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Published: 23 novembre 2022 (2 semaines ago)

Handycache Full _BEST_

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Handycache Full

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handycache full – The aim is to copy a foreign archive or website to archive or folder. The fastest and easiest to use compression tool to date. HandyCache provides an inbuilt compression algorithm to compress files that is similar to the algorithms used by many of the other compression tools on the market.

HandyCache is an easy-to-use and free, Open Source internet cache proxy application for Windows developed as an easy-to-install upgrade to Internet Caching; it can help to significantly speed-up your browsing experience and reduce bandwidth costs.

handycache full – A software that helps you to save and synchronize all the data in one place. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux! Free, easy to use and without registration! HandyCache is an internet server which includes all the features of a traditional website: you can import/edit/delete your data in an easy way, it is able to synchronize your data easily from your computer to another, save your data in a local or in a cloud storage and much more.

handycache full is a package for allowing the client to view their cache content, or for viewing the cache content of one or more users/computers. so it is something like an access control list for the web content. The distributed component connects to the smart cards smart card reader and uses the SAs of the smart card to allow the client to perform the desired operation. A client who uses a smart card can perform a host/client login that provides the client with access to secure web content.
handycache full removes the original content of the website from the server and caches the content into the client. Once the content is cached, the webpage is shown and modified content in the webpage will be shown if you reload the page. You can use the page in your browser the next time you visit the site.
The main features of HandyCache are: Supports the following protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, POP3, SMTP, IMAP4 Caching and filtering HTTP requests Supporting SOCKS5 proxy URL Forwarding to a remote address URL Rewriting Online Regex (Pattern Matching) Online XML Parsing Streaming XML Parsing Online RSS Download (including Atom) Indexing and search through crawled documents in 2 simultaneous processes Viewing of recent requests Toggle display of recent requests Viewing of users from the user session Virtually unlimited configuration Extended handly mode for basic feature overview Admin control panel with several configuration screens Automatic configuration Custom port configuration Black and whitelist URLs SSL/TLS support and certificate view/renew/importation Proxy history Configuration CSV export/import Configurable logging User-friendly updater