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Published: 21 juillet 2022 (4 semaines ago)

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Name Jumps VR
Publisher fabham
Format File
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Survivor is a wave-based FPS survival game that places the player as a single survivor into an arena. Zombies begin to spawn and the player must survive each round to progress. Each round the zombie’s become stronger, increasing in health and speed as well as their overall number each round. The player is constantly kept running on their feet as the time between rounds is short, providing a brief amount of time for the player to retrieve ammo and take a breather. Every ten rounds, the player is forced to fight against a boss zombie who is larger and more intimidating, and dangerously strong providing a challenge in-between rounds that negates the repetitiveness of killing the same zombies over and over. Once the player reaches the thirtieth round, the game ends and the player is victorious!
13 Sep 2013
Version: 0.1.1
Platform: Windows (PC)
About 1.2K
I have made quite a few changes to the game over the past few days, I feel that I have finally completed something worth being released to the public!
I hope you enjoy this game, I appreciate any and all feedback. I am still learning so any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.
Inform me of any Bugs/Issues that occurs in the game by sending me an e-mail at [email protected]
#survivor #games #developer #pc #indie #mods #freesoft #zombies #testing #preview

The Patch for The First Survivor Game Has been Released. Please Update your Game.
This patch brings in a lot of new stuff and fixes a few bugs. Please be aware that patching from this version and above can delete your previous patch files.

If you have already installed the patch please update your game using the setup.exe
If you have not installed the game you can download the patch to your desktop and then run setup.exe from there to update the game.
The new features include:
Added ability to import existing fonts
Added the ability to have more than 9 characters on the menus as well as a scroll wheel zoom
Added ability to re-size game to fit on screen or for smaller screen resolutions
Added full screen option
Added fog of war for the maps and other temporary effects
Added a bunch of bug fixes and improvements
Added a save/


Features Key:

  • Battle of the Beaches Huge battles take place here, including:
  • Forrest of Utah Beach
  • Breaches of the Sword
  • Kete Bay
  • Victory Point
  • 64 single battles within these battles
  • Unlock custom battles by finding « guids in the data file`
  • Commands:

    • You can pull back to save
      life points by command: pullback `
    • You can set automatic captures by command: capture `
    • You can control the mechanics of the battles by command: begin/battle/end `
    • You can control the camera by command: angle `
    • You can play teams by command: Play/Team `
    • You can play background by command: background `
    • You can turn on stats by command: display `


    You start Normandy campaign in the Isle Ste. Marie with Colonel Dyou Rong, his father Chaing Dimson and his wife Chan You Lin. Your mission is to bring to you General Kun Chan You and two units out of the Four Men Tower in the Rockies.

    You can battle alongside of General Kun Chan and his crew.The boat ride to the Isle Ste. Marie is a tough one. The


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    Crypto Crisis is a turn-based city-building game in which you manage your own Bitcoin mine and financial empire. It is a simulation of how the network behaved over time and how you would respond to this environment to maximize your profits. Build and upgrade your mining rig to maximize your block reward, and compete with other miners in the Bitcoin network to earn the most money.


    There are a lot of technically advanced games on the market which use the technology you are talking about. The dark side is, however, that these games generally don’t display the technology in such a way that the player cannot figure out what’s going on.
    That means that you have to know a lot about CPU-architecture, assembly, cryptography, etc. in order to participate in discussions of the game. And because it’s not a « normal » game which is understandable to most players, it’s not always easy to find answers.
    So the general advice is: Don’t waste time on these games until you understand the technology in detail.

    (opt)s | –addition-only



    When true, globals with the specified globals option will be listed
    in addtion to the ‘global’ ones, and the ‘global’ ones
    won’t be listed in addition to any globals. Defaults to false.

    The globals option is an ordered comma separated list.
    A globals section is an option to a ‘global’ block:

    Note that addition-only globals on the same ‘global’ block
    are not listed in addition to each other (as the option is false, they
    are considered equal to each other and the entry is not repeated).

    Note that each globals section is considered a single ‘global’ block.

    If globals does not exist in a block, that block is effectively ignored.

    If a globals option is specified that does not exist in the configuration,
    the globals in the active configuration will be added to the block.
    So if you add the following to a block:

    version 1.0

    You will effectively have 2 globals on it.

    To remove globals that are already defined in the block:

    version 1.0
    version 1.1


    Jumps VR For Windows [2022]

    More weapons, more maps, more games, more hats, more things to unlock. Future updates will include:- Item shop and
    unlockable content
    – Teamplay*
    – New player skins *Teamplay Mode coming soon
    – Widescreen
    – Achievements*
    – No Ads *The future of Capsular is bright and we are going to add new things, not just bug fixes. We will also be updating more frequently and have a new thread in our Discord. We would like to say a massive thank you to the community for helping us out, we wouldnt be able to make this game without you. We will keep you posted as we go, a full list of known issues will be listed in the first post of this thread. We cant wait to get this game out to the public and hope you love it as much as we do. Thank you so much for your support.
    — From the Teambehind Capsular
    Add The Greatest by Sia ft. Kendrick Lamar to your AUDICA song library.
    AUDICA is a VR rhythm shooter that combines Harmonixs award-winning music gameplay with precision shooting mechanics and a 33-song soundtrack, all set in a mesmerizing cosmic arena.
    1.0 – Catching up.Ready for the full release of Capsular? We have updated the game to fix a lot of bugs and added a ton of new features.
    This version of Capsular has the same style as we had before the version 1.0 was released, but with the full game engine behind it.
    Music and Sound :
    We would like to first apologize for the delay in posting this, but we still had to finish up the game and get it up to par with the rest of our games. We spent about 5 months working on this game and as expected, the title song is one of our most complicated songs to design. A lot of planning went into making this song the best it can be. Overall, we are extremely proud of the song and you can hear a little bit of our pride for it in our little video we put up earlier.
    When you start the game, you get to choose between the 34 single player songs and the 5 music packs in the ‘add-ons’ tab. Choose wisely!
    We are extremely proud of how smooth and how tight Capsular runs. While we were still trying to get all the bugs out, we tried to squeeze in as many of the minor little things we wanted to add into the game. The result was lots of


    What’s new:

    Making Of

    Storytelling is something To Hell With Heaven’s one of the most solid concepts to date in extreme music. Inspired by the band’s vision of creating a pop album with a purpose, we looked at ways to make a special edition of this guitar-driven album and didn’t take a step back.

    Remington – Producer

    To start with, vinyl is best quality. It’s the purest form of listening. Just listen to it before you buy it. It’s got a new, retro vibe and was always a big part of the special edition of our last album from Electroputerk.

    This time around, we have two vinyls pressed, and one CD. Most people will buy the vinyls and the CD, but then again, we’ve got more to sell here! That’s great, because we’re not the biggest vinyl fan in the whole world.

    We used the same 200g old-school vinyl as the original release and it has a side A and a side B vinyl – so it’s a total of 400g for a single vinyl, or the total weight of our last album.

    The binding of each side is the same as the original release: A+B – we didn’t change the damn thing. It wasn’t like this is a special edition of a special edition. The Red Hot Chili Peppers is a special edition of a special edition of a special edition.

    We didn’t buy vinyls with unnecessary frills, like moon phases on the vinyls. These are the original vinyls but not the originals. The true originals are kept safe and I will let you know where they are in the future. We either gave them away, or they got burned into a black hole.

    When we pressed the sound on the vinyls, we didn’t use any tricks. It was the same sound as the CD. Before there was sound stretching or EQ, which is a big technological step, even if it was small, just to create more depth to the sound and have it sound better. It’s also more challenging, to have it sound the same.

    We tried to get the vinyls sound the same as our final sound before going to master, like a little close to the instrument. We didn’t feel right applying more distortion to vinyls. Even then, it shouldn�


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    World for Two is an action-adventure game set in a beautifully hand-drawn landscape of Japan and the USA. The story revolves around a young boy who has made a video game in his room while he is on a 3 day school vacation.
    His video game, developed with his friends, contains a full musical score. The game features a new violin, a cello, and a trio made up of old and new synthesizers, and the user can switch between them to change the musical score.
    A character known as « Special Art » appears before the boy when he sleeps and tells the story of his past and the story of the whole world. You can go back and forth through the story, getting to know the characters.
    In this game, the user can switch the music to change between the flow of the game. Other music can also be played on a CD, or through a speaker.
    The story takes place in a fake world where you are a young boy who is on a 3 day school vacation with friends. One day while you are playing a video game in your room, you accidentally use a video game cheat and enter a world which should not exist.
    In this new world, Special Art appears before you in order to give you a message from « the real world ». The video game you were playing at the time appears as your world’s soundtrack.
    In this world of two dimensions, the characters are arranged in a top-down perspective. The characters talk to you from their mouths. While talking, the eyes of the characters are indicated with << <.
    This game is suitable for audiences of all ages.
    This is a young boy who has just returned home from a 3 day school vacation, and he is feeling nostalgic for things that make him happy.
    He has gathered together a few of his close friends to create a game with them. They are all people he has gone to school with and knows from the real world, and they all love games a lot.
    In this 3-day school vacation, he plays his video game, and he is having lots of fun while you can hear a new violin, a cello, and a trio made up of synthesizers.
    Special Art:
    Special Art is a character in this story that appears to the boy. He is the one who is given the message to the boy from "the real world", and the player can meet him after the boy enters the 2D world.


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