by notchap
Published: 23 novembre 2022 (2 semaines ago)

Imagine Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God’s Promises, And The Exhilarating Future That Awaits You Fixed

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Imagine Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God’s Promises, And The Exhilarating Future That Awaits You

the scriptures, the bible, tell us about the reality of both. heaven is a place of joy, eternal life, and service to god. if heaven is real, then, as with god, we can know the nature of heaven through what people report when they die.

the real god is so unlike our crude notions of god that it makes sense that there are different kinds of heaven. there are so many different experiences that are reported in heaven that it may be impossible to know all of them. they range from places of extreme joy, peace, and unity to places of extreme loneliness, fear, and judgement. as with god, we can know the nature of heaven through our experiences.

the reality of heaven is so important that most ndes have an eagerness to get back, and often say that if they do not, they are convinced they were dying from some life-threatening disease. there is no reason for that kind of speculation. heaven is real, and there is an eagerness to get there.

if the ndes are so real, there must be a place where they are real. heaven, the place where nders are, is a real place, and we can know what it is like, in terms of joy, peace, and serving god, from what people report.

when we were dead, the bible says that we were in a “darkness” awaiting “the manifestation of the sons of god.” there is a “light” beyond that darkness, and it comes as an experience. some people call it heaven, some call it the “shadow of the cross,” some call it the “kingdom of heaven.” these terms are synonymous, and they all point to the same place where god is. heaven is real, it is where nders are, and we can know what it is like, from what they report.

john burke: the ndes tell us that heaven is coming. we can see the watercolors of heaven, but heaven is coming soon. there are new words to describe heaven and gods plans for us. he will soon give us a glimpse of what its going to be like. the ndes show us something of the future of heaven. heaven is coming!
john burke: in the book youll read about the life review people experience in gods presence, and how they see the ripple effect of their loving or unloving actions. it changes how you endure suffering because you see how god does work everything for good, and you will read stories showing how he creates beauty out of earths tragedies in heaven. it changes how you give, sacrifice, and serve because you can see that heaven is the life to live for; exponentially better than the best retirement youve ever imagined!
for instance, the experience of being ripped away from loved ones is an anxiety-provoking experience for most of us. but if you consider it in the light of revelation, it makes sense. when jesus returns to earth, he will rapture those whom he has taken to himself. those who have been saved will be set aside in anticipation of that day, so their friends and loved ones willnt have to wait for god to return. those who have been left behind will be shocked when he does return and he will immediately take them home. its a scary thought, but it also makes perfect sense because what is about to happen is jesus has always loved you and is bringing you home. revelation 21:1-4 says that when jesus returns, he will take our loved ones with him, so we must be prepared for the possibility that our loved ones willnt be around when he returns. if we didnt know that, would we be willing to give everything we have to live forever?