released a new trailer for their upcoming visual novel, Sinbad: The Secret of the Sands. The trailer reveals the game’s lead character Sinbad who is a half-human, half-spiritual creature that is able to possess humans and change his form to become a monster with magical powers.This is just a brief summary of the game’s story.Sinbad: The Secret of the Sands is the sequel to the popular 2016 game titled Sinbad: The Journey of a Thousand Sands. The game features a unique storyline and game mechanics that truly sets it apart from other visual novels on the market.

      The Game

      Sinbad: The Secret of the Sands allows the player to play as Sinbad as he travels across Al Musar to save Ohar from a demon. He is joined along the way by the invisible spirit Ohar. The story takes place in the 26th century where Ohar has been chosen to be the Sultan of Al Musar, a nation dominated by the virtuous Muslim people. A demon named Korobur has been attacking the villages and kidnapping the villagers to serve him as slaves in his palace in the back of Al Musar. But when Ohar reveals her true identity as a noblewoman, the slave raiders discover Ohar’s identity. Rather than killing Ohar, they instead use her as a hostage to release the demon Korobur from his prison. This causes the demon to evolve into a more powerful, monstrous being, which then begins to attack and consume all of Al Musar.

      Sinbad: The Secret of the Sands is a 3


      What’s new in GRAPPIN:

        Unlock the following items for your Vault and complete them in order to unlock the creature cards!

        Cards are locked for now, they are not available for trade.

        To access the Lockable and Tradeable items for the Creature A to Z Tokens set, simply complete the Traveler Rewards to access the Vault.

        Card Name Item Description Creature A Odin/Storm Front Stable hand pick of Yeenoghu the Ancient ONE. Exalted icon. POI Cards are locked for now, they are not available for trade. Creature B Etra/Dark Exchange Stable hand pick of Etra. Revealed icon. POI Cards are locked for now, they are not available for trade. Creature C Mordok Innate Action Creature: Still Monstrous. Has Maze effects. Adds a Defeat condition. Creature D Hellion Tainted Coin Had a slight score loss on the triple moon, score still fine. Has Bloodlust, Hatred, and Flickering ORB effects. POI: Cards are locked for now, they are not available for trade. Creature E Dromoka Scrapper Innate Action Creature: Limited. The original stalker! Companion stamp +1. Trades in for +1 per turn. Creature F The Gatekeeper Innate Action Creature: Limited. The guardian which is too precious to spawn. Companion stamp +1. Trades in for +1 per turn. Creature G Silumgar Brave Creature: Limited. Beast in form. Companion stamp +1. Trades in for +1 per turn. Creature H Dianoga Courageous Innate Action Creature: Limited. Lion in form. Companion stamp +1. Trades in for +1 per turn. Creature I Naharg/Wyrd/Raven Totem Apsana Essence: Adds Perils condition. Stacks with Totem Companion stamp +1. An extremely rare totem that only trades once. Creature K Shimmermount Living Burden Unleashing action creature: Converted to madness. Please Note: If your playing with a Wild deck, be sure to constantly engage Shimmermount via the action condition as he is worth Sots. Creature K Bala Gabor Innate Action Creature: The bound tetra shall not sleep! Companion stamp +1. Trades in for +1 per turn. Creature K Disgaea Innate Action Creature: Courtesy. Companions stamp +1. Trades in for +1 per turn. Creature L Vaath/Monkey Totem Veng/Inferno Totem Fire Caller Innate Action


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        Dream Team is a game of skills and tactics – a first-person shooter that focuses on shooting and accuracy. Games are set in a futuristic setting, and the player assumes the role of the hero who is armed with a powerful weapon and a bunch of gadgets at his disposal. Playing through the game, the player will come to experience each and every aspect of this genre on the gameplay.
        Game Objectives:
        The player starts on the level, where he has to defeat a powerful enemy. Not only does he have to destroy it, but he has to be meticulous. He must find all available items and destroy all traps along the way. After every round, the player receives the reward according to his performance. At the same time, the player must ensure that he does not lose any items. The more he collects, the more and the more valuable they become. One of the most important things that a player should remember is that the game is packed with traps, so the player should be careful. Besides that, the player has to use gadgets to take care of all obstacles.
        • 7 game modes with unique locations and scenarios (maps)
        • More than 20 game locations
        • More than 100 types of firearms
        • Clan (team) system
        • A TON of extras
        • Detailed backgrounds
        • Physics-based gameplay
        • Authentic weapons physics
        • Artificial Intelligence
        • In-game rewards and achievements
        • 3 player modes: over-map, over-map with clans
        • 2 game languages
        • Map-free game (play on your own)
        • Customizable and upgradable items
        • Completely free (no-cost)
        • Support for all widescreen resolutions (4:3 included)
        • ArmA: Tiberian Sun online support!

        Unlockable Content: All of the above and more…

        Currently Playing


        Cannon Armory 3D is a 3D-shooter game from KNF Soft, publisher of titles such as ARMA and ARMA 2. It is based on the engine from Arma II/Tiberian Sun.
        Set in the vast world of Tiberium, Cannon Armory 3D is a procedural shooter with a smooth gameplay and a storyline, wrapped in a unique 3D engine. The gameplay is easy and fun, full of shooting and lots of replayability. The action is placed


        How To Install and Crack GRAPPIN:

      • Click YELLOW LINK below to go to the download page
      • Select one of the links which is for your OS (Red so on Windows, Blue for iOS, Black for Android)
      • Click DOWNLOAD
      • Wait until the download is finished
      • Double-click Wrench icon
      • Wait untill the installation is finished
      • Run the game directly after installation


      – Official Website
      – The alpha source code @ Github
      – Open-source Game Engine
      – Original source @ Github @ Compress Lite
      – Game Clone Spiders
      – GameCloner. We recommend you to use GameCloner so you’ll be able to mod/hack the game without needing to release this game.


      System Requirements For GRAPPIN:

      Version 3.2.5
      Added support for Windows 10
      Added support for Keyboard and Mouse (Optional)
      Added support for Newest Intel HD Graphics 630 and 630 OEM (Optional)
      Added support for Intel® UHD Graphics 620 (Optional)
      System Requirements:
      Version 3.2.3
      Added support for Nvidia Optimus graphics devices
      Added support for Intel HD Graphics 620 (Optional)
      Added support for NVIDIA GTX 10xx (Optional)