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Published: 23 novembre 2022 (2 semaines ago)

Halla Gulla Full __EXCLUSIVE__ Movies 720p


Halla Gulla Full Movies 720p

The problem with Halla Gulla is that this is not the film. It wasnt commercialized at all in fact. Eid is supposed to be a colorful week filled with festivals and a time for family and friends. Halla Gulla is just a commercialized version of Eid which doesnt do justice to the holiday.

The music of the film has some really peppy numbers and it would not be wrong to say that the music is the saving grace of the film. However the way the songs are picturized is another story all together. The songs might not appeal to everyone but that doesnt mean they are bad. The Thumka song is surely my favorite and had it been shot on someone else it would have done wonders. The Halla Gulla song also adds to the film and of course the Saroor De song is the highlight. The Zero Meter song and the Kamla song seem a bit off but on the whole this album is a decent one.

But Kamal Akbar Khans Halla Gulla is something completely different. A romantic comedy, Halla Gulla is a very different film. The message, the sentiments, the situation, are all completely different. If you are looking for a romantic film, Halla Gulla is definitely not the one you would like. But if you are looking for a different kind of film, then Halla Gulla will definitely pique your interest.

Kamal Akbar’s previous film City Lights was a total success and the director will now direct Halla Gulla, which is a sequel to his movie. City Lights was a hugely successful romantic comedy and it holds a 90% rating on rotten tomatoes.

Hum films are very tricky, and I would say that Hulla Gulla is definitely one of the best films made by Kamran Akbar Khan. The comedy is very good and the movie has sharp dialogues and political elements which are very much relevant in today’s time.
From its performances to its music, to its dialogues, to its story and so on, Halla Gulla is simply a new movie set with an old world. The film has standard Pakistani comedy plot, but has humour in it as well.
The movie is full of old world values and morals, but at the same time, it is a comedy with action elements. The movie is about the dangers of marrying into the same family, but deep down inside, it conveys a message about how important family is.
Halla Gulla is one of the finest films in Pakistani cinema. The comedy is very good. Kameer khan is very funny in his acting and Sidra Batool is fantastic in the female lead. Huma Khan is perfect as her character and she is very convincing. The movie has excellent comedy writing and solid acting.
Hella Gulla isn’t a new concept. But what makes this movie stand out amongst the crowd is the exceptional acting. The jokes and dialogues are very well written and that’s what makes this film very unique. Sidra Batool is really fantastic in this flick and has made an impact. There is simply nothing more one can ask for in a comedic flick.
Film is filled with excellent comedy, terrific surprises and some great performances. This film is an eye-opening and extremely entertaining one. Overall, Halla Gulla can be viewed as a refreshing change in Pakistani cinema.