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Published: 21 novembre 2022 (2 semaines ago)

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a total of 72 freshly extracted human mandibular premolars with completely formed roots and single straight root canals were used. teeth with calcified or flared canals or anatomic irregularities were discarded. the teeth were decoronated with a double-faced diamond disc (kg sorensen, barueri, sp, brazil) operated perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the teeth, leaving standardized root sections of 15 mm in length. all teeth were examined for the presence of preexisting external defects at 20 magnification (expert dn; mller optronic, erfurt, germany), and those presenting any cracks, fractures, or craze lines were excluded and replaced by similar teeth. to simulate the periodontal ligament, [ 11 ], the roots were covered with a silicone impression material (aquasil; dentsply maillefer, ballaigues, switzerland). specimens were then placed in a polyvinyl chloride pipe (14 20 mm) and embedded in acrylic resin blocks. each tooth was randomly assigned to one of the three experimental groups (n = 24).

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