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This pack contains 5 terrain tilesets created for use in Tiny Tales: Overworld. Each terrain in this pack includes several tilesets – for example, we have a forest, hills, desert, city, and polar ice tileset. However, this pack also contains all files needed to build a custom terrainset – in the words of the artist, « Each terrain includes just enough tilesets to make it custom. » The packs includes 64,768 tiles.
Tiny Tales is about exploring the outdoors and discovering a wondrous world on the surface of planet earth. This area is populated by humans and other creatures – all sharing their stories and sometimes cooperating or fighting with each other. As you move throughout the world, you will meet new people, find hidden treasures, and take on quests, all in pursuit of finding your place in the world.
Tiny Tales is designed specifically for RPG Maker MV users using the MT engine, RPG Maker Studio series, RPG Maker series or the RPG Maker RPG Maker MV RPG or other engines.
Terms of Use:
All files included in this pack are free to use for any kind of RPG maker series game.
Terms and Conditions:
Do not redistribute these resources
Do not sell this pack in any way
Do not mod it
All rights reserved to the Author
NOTE: These assets are 100% free to use, redistribute or modify
For further questions and information, please contact
Terms of Use:
All of the resources included in this pack are free to use for any kind of RPG Maker, Rockman, or related game. You are allowed to play around with them, you are free to make your own creations using them, and so on. All of the graphics and models are completely free to use, and I’m pretty sure that isn’t even a violation of any kind of copyright law or something. Just don’t sell my stuff, and don’t sell anything that uses it.
Terms and Conditions:
Do not redistribute these resources
Do not sell this pack in any way
Do not modify them
All rights reserved to the Author
I’m not the original designer of the art or anything, I just had fun creating a pack using existing resources and is a crazy person.
Tiny Tales: Overworld by Artem Stefanov
* Small pack of Overworld 1 tilesets.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments, and I’ll get back to


Last Genesis Features Key:

  • New maps, each networked/multiplay game
  • A number of new weapon and armor types
  • An assortment of new pieces
  • A chance to use Macaronic decks
  • Unlocked weapons may have a different look
  • Make your own weapons!
  • Behind the scenes

    Hyper Treasure is a new free boardgame app designed
    by Jon Sol and is the first Mac OS X boardgame
    of a trilogy. Its first in the series, Hyper Hypermachines,
    currently available in the Mac App Store. Hyper Treasure is a ‘choose your own adventure’ adventure with
    maps and boards designed specifically for Mac OS X and is perfect for hour
    long gaming sessions with a bunch of geeky friends.

    Future articles/tutorials on My Desktop:

    • How to use folders
    • Games and games: a how-to guide
    • Installing Mac OS X games: Easy!
    • No Mac for you :): a different path
    • The best applications for the Mac… in my opinion
    • The best games on the Mac
    • The best games for kids
    • Tweetdecking your way to happiness

    Mac App Store – Guest Blog: How to make a Workbook on your Mac

    I enjoy using many of the Workbook features on my Mac, and once I even started using my Kindle with my Mac, for heaven’s sake… I had even written about this, here, on my blog. But still, I never really considered one of the biggest reasons to use a desktop workhorse computer: apps.


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    The sky has been silent for centuries. And then, the land shook and fell, and now we are all adrift in the sky.
    But we are not alone. Animals have begun to gather and move with purpose once more. They search for signs of water.
    You are the lone survivor of the last tribe to walk upon the land. By dawn, they had gone. They are gone.
    Your glider is your only means of escape. Your journey will take you across the sky and into the past. Will you find the animals and the water that you need to survive? And more importantly, will you find your way home?
    Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the air. Tapping the up key will bring up your flute and allow you to command the herd.
    What’s New:
    This update adds support for iOS 9.

    How many of you know that Joe Danger was inspired by Super Meat Boy and was the first game to use FMV cutscenes that got Ninja Gaiden’s style of gameplay? Well, now it’s time for some good old-fashioned button smashing and it’s about time Joe entered Retro City Rampage and just tried to make some real-time, performance based action. All you have to do is to help him doing all kinds of crazy stuff. If you are new to Joe Danger, you should download the last version and enjoy the great new interface.
    The narration is great, it’s not that difficult, but the action is a must. The controls have been polished to make the game play smoothly, but you will need a lot of practice to stay ahead of the other crazy dudes. Joe won’t be alone, because he has some friends, and there are some useless characters to help you, who sometimes fail the mission.
    Joe Danger is a must have for retro gamers and Joe fans alike. Oh, and it’s free.
    Deleted Scenes:
    – The Screaming Ball Buster
    – Guts-O-Rama
    – Belly-Dancer
    – Pork-Taco Man
    – Snooze Bar
    – Cheesy Spaghetti
    Special Thanks:
    – The folks at Visual Glitch for their incredible help with sound, animations, and video editing.
    – Corey Shumaker for his belief in this game, hard work, and his creative inspiration.
    – Joey Handsome for his involvement with the game’s trailer and concept art.
    – MRGel for all his help in the development


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    Gameplay video:

    published:20 Jan 2018



    Working title:

    The goal to make full lives of living color. Alex and Otonotight build a world where they can live with their kids.
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    World Population Data:

    World Urbanization Highlights:

    Now let’s enter the VR world!

    published:21 Oct 2017


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    published:08 Mar 2014


    Watch our latest indie gaming video:
    Hold your smartphone horizontally with the camera facing you, and the newly-discovered iOS 8 gaming app will straighten your photo and aim you at the target. Plus there’s a pretty nifty tip to getting the best result: YouTube, iPad, iPhone, U.S.
    We’ll reveal all in this month’s MobileTechChoice podcast!

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    “This is both funny and obscene. I’m laughing and crying at the same time.” Game industry veteran Dan Evn won us over by playing The New


    What’s new in Last Genesis:

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      AngularJs Filter for Many-To-Many Relationship

      I have a many-to-many relationship between an author and a book. The author has many books and books have many authors. The table design is
      Books Table
      authorId | bookId
      1 1
      2 1
      3 2
      4 3

      And I have a book component to show the data.
      Book Table
      id | title
      1 hello
      2 world
      3 cool

      The author component and book component are displayed with their forename and surname in the title cell.
      Forename Surname
      Donald Trump
      Jane Doe


      To Filter
      Hello World

      I am trying to use Angular’s built in filter, however, because $unwatch is not registered the search is not functional.
      customFilter: function(book) {

      return book;

      I have registered $watch for the unwatch of the books property in the book component
      $watch(‘unwatch()’, function(){
      var book = this;
      console.log(‘unwatch registered’);


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      A knight in a cursed kingdom of monsters that lies on the border of fantasy and reality.
      This is the story of Johann and the quest to find his way to salvation.
      The game has beautiful vivid worlds, enemies that look real and creatures that look like cartoons.
      And with great music and sound effects, all this makes you feel as if you are in a classic game.
      At the end there is even a life after you.
      Main Controls:
      Space to jump.
      Z to unlock items.
      X to look up.
      Q and E to activate your weapons.
      Arrows to use the items.
      Original Game:
      Uptodown for the idea and to make sure I don’t get sued for not publishing it.
      The developer of the game may have asked not to be included in the credits as he decided to let me do his work.
      *All rights reserved to the author.
      Consult the license:

      Frozen: Journey is a Steam game, which provides a cool and interesting environment.
      The game of Frozen is the first animated children’s movie of Disney.
      I released my Frozen game under the name of Frozen: Journey!
      This means Frozen: Journey Game.
      The package of game Frozen: Journey: The Game includes:
      1. Frozen – Adventures of the game,
      2. Frozen – Game of the story,
      3. Frozen – Animation,
      4. Frozen – Frozen Instruments,
      5. Frozen – Frozen Soundtracks,
      6. Frozen – Frozen Maps,
      7. Frozen – Frozen Backgrounds,
      8. Frozen – Frozen Soundtracks,
      9. Frozen – Frozen In-game Credits.
      Frozen: Journey! Frozen journey is a Frozen Game, which was made by me,
      The rights of game of Frozen belong to Disney.
      A public game, that includes the following packages:
      1. Frozen – Journey,
      2. Frozen – Frozen Map,
      3. Frozen – Frozen Maps,
      4. Frozen – Frozen Maps,
      5. Frozen – Frozen In-game Credits.
      The player’s movement is determined by the arrows on the screen.
      You will be in the boots of Elsa or Anna, Princess of Arendelle.
      You will explore the world of frozen, meet new people and have fun!
      These packages


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    System Requirements For Last Genesis:

    OS: Windows Vista or Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1
    CPU: 2GHz Dual Core processor or higher
    Memory: 1GB RAM
    HDD: 50 GB free space
    Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Additional Notes: The installation is dependent on the screen resolution of the monitor. The recommended screen resolution is 1920×1080. You can however check the specifications of your monitor for the highest supported resolution.Q:
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