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Dynamically set button command in WPF

I’m building a WPF application with a few projects in it.
Main window which has a button on it.

Some other button, which may be clicked while the app is running.

I would like to bind the value of command via a property, so MainProperty will be replaced by AnotherProperty.
Note that the value of AnotherProperty may be changed during run time, for instance, I might set it to LocalCommand, but I must be able to replace it dynamically, in case I have more properties to bind.
So far I have created the MainProperty property with the code below
public static readonly DependencyProperty MainProperty = DependencyProperty.Register(« MainProperty », typeof(object), typeof(MainWindow), new PropertyMetadata(default(object)));

I’ve created a RelayCommand object with the code below
private RelayCommand m_command;

m_command = new RelayCommand(GetCommand, CanDo);

m_command.Changed += DoChanged;

The DoChanged method looks like the following:
private void DoChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)