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In the beginning, as mentioned earlier, Theodora (`Teddy`) gave herself
the title of `Grandmama`. Our grandparents, but not just hers, went to visit
her during her last years, and some of them stayed over. I remember
seasons when `Teddy` would have visitors over. I remember the
`bath-freshening` of the old bathtub, which was installed in the formal
drawing room, which was also designated as a bedroom for relatives. I can
still see myself, with my bottle of water, standing in the tub, and my
sister sitting on `Teddy`’s bed, drawing me as best she could. I was an
extremely wary youngster, and was not without some foolish imaginings, and
`Teddy`’s bed could only be cleared of fantasies by a vigorous scrubbing.
The bath was opened, the faucets turned on, and the guests seated on the
chair or sat upon the edge of the bed. `Teddy` was left in her chair, and
a lighted candle or a lamp in the room.

The hostess would have been asked to retire. I can
now hear my mother’s voice ask, « May I take your coat, sir? » and I can see
the handsome, dark face of John, or Mr. Keller, the butler, ask me, « Won’t
you have a drink? » and another voice politely but firmly say, « Come dear,
it is time for you to go to bed. » All this happened in the same day, and
then, as the door closed, the guest would hear the sound of footsteps
moving away. We children were not supposed to go into that room, unless we
were called by the hostess, and we did not do so unless invited. When the
door had closed, `Teddy`’s voice would sometimes be heard, and it must be
said that its tone and volume grew fainter and fainter, and one knew that
her condition was worsening

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OS/X – how to change iPhone proximity sensor

I’d like to monitor and change the proximity sensor on the iPhone (3GS). Is there any way to detect this sensor? Also, I’d like to change it’s value, so I can situate it away from my MacBook. I’d also like to find a way to disable this sensor.


Steve Job’s famous dictum « Developers think different. » Unlike other devices, the iPhone isn’t open in any way to outside interfacing. It’s very much designed for consumers with very little understanding of the lower-level workings.
However, the iPhone has a « proximity alert » feature; there’s no way to disable it, but there are some suggestions online for allowing apps to be notified when the device nears or leaves itself.
This article details the idea: