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Ian C Esslemont Assail Epub 17golkes

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Download The Malazan Empire Series full ebooks The Malazan Empire Series in PDF format. Read Online books in PDF, EPUB, Mobi for free. The Malazan Empire Series is a series of books written by one author. The series contains all the information for The Malazan Empire Series’s characters and plot, The Malazan Empire Series online books.
The Series has the following plot summary: A crazy mad military man, The Crimson King, invaded a highland valley in the land of Assail in the west of the continent of Erabon and the people of the valley were enslaved by the Crimson King and he brought his army north and then south to Tyrat which is close to Ellentrea. The Crimson King captured and enslaved the city of Tyrat and any passing military who dared approach could expect to get in as well. The Crimson King also enslaved Tyrat’s king, the fool called Grey Eyes for some ill purpose which he never gets clear of. The King of Tyrat begs the Empress for help but is refused by means of Genli and agrees to beg the Crimson King for help and to surrender the lands of Assail in exchange for the Crown of Tyrat which is all the land up to the sea in the land of Assail. He does this and the Empress herself arrives from distant Erabon with her army and Genli is furious because she allows Tyrat and Assail to be turned into a province of Erabon. Genli betrays the Empress by handing over Tyrat to the Crimson King and so the Empress storms back to Tyrat. But the Empress is not able to destroy the Crimson King and his army as the Crimson King has managed to get the Lowland valleys to rise in rebellion and they attack the land of Assail. The Empress can’t be there to stop them and they are successful. Now the Empress has three options: 1. Turn back to Erabon to sort the land of Assail out, 2. Go back to Tyrat to help and sort out the problem and 3. Strike