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“Animal Rescuer is an action RPG inspired by Animal Crossing that requires you to go from town to town and do whatever it takes to rescue as many animals as possible.”

“Animal Rescuer” stands for “Animal Rescuer” is a unique game in comparison to other Animal Rescue games. This is due to the fact that in this game you’re rescuing Animals, not rescuing a person. Therefore this leads to many different game mechanics and interesting problems. A brief description of this game is as follows.

Animal Rescuer is an action RPG inspired by Animal Crossing. You start off from a derelict and neglected town. Your task is to rescue the animals that reside here and rebuild the town to living standards. In order to do so, you have to collect grass, which is used to heal the animals.

You’re started off with one Animal, called “Squiggle”. You’re put in charge of three Animals in this town, one of which has to survive for the town to be fully restored. You can mix-and-match the 3 Animals you’ve been given and place them wherever you want on the map.

While exploring, you’ll find animals and gain Pets. Pets can be bought or found on the map. You can use these Pets in the field to help you on your mission. Animal Rescuer has a very rich and satisfying life system, allowing you to choose whether to feed your Pets or Buy and Train a new one.

You’ll come across a variety of missions and tasks to do on your way throughout the game. You’ll encounter events which often change the layout of the map and NPCs which have their own stories and happenings.

As the name suggests, this is a game where you’re in charge of a group of animals, however there are no fixed avatars, you can mix and match the 3 animals you’ve been given at the beginning.

Animal Rescuer is a stunningly beautiful game. It’s easy to see why Animal Crossing is such a popular series. The graphics are clear and detailed and the animations are fluid and fun.

Animal Rescuer is an action RPG, and where Animal Crossing has characters to look after, this game has animals. There are roughly 50 animals to find and restore. The only downside to this is that the animals are rather low-


Inflatality Features Key:

  • Stunning cartoon graphics
  • Awesome game play
  • Free online game
  • Save data across games on your device
  • Local high scores
  • Single player puzzle mode
  • Latest game version: 1.6.1, Build: 5.55.0, Platform: Android

    By downloading this app you are agreeing to the terms of use. Make sure to go through the permissions before downloading.

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    What’s new in Inflatality:

    ? On the significance of
    underdogs in biblical history.

    Romulus and his band of
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    Cessolis’s death in October of 1277, « The man who earlier in his
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    **AccuRC is a platformer game featuring a fast paced RC car. There are no flying RC planes in this game. You control a radio controlled car with controlled flight in various challenging levels. This game requires a Full force RC controller or an actual flyable RC plane. AccuRC is not flyable without a controller.**

    Small details:
    – Use a full force RC controller or actual RC radio controlled plane. The controller/plane must support serial communication. We do not provide any type of communication bridge that can transfer RC signals from the USB cable directly to the plane.
    – Your controller must be supported by the RC firmware you are using. Read the README file for more information.
    – This game is compatible with all RC radio controllers that support serial communication. The game may not work with an XBox style controller or a wireless RC controller like the Vexor. AccuRC is not flyable without a controller.

    There is no real xbox style RC controller at the moment, but you can use a normal RC radio to control the RC car. See below for details.

    How to Play
    ** This game is played in real time. You must click the button to confirm your move. **

    – Resolution is screen size dependent. On a 1280×720 screen you should expect controls to be about 60-100 pixels wide, but if you have the RC car on a 2160×1080 screen expect some more room in the controls.
    – Space for the controls can be increased and decreased, but there is no way to change the number of controls.
    – You can view the RC car and the arrow keys used to control it.

    How the Controls Work
    In order to fly in AccuRC you will need a full-force RC controller that supports serial communication.
    The RC airplane has no controls so all movement is controlled by the transmitter.
    Your radio can be set in the transmitter to function like a normal RC radio with the appropriate battery or connection.
    You can learn more about full-force RC here

    If your radio doesn’t support full-force RC there are often IR or other transmission modes that will allow you to fly an RC plane with some limited controls. This is best for practice.

    The RC airplane does not have a throttle, so all you can do is move it forward and back. The transmitter has no way to move the RC plane in any direction.
    You can rotate the plane with


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    System Requirements:

    Windows 7, 8, and 10
    Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5.2 or later
    Mac OS X 10.8 or later
    Android 2.3 or later
    1 player
    Local play
    Two player split screen
    No modem / internet needed
    Design and Implementation:
    Dogfight! was developed by 4 Moon Studios.


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