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Published: 22 novembre 2022 (3 semaines ago)



HD Online Player (Hannah Montana The Movie Bluray Down)

so, at least in this movie, disney is taking full advantage of an opportunity to further expand its global dominance. by becoming the producer, writer and director of a franchise property, disney is free to continue on with this marketing strategy and eventually can reap the rewards of the hannah montana property. no more desperate attempts to make sense of something that can never make sense. no more twee pop-culture references to promote disney movies, disney tv shows and disney resorts. now, fans are just going to be able to be miley and miley and live out a story that’s all theirs.

once a month, several hundred thousand girls create their own music videos using software from texas instruments. the software, called mios, creates an image that is stored on a flash drive and can be edited, mixed and shared. according to a study by symantec corp., the number of these videos grew from 500,000 in the fourth quarter of 2007 to 1.7 million in the first quarter of 2009, as a result of hannah montana: the movie. like other users, these girls also post their videos on the internet. the same company, symantec corp., reported that around 23% of the videos on the web are ugc.

nevertheless, miley is eager to resume her hannah duties and becomes chastened after ruby snaps, saying that she seems to prefer being hannah montana over spending time with her family. miley tries to write lyrics for new songs but travis ignores her and she develops writer’s block. meanwhile, conflict grows between the local residents and land developer mr. bradley, who wants to destroy part of the town to build a shopping mall. at a barn party, robby and several other singers such as taylor swift (herself) contribute to a charity to save crowley corners, singing back to tennessee and crazier. miley sings as herself with hoedown throwdown. mr. bradley arrives to tell the townspeople that their efforts to stop him will not succeed. travis suggests that miley ask hannah montana to make an appearance, unaware that hannah is miley’s alter-ego.

the movie was released in theatres on april 10, 2009, in the united states. « it’s a very fun movie, » cyrus said of hannah montana: the movie at an interview with the today show. « it’s a very, very funny movie. » it was a critical and commercial success grossing $129 million worldwide on a $35 million budget. it was the highest-grossing disney channel original movie until the release of hannah montana & miley cyrus: best of both worlds concert in 2010.
disney distributed the film in a way that was usually reserved for major-studio releases like snow white and the huntsman and hannah montana: the movie. instead of showcasing the film, disney released it directly to theatres, which was not the typical distribution plan for the studio, a move that likely cost disney extra money on the final film’s box office return. [29] « we’re a kids’ movie company. we really are. we don’t pretend to be something we’re not, » said timmie clarkson, president of disney’s marketing division.
miley takes hannah montana to crowley corners, where she performs hoedown throwdown and a duet with austin « aj » as a surprise guest. miley tells hannah to stay at home in los angeles and perform one show a week; when hannah hesitates, miley realizes that her attitude has hurt travis. miley reveals that she had hannah sing for mr. bradley. hannah reluctantly agrees to appear in a show, and the videos for back to tennessee and crazier are re-recorded, and hannah gives a speech to the crowd. after the show, the first half of the movie ends, with hannah montana and her two friends dancing at a party and a love heart appears on the disco dance floor.