by berwei
Published: 14 janvier 2023 (3 semaines ago)


Lastchaos Server Files Ep3

New EP3 Server
Link: Private Server for Last Chaos EP3 Server Download. IRC #efl8 on

A very rare people here! A lot of people here! A small bit of site downtime today. Forums are functioning and stuff, just reload the page to make sure.
As you might know, the private server simply isn’t working anymore. I’ve contacted a few friends, but either got responses back or I wasn’t contacted.
Have you played on the EP3 Server? If so, which modpacks do you use?

Hello Community, After over a month of on and off playing on AFS, I finally made a decision to try out a different server. I’ve been playing on LGFI’s LGEP3 Offical Server (which has a LOT of bugs), so decided to try out LGFI’s EP3 Private Server.

I’ve joined, and done a bit of leveling up. I am currently level 14/20, and I think I’m about to get lynched in a war if I don’t level up at least a bit more.

Anyway, just a friendly greet, and I hope to find some good people to play with in the near future.

There was a lot of negativity concerning the release of the BFOS EP3, but most people seem to have forgotten about that when it comes to the EP3.

I know the EP3 was the server which fueled and maintained TSB in the past. I also know that this is probably going to be the last release of the EP3.

The reason I think this is the case is that the EP3 is far more popular than any of us (or the BFOS EP2) ever expected. The EP3 is not « just » another server; it was and is something that could never happen in the BFOS/GBS. Even after the BFOS EP2, there was a large question about what to do with it. Blizzard intended the BFOS EP2 to be a transition to a new server, not for the server to remain forever. It turns out that the EP2 was not enough of a transitional server, and that the EP3 was either going to be a big hit or be unable to run at all. It was hoped that the BFOS EP3 would be able to save the EP3, but I understand from rumors that Blizzard itself was a bit reluctant to make the BFOS EP3.