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Published: 21 novembre 2022 (3 semaines ago)

HD Online Player (Princess Mononoke Full Movie English) [EXCLUSIVE]

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HD Online Player (Princess Mononoke Full Movie English)

picked as the best animated film of 2014 by the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences, princess mononoke is an absolute pleasure, a rolling, exuberant adventure filled with mythical creatures, jaunty tunes, and lovely people. the story has a tamed fairy-tale pedigree, but it feels like an immortal coming-of-age tale. it’s a shapeshifting, irreverent little movie that’s dabbled in a number of genres, but come out as a vibrant, dappled celebration of everything that makes animation such a joyous medium.

the first modern full-length animated feature by the brilliant japanese filmmaker hayao miyazaki, princess mononoke is an adaptation of the beloved childrens novel the little prince by a japanese writer named antoine de saint-exupery. set in feudal japan at the end of the edo period, the film is the story of jiko, a fox spirit who re-awakens in the body of a boy who has been cursed to embody the wolfish spirit of the evil spirit that was jiko in a previous incarnation. with the help of two talking animals, he sets out to vanquish the spirits who curse him and reclaim his honor as he seeks the help of an intimidating tribal leader (“the man with no fear”) to do so. it’s a dark, allegorical fantasy with a serious edge, told in a stylized, crystalline manner that complements the film’s enchanting central character while simultaneously underscoring the grim seriousness of the tale. it’s a gem, and one of the greats.

the first of hayao miyazaki’s studio ghibli features, this 2013 anime adaptation of the childrens classic the little prince is set in the japanese countryside at the dawn of the feudal era, when the central character prince ashitaka (voiced by another of miyazaki’s frequent leading men, takuya kimura) is a young boy living with his mother and his adoptive sister (the character the little prince is named after). after his arm is injured by a wild boar, ashitaka finds himself taken in by a mysterious, outspoken old man named narrator. his life soon turns upside down when ashitaka agrees to help the elderly eccentric rescue a flock of flying monkeys from a neighboring village. on the way, ashitaka meets up with an eccentric fairy-tale figure named yona, who heads toward the mysterious, floating moon. at first, ashitaka is reluctant to travel with the mysterious old man and his flying monkeys, as he is uneasy with leaving his home and worries that the supernatural world is a dark, sinister place. the pair encounter the cruel, humanoid, talking crow/ant duo crow and crowspringer, and then are joined by a magical one-eyed rabbit named tiphares, who hails from the distant land of sirius.

i am sure that ghibli fans will hate the english dub and want to play the japanese version, but i think that the dub is excellent. it does a great job of capturing the overall theme and tone of the movie. the characters are true to the movie, but they do not re-create the movie.
so, naturally, princess mononoke arrived on disney’s shelves in the us with no subtitles. i can think of three reasons why disney did this: 1) they don’t like subtitles; 2) they thought the us audience would know the movie’s plot without them; and 3) they were concerned about the potential negative reaction of us audiences. but even without subtitles, the movie’s themes and symbolism, not to mention its exquisite animation, are obvious.
as for the « subtitles », i’ve heard that disney has chosen the dubbing of miyazaki’s movies (and some other anime) as a test case for what dubbing should be done, and as miyazaki has stated in the past that he’d like subtitles for his films, as long as they aren’t purely for the benefit of children, then i think it makes sense that disney would go ahead and dub princess mononoke into english.
princess mononoke initial run network cartoon network ( toonami ) broadcast run march 25, 2006 [1] broadcast time 11:30 pm princess mononoke is a 1997 japanese animated epic historical fantasy film written and directed by hayao miyazaki, animated by studio ghibli and produced by toshio suzuki. the term mononoke is not a name, but a general term in the japanese language for a spirit or monster; a closer rendering of the title into english would be the mononoke princess or the spirit princess.