by latneil
Published: 14 janvier 2023 (2 semaines ago)


Jar Design A320 Neo Serial Number

In all probability, no one will ever know if the software actually works or not. The only one who will ever know, besides you or someone else installing the software, is ‘The Man’ (the company who made the software). If it does work, and it does as promised, you can have great expectations. If not, it’s history. But still, the most important thing is YOU HAVE A PROOF OF FUNCTION. Did you obtain this proof in the way that the software described in its ‘faq’ section?

Yes, I’ve tested the software and it works as described.

What’s the cost? The price depends on the type of license the software comes with. On X-Plane you pay per seat license. On other simulators it’s cheaper. The software can be downloaded as a.x2.

Does it require special hardware? The software can be run on almost any PC, including MacBooks (no need for Apple’s Boot Camp software and OS X 10.7.5 or higher). There is no need to purchase or install an instrumentation box.

How many aircraft can I run the software on? The software can be used on as many aircraft as you own. You don’t have to have X-Plane installed in the same place as the software. It is much better for you, the customer, if the software is installed in a place of your choosing (most such as this are set for the house) and you have to have only your aircraft in the house when the software is running (which can be done on a MacBook or other PC you use). By contrast, if you install X-Plane in the same place as the software, you could have many aircraft in the house at the same time.

Do I have to « activate » the software? You don’t have to ‘activate’ the software. You can set up the software in a place of your choosing and run it on your computers without an active X-Plane license.

Does the software require an X-Plane license? The software is strictly a standalone application, and does not require an X-Plane License. It’s also completely legal to run the software on your home computer, without an X-Plane license.

Do I have to « install » the software? The software is a stand-alone software application that requires no installation. Once it is installed, it is there to